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Types of call: Unknown(14) Harassment calls(10) Debt collection company(4) trustworthy number(2) Cost trap(2) Telemarketer(1) Survey(1)
Name/Company: unknown(17) british gas(3) unknown(2) British Gas(2) Supposedly British Gas(1) British Gas (supposedly)(1) Bitish Gaz (broken english)(1) British gas(1) British Gas?(1) the female said she was from British Gas but didn'(1) BG(1) supposedly British Gas?(1) Unknown(1) Apparently british gas(1) more...
Number of comments: 38
Search requests: 23856
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 01132989000

Telephone number: 0113-2989000
Owner and address: Details
City : Leeds - United Kingdom

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Comments for 01132989000

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  1. hmmmm reported supposedly British Gas? with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Went on to British gas website They don't know this number. The guy had a really aggressive tone and repeatedly pushed for my card details. Also his "security" check was to ask me to say the end of my post code. All in all it felt really unprofessional and a lot like a fraudulent call, and if this IS British Gas then this is some pretty shameful behaviour!

  2. Landlord reported British Gas with the number 01132989000 as Debt collection company

    I am a landlord who owns a property in scotland, the gas and ele are supplied by scottish gas, when a tenant leaves the account it is changed back to myself, as the property is empty i never bother to pay the gas or elec as it does not amount to much by the time i get a new tenant in, if this time period is beyond a couple of months i start getting calls from the above number (Leeds) and from 0141 298 9000 (Glasgow Number)it is British Gas and I don't give any information over the phone to verify who i am, instead I call back later using the number supplied on the bill and clear my outstanding charges and/or debt then the calls stop. This is not the first time it has happened and now I take this as a normal course.
    If you owe BG money they are going to phone you and yes you will get the silent calls, agressive sales people and dubious security questions, just tell them you cannot help and call BG on the correct number. Remember never give your information over the phone to anybody ever.

  3. tim reported british gas with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    scam call

  4. Amanda reported Apparently british gas with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Asked for my postcode in broken english then told me I was over 1/4 worth of debt and that I need to clear this immediately over the phone. I am not in debt therefore this is a lie and scam as he offered to set up a direct debit for me straight away! Add to reject list in your phone!!

  5. haj reported BG with the number 01132989000 as Survey

    Got a call from this number, claimed in 'broken english' to be British Gas, i dont owe them money as DD all up to date. He said that they want to install new meters that don't need a visit to read!! he asked me for my post code...which i didnt give an hung up. If it is BG i will await a letter through the post, not a phone call form someone who cannot speak english.

  6. Chris reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Rudely hung up

  7. Gravelrash reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Debt collection company

    I have no doubt they are some third party agency used to get unpaid British Gas payments. They call when you are late paying but usually simultaneous to the actual British Gas call centre. When I first answered I confirmed my details, pretty stupid of me really. I told them I had recently paid and then they wanted to set up a direct debit. I wasn't about to give bank details even if I wanted to set up a DD, which I don't. Pretty bummed about how much my info is spread around tbh.

  8. carer reported british gas with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    i care for a disabled person who cannot first it was an 0141 number calling him twice a day, every day....i googled the number and it said it was british gas...when they called yesterday, i answered it. It was a foreigner saying he was british gas, and because client can't speak, i was to give the second part of post code for security....i refused saying i was thinking of clients security not to give it.....he then gave me an 0800 number to call and demanded i give his colleague a call before 8pm...i checked british gas website and the number he gave me wasn't on i called british gas, who told me there was no record of any phone calls being made to the today,this 01132989000 has called twice and i've not answered disabled client has had 1 fall so far answering 1 of these calls, i explained this to BG, so if he has a bad fall, and hurts himself, will BG eventually get these scammers stopped if they have a law suit on their hands for compensation

    Louis replied 2015-03-04 15:16:38
    Don't just mention legal action; do something about it. Escalate the matter as far as necessary.

    There is the official BG complaints process and you have legal rights because of harassment. It is now becoming easier to prosecute companies for unsolicited nuisance calls.

    The fact that your client is disabled and has had an injury puts you in a stronger position. Push for compensation and don't take a pitiful offer.

    Good luck and I hope that you win. I am disabled too and I am about to follow my on advice.
  9. richard reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    bloody waste of time when is someone in this industry going to do something about company's like this.

  10. LizJoon reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls


  11. rob reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Definately not BG. Just another group of losers who are paid to try and extract money from you under false pretences. Like many others now using automated messages asking you to hang up or press a key, well my guess is if you press the key, here come more calls from them and others. Caller display is an advantage, you get to see who it is before you pick up. For now they and those like them are just a pain in the butt, if we ever get a goverment with teeth they may do something about it. Wont hold my breath the last 10 years of complaining has got us nowhere.

    Louis replied 2015-03-04 15:19:55
    I never press a key in response to an automated call; I fear that this will result in me being charged a fortune on my phone bill.
  12. Donna reported Unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Called me advising it was British gas. Although I had actually just spoken to British Gas the day previous. Demanding payment of an already cleared balance. Do not trust this number.

  13. gary reported british gas with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    ringing claiming payment...wanted security dtails and card details...once number rung back its not trust this number

  14. cynical reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    I never give out my number so this is a random call from a chancer. Beware.

  15. lilacs reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    said my gas service was due. not due until feb 2015. when told this said will ring again in January & put phone down. very suspicious ?

  16. Pilot reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Foreign based call - requested security information !

  17. Your Probably Already Have It reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    Just had the call from this number claiming that i need to pay otherwise i will have a pay late charge. Knew a lot and asked me to confirm end of post code. Sounded like he was from pakistan and in a call centre. Then something clicked and I thought I'll pay it online told him I'd do that and he was trying to keep me on the phone to give my details. Told him I dont trust him and he said well you'll see when you have a late payment. Rang it back and it was a dead line. Doesnt seem right to me.
    Scan beware

  18. marcia reported the female said she was from British Gas but didn' with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    I think they are just phoning random number and hoping they get BG customers, obviously a scam. The woman spoke in broken English and couldn't say my full name, just part. BG do not work like this no matter what some people may think.

  19. martin reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Debt collection company

    had a call from this number. Listed as British Gas debt collection. When I called BG they didn't recognise this number. Adding number to my blocked calls list.

  20. Peter reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    can't call back. repeatedly phones. avoid

  21. ranger99 reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    Been ringing everyday at the same time, my guess is that's it BG since I am late on a bill, my advice to others is that you never confirm any details about yourself to anyone who calls you, even is they claim to know everything any whey.

    STW replied 2014-08-20 21:23:34
    British Gas's number who called you: A call back, energy or Utility related enquiry
  22. Er me reported British gas with the number 01132989000 as Debt collection company

    Wanted money for bill already paid british gas looking into it.

  23. Perturbed reported Supposedly British Gas with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    I am confused by this.

    I recently received a call from this number about an annual service booking; the woman at the other end knew my name but wanted me to confirm my address and postcode, which I did.

    I agreed to a suggested date and time, and she tells me that I will be getting a call on the day to confirm.

    I then receive a text to confirm the appointment, and directions to the BG website to cancel or amend.

    Logging onto the website, I can see that there is indeed an appointment booked in my name.


    * Googling this number, I can only find references to it being an obvious scam.

    * The British Gas "look up a number" facility cannot find it

    * I rang their customer services to ask about this number and was told it was not a British Gas number.

    So, I have now cancelled the appointment and changed my password on the British Gas website.

    Not sure if there is anything else I should do.

  24. Craig reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Got a missed call from this number this morning. I called back but it said that it's an incorrect number. I do owe British Gas money, but they called me last week on a different number. I would not trust this number, and never give them any of my details or confirm any details with them.

  25. Soosie reported British Gas (supposedly) with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    Been receiving calls from this number every day, sometimes twice or 3 times, for the past couple of weeks. I always let the ansafone get it and the same thing happens every time ....... a recorded message starts by saying "you were called today by British Gas to discuss installing ......." then the message cuts off.

    As I am a British Gas customer, I thought I'd best check if it is them calling so I checked on which is the British Gas website whereby you can put a phone number in to see if they did actually call you and it says 'number not recognised' ..... in other words "NO, it is NOT British Gas calling!".

    Obviously yet another scam, so next time they ring I WILL be answering, just so I can tell them what to do with themselves!!!!

  26. andy reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Telemarketer

    British Gas.
    calling me for months. First from Manchester. Got apology. then it starts again. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BRITISH GAS. If this is how they market, what must their service be like????!!!!. I don't have an account, never had one DON'T want one.
    Maybe I could be murdered for writing this. British gas stinks.

  27. teepee reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    I'm not even a british gas customer yet keep getting harrassed by this number! Ring it back and see what happens - it doesn't exist!

  28. phil reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Cost trap

    received a call from this number yesterday, claiming to be British Gas about our community centres unpaid gas bill of over £400.

    Even in the last really bad winter with minus 15 degrees, our gas bill wasnt that high, so alarm bell started ringing immediately. He asked about payment, and as soon as i said cheque, he said he could setup a direct debit to save us time etc, but we wont do that, exactly for this reason. He said he would send me an email copy of the unpaid bill - which BG have NEVER EVER done - and guess what, nothings arrived.

    I checked and guess what its a SCAM!!!

    The guy had an indian accent, but it was a Leeds(01132)number, but the most telling thing is, if you ring the number, its disconnected.

  29. peed off reported Bitish Gaz (broken english) with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    Demanded to know who I was - you called me fuck face - then wanted my details - like yeah go fuck yourself you scammer!

  30. Ava reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Unknown

    I was called by this number and a voice said it was a test call.
    Very weird

  31. rupert reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as Cost trap

    have had more than 10 calls from this number about non-payment of my latest bill... mighty strange as i have never given them my mobile number and left British Gas several years ago.

  32. confused reported British Gas? with the number 01132989000 as Harassment calls

    calls all the time, eventually gave in and picked up and the chap on the other end seemed to know all my details... apart from the fact that I'm not actually with British Gas! could well be a genuine mistake but this sort of thing always puts me on edge about details being sold and the like. approach with caution!

  33. Obvious reported unknown with the number 01132989000 as trustworthy number

    I ilke these comments. They all say that this is a scam and that you should avoid and block them. What they haven't said is that they are all (or were at some point) a British Gas customer who did, or still do owe money to. There might be a cross-over in the time they pay and the time they get called, but essentially this is a genuine number. I tend to miss a gas payment twice a year, and each time I get a call from either this number, or a very similar number. Smarten up people. This is a genuine buniness who you owe/owed money to. If you don't want to confirm your details, then find the customer service number for BG, call them and settle your bill, then these will stop! Magic hey??

  34. Rob reported British Gas with the number 01132989000 as trustworthy number

    People seem to have been getting paranoid about this number but it is indeed British Gas. I know because I haven't paid my gas bill and I've been avoiding their calls. I just typed it in here to check that it was them. It would appear from what I've read here that they do ring people by mistake and freak them out by knowing all their details. I wouldn't sweat it, your details are all over the place; everybody's are.

    DAVE replied 2015-04-11 19:21:17
    When no bill have been recieved and they try to extract a payment beyond thedate i have Notified BG that i moves county, Broken English and No fukk e-mail , Scammers I only will and only ever have responded to bills via post. This Kind of support you supply ROB for Scammers only proves that you are connected with this Fake Company and post here to try and Bolster the scam you may be part of!!!!

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