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Types of call: Sweepstakes, lottery(43) Unknown(34) Harassment calls(10) Cost trap(4) Telemarketer(2) Aggressive advertising(2)
Name/Company: unknown(55) 02073451299(9) unknown(4) ant a fuckin clue(2) DTD(2) dtd(1) never said(1) BTB europe(1) sweepstake lottery syndicates(1) DTD European Services LTD(1) Some Chinese woman(1) DTD Management(1) ??????(1) ANDREW MARTIAN(1) EuroChance100(1) ??(1) Competition(1) dtd europe(1) no idea(1) dele eurochance100(1) dtd european services(1) DTD European(1) DTD European Services(1) BT(1) lottery sweep stake bogus calls(1) DTD European Services(1) dtd European services(1) more...
Number of comments: 118 (deleted: 3)
Search requests: 42355
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 02073451299

Telephone number: 020-73451299
Owner and address: Details
City : London - United Kingdom

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Comments for 02073451299 (95 total, ordered by date)

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  1. lee reported BT with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    Been calling me 4 - 5 times a day but left no message. Caller said she was calling regarding a competition to win iPhone on-line which I did not enter. I asked them to send info in writing. I asked them to stop calling but they still keep calling. They are a pain.

    craig replied 2013-02-13 02:28:03
    She had a right go at me saying if I don't give me bank info that's it saying I did this comp no I never and she told me to pay up by end of feb
    Bagsy replied 2013-08-02 17:17:18
    Don't speak, blow a loud whistle or shout loudly. Make their ears bleed.
    frank replied 2013-08-05 14:21:20
    THIS IS A SCAM do not GIVE YOUR CARD NUMBER TO THEM They will rip you off say no more HANG UP like i did C--TS
    Keiron replied 2014-05-20 18:35:32
    These people know my email and address, i told them that i know its a scam and they dont work with euromillions as they told me, and they said its just 44.00 and i am safe under the direct debit agreement. I have blocked the number in my phone
    Miss SL replied 2014-07-24 18:11:24
    I had the same phone call today & they've rang 4-5 times now. I also asked them to send me the information via email or post and they said they had to have my bank sort code to confirm my account!
  2. mr grumpy reported 02073451299 with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    rang me today i do not answer unknown numbers but check on line later then add to a list i have if its a scam and use one from list when needed on line so hopefully they will all end up ringing each other and go round in circles

  3. richie reported dtd european services with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    competition as usual, 44 quid for a share in 800+ lottery tickets, after a bit of social engineering found out it is this company

    address of the dtd euro services however is one of the offices in roxwell house, argall avenue, Leyton London E10 7QY

  4. sirslilangel reported dele eurochance100 with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    I think this no is linked to Sarah freeder online tarot site,she sent me an e-mail in morning giving me 7 lucky nos to play on this Friday on lotto she gave a link to the litter online. Later that day i call a call saying id won i phone and wanted me to join lotto syndicate claiming they had guaranteed winning tickets,while on call i got my son to Google no as the moment i stated i never give bank details over phone they got aggressive stating the 16 digit no on front of card and security code were my personal details and they would never expect them. So i kept them on phone and got these details e-mail info@eurochance100 caller name dele contact no if i won 08448802598.the second i heard i just need your sort code from bank i hung up and blocked no. I hope the info i got is usefull.

  5. entertainedbythesecallers reported no idea with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    I answer them and pretend to be Arnold shwartzenegar (sorry for the bad spelling lol) they ring several times a day, I find it quite entertaining, like prank calling without having to dial! They always say I have entered some competition which obviously I haven't.
    Either block their number or have a joke with them, its funny :)

    Horus replied 2014-06-16 12:56:51
    Ha, I like it.... Who is your daddy and what does he do? I'm detective John Kimble.....muahhahaha
  6. mrswoman reported dtd europe with the number 02073451299 as Cost trap

    i have been recieving calls from this number telling me it is in relation to a compitition for an ipad i couldnt even remember if i had entered any compititions. the calls have always been when i am in work or driving so i have not had a chance to speak to them i told them earlier to call back at 6pm today. now i have investigated who they are and read these comments i am looking forward to them calling me so that i can wind them up i will pretend im interested and then refuse to give them my bank details i will keep them on the phone asking them to explain things and repeat over and over till they give up on me ha ha i work in a call centre (incoming calls only) so i know how to be annoying and i work in sales so i also know all the sales tecniques im going to have some fun with this on behalf of all of you who have been scammed they will be sorry they called me x

    Gary replied 2014-04-11 12:47:22
    ha ha ha brilliant!!! we like people like you - pee the buggers off & have some fun while doing it....
    Steve H replied 2014-04-30 15:12:32
    Love it mrswoman!! In the past I've asked companies like this to hold the line for a moment, then put the phone in another room for about half an hour. This way they can't end the call so they won't be bothering anybody else. It's costing them money too!! I bet their managers get the ache with them.
  7. michael eyers reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    the above number 02073451299 called me today and said that i was the winner of an ipad, i said thank you, and send it to me. they then said i needed to confirm my telepnone number to which i replied they must already know it as it was them that called me, they then asked for my email address so they could email me with their credentials, they also asked me to confirm my name and address after which they thenasked if i did the euro lottery to which i said no and was not interested in doing anything over the phone or online which involved me giving any payment details over a phone or online to them or anyone else, they then hung up on mexi

  8. Miss SL reported with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    I got a phone call today saying that i had entered a competition for an ipad & £10,000 which i cant recall doing. They started asking for my bank details & i refused to give them any, they got very annoyed by this. I asked them what would they get out of this if i won and the women couldn't answer the question so she put me onto a man who began to be aggressive with me. They asked me over and over again for my sort code and he got more annoyed that i wasn't giving him it. He began to say that people cant get into my bank with all my bank details & if it was possible the post man would steal mine & everyone's post for their bank details!! I ask for all the information to be sent to me by email/post but they said they needed my banks sort code for them to do this and i refused AGAIN as i found it highly suspicious. Has anyone else had a phone call off 02073451299?

  9. jess n. reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Cost trap

    I got a call from them a few weeks ago saying I had won a phone and then started jabbering on about euromillions saying they are willing to go buy my tickets for me at 44£ unknown to me they was a scam and I gave them my details im scared now...

  10. tam reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    dont even answer the phone !!!!! they try to keep you on the phone for as long as poss so as they can download as much of your phone info as they can at the same time !!!!!!! password everything this happened to me they cloned my phone got into my internet banking account and transferred out all my money they even tryed to get an overdraught !!!!!! lukily i had a refund from the bank but when the bank tryed to sieze the account it was transfered to they had already taken all moneys out of the account and abandoned it SCAREY!!!!!!! i dont answer any numbers now that i do not know and i always check out the number who called then if there dodgy or a nucience call i just put them on my reject list,,,,, dont open messages before you check out the number either they can plant a virus which constantly relays info back to them which works in the background xxx

  11. Thatlldo82 reported DTD European with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    Gonna have some fun with these next time they call me after reading these comments :)

  12. I Know Where You Live reported DTD European Services with the number 02073451299 as Cost trap

    Now I have DTD European Services ' address my firm can pay them a visit .

  13. I have no time for idiots reported lottery sweep stake bogus calls with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    I just received a call from '????' i couldn't catch the company name as the lady mumbled throughout the call. Then blabbered on about the euro lottery.
    She then became very defensive once i rejected her offer in ways to 'make some extra cash'- which had no link to the lottery, by the way..
    Perhaps if she spoke to me differently. Hmm.. I don't know firstly ask if a had a minute to talk, not just shout down the phone, secondly clearly state the company name and thirdly have a bit of intelligence. Scammers are slacking nowadays...

  14. Clo reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    I have just had a call from a Nikita Marshall from EUROCHANCE100 said i could win ipad or 10,000 pounds, then went to say i was entered in to the prize draw and wanted my bank details haha do they think im stupid,,, i went on to say why cant you send me the welcome pack without takin my bank details they said they needed it,, i dont think so ha

  15. Bill reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    28 May 2013 - just had a cal from this number calling me "Mr Cool Cat" and "John" and teling me i had won an ipad?????? he put the phone down in the end ???

  16. spootuk reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    They called me up claiming I'd entered a competition some time ago for an I pad, which I didn't, so I let them waffle on for about ten minutes about buying 800 lottery tickets for £44.00 where I could win a share with 100 hundred others before I hung up on them, hopefully that will be the last I hear from them.

    Alan replied 2014-05-20 12:31:54
    when they called me and told me the same story i played along. theres now it went; Michael calls me and tell me the how ive been chosen to join a lottery sind. i told him i never win anything and it must be lucky day. he tells me all about it. i ask him where hes calling from, south africa he says. Michael, i say, what time is it over there? 1PM he replies. WOW, have you had lunch? yes says Michael. what you have? Chicken mayo sandwhich. Salad? Lettuce he says. Chips? No he says. then i ask again about the scam (keeping him thinking he has one) asks me my 5 lucky numbers from 1-50. 231 454 767 576 354 i say. no - its from 1-50!! oh sorry Michael my mistake, what would be your lucky numbers? 5 22 31 38 50 he says. nice one Michael I like them, Michael Im not being rude but im at work I have to go now, take care of your self and have a super day ok? No. no no. wait you have not given me your bank details he says. Oh Michael, im all over the place today sorry, what info do you need? i say. First your sort code? thatll be 99-99-99 michael. account number? thats 11111111 michael. Michael says this is invalid. Oh well im sorry michael this is my only account.
  17. Android reported ant a fuckin clue with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    just had a call stating I was in the top 100 for a minnie cooper & 10k BUT & here goes I need to set a direct debit up for £44 per month when I refused caller became the grim reaper!

  18. Android reported ant a fuckin clue with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    just had a call stating I was in the top 100 for a minnie cooper & 10k BUT & here goes I need to set a direct debit up for £44 per month when I refused caller became the grim reaper!

  19. Popsy reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    My partners fb acc was hit by em a few days b4 the calls started how to get ur hands on a free iPad mayb a way there getting peoples info

  20. Leavemealone reported Competition with the number 02073451299 as Aggressive advertising

    They called my mobile. Very rude woman telling me if I didn't want to win anything why did I enter a competition. I thnk I did several months ago, aborting the process but not before they had my details. She told me our conversation was being recorded, and that's when I put down.

  21. sue reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Harassment calls

    Iam tired of this number ringing constantly, can I get this blocked

  22. Steve H reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    I have had three calls so far today and two yesterday from this number. In light of other comments posted here I opted not to answer. This is bordering on harassment.

  23. Christopher reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    Rings me one, two, even three times a day. Silent line when I pick up. Have now blocked on my phone.

  24. Roberto reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    Female operator offering a chance to win on the euro millions by joining a syndicate of hundreds, also cheap shopping with 50% cash back. Told her it is against my beliefs to gamble and that I'm going to the bookies.

  25. Notimpressedlady reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    Received a call from this number being told I've won an iPad and 10,000 in cash from a competition I'd entered, I advised that I havent entered any competions and he continued to ramble on about buying euromillions tickets etc. he knew my name and address which is very scary. I started to research the company whilst the guy was still rambling on and came across this website and hung up and blocked the number! Looks like a big scam. Thanks to everyone who has told their story.

  26. catrina reported 02073451299 with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    Dont answer this number is a scam thet knew my name email and date of birth which is very scary when they as for bank details I said no thenwas passed to a manger was said Iin a very rude manner that it wasnt a scam then hung up on me two mins later they ring back trying it again I said I was going to reprt the number to the police

  27. Alo reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    Been calling 3 - 4 times a day for a couple of months, answered today. told me I had entered a competition asked for my DOB, address, I refused. Then told me I could have much better chance of winning the EuroMillions if I signed up. I said I don't gamble after extended discussion she went so far as to say that it was almost guaranteed

  28. Granny Gold reported DTD European Services with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    I was told I'd won an iPad, Audi and 10,000 and they said I would get a 1% share in the Euro Millions Lottery. Alan Kowlas said I would be sent tickets but they didn't want any money until June so would I please give them my bank and sort code. Alarm bells rang and I told him I'd never give my bank details on an unsolicited call. I kept him talking while I looked up the company, came across your site, told him it was a con and hung up. Thank you Tellows.

  29. Suzy reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    I terminated the call just as soon as I realised that I hadn't recognised the number. This number is now blocked from my phone.

  30. J.Scobie reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    Told me that I had entered into a sweepstake to win an iPad or £10,000. I told her I didn't remember doing this (because I haven't done so). I simply let her rattle on for a few minutes, giving her the minimum response. As she didn't get the response from me that she wanted she hung up on me (rude!).
    Do not give your details to these people. Blatantly a scam.

  31. veryangry lady reported 02073451299 with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    im fed up of these calls, I don't answer them but they continue to call, I looked up online and found it was a scam for lottery. do not give out your details on the phone to these people. SCAM ALLERT .

  32. ray reported dtd European services with the number 02073451299 as Telemarketer

    A lady rung with an attitude saying that I have entered in a competition for 10,000 pound and a ipad 2. She hardly spoke clear English and came across aggressive and then try to give me a share of 832 euromillion tickets DO NOT TRUST THEM.

  33. Hills Bj reported 02073451299 with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    Phoning me 3 times a day for a week, looked number up and am so grateful for this website! Thank you, whoever created this. The number is now in the reject file.

  34. 02073451299 reported ?? with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    This company has been calling me also today about a competition I never entered stay away

  35. Freaked Out Miss reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    After confirming I had been "exclusively" chosen to join their lottery syndicate, of which I politely declined, the caller commented on how nice I sounded on the phone, and could he personally keep in touch! Creepy!!

  36. S&M reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    Persistent and pesky

  37. babbacanoosh reported BTB europe with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    I answered this number to a lady called lee who informed me I've won a competition Id entered and won either an ipad or iphone. I said I haven't entered any competitions online to which she replied it was a few weeks a go so I must have forgotten. I asked which email Id registered & a few other things which she answered correctly (to my horror) included my address and DOB. I said Im busy and Id like to be removed from her calling list along with all of my details as I think it is a scam to which she replied it wasn't and she would ring me back tomorrow. Ive blocked this number and would warn others to not fall for this!

    Melbro replied 2014-03-21 11:54:06
    I did enter competitions online and set aside a specific emal address that was only for this purpose. When the lady called me she sseemed very knowledgeable and advised e of my ifo (wished I had said no it was all wrong, but I didn't. She asked me for my bank account details and I put the phone down. I entered Look Competitions. I am now going to take myself off and also contact CIFAS for additional cover as I also had my purse stolen on Tuesday. Cannot be too careful these days.
  38. AWkie reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    got a call today wanting bank details for lottery tickets, guaranteed winning, because I would not give her bank details she went on & on until I said NONONO she put phone down

  39. glyn knowldin reported unknown with the number 02073451299 as Unknown

    Just had a call from this number. But ignored it. I have just signed up to top cash back and recently shopped on s site called go Maybe it is connected to this number somehow.

  40. wavey reported sweepstake lottery syndicates with the number 02073451299 as Cost trap

    Never give your bank details to anyone over the phone. No matter what under any circumstances. Be safe, do the lottery yourself, either in a shop, or via official camelot account.

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