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Types of call: Unknown(32) Harassment calls(18) Telemarketer(16) Aggressive advertising(3) Cost trap(1)
Name / Company: 02 (6) unknown(31) unknown(6) O2(5) 01619023780(2) O2 sales(1) Jokers(1) Rita(1) Apparently o2(1) UNKNOWN(1) ?(1) none(1) No idea(1) 01619023780 call from(1) I think it was O2(1) O2/Vodafone Telesales(1) i don't know(1) un known(1) Not O2 probably a franchisr(1) None(1) not sure(1) Roobert(1) o2(1) Apparently o2 (SIM CARDS)(1) abdul(1) more...
Number of ratings: 79 (deleted: 3)
Search requests: 32650
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 01619023780

Telephone number: 0161-9023780
Owner and address: Details
City : Manchester - United Kingdom

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Ratings for 01619023780 (70 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Andrew reported number 01619023780 as O2 sales

    stated that I was eligable for an unlimited calls, texts and data package for £16 a month.

    went through all details for the direct debit etc etc and when it came to the identification with the card it bounced.

    after the call nit 2 mins Barclays bank fraud team phoned me.

    Kevin replied 2014-04-17 17:32:42
    17/04/2014 - Applied for a pay-as-you-go SIM card with the O2 the night before and these clowns called me today, trying to convince me to give them my 16-digit creditcard number "over the phone!"
    Exactly how stupid do these jokers think we are?!
    Marty replied 2014-08-05 06:12:55
    Got a call from this number within a couple of
    days after getting free O2 pay as you go SIM
    Did not bother to answer it.
    unkown15 replied 2015-05-22 01:55:33
    I did the same few days ago stupidly giving out bank details even tho I had a gut feeling about it. But I've just listened to a fake 999 call trying to hoax money from an oap, and they seemed to act how my call was . I even got told I was being transfered to a manager to reassure me that the call was lag it! Getting in touch with my bank tomoz I think!! Thanks for this as I've been researching but not come up with anything till now.
    unkown15 replied 2015-05-22 01:57:49
    **Ignore this** i had tick recieve notification message
    Jay replied 2015-11-09 13:50:01
    Order a free Sim from O2 the day before and these guys called, I didn't answer, did a search on the number and it lead me here
    Lin replied 2016-01-06 19:38:40
    Same as Jay, checked the number after being called three times the day after irdering an O2 sim. How are they getting our details i want to know, something a little slack at O2 methinks.
    o2 crap replied 2016-03-02 12:52:21
    applied for a 02 pay as you go sim card and now they are calling me.
  2. Dont call me reported number 01619023780 as un known

    Lost count of the amount of calls this company has tried to call me. been going on too long.

    becki04 replied 2016-04-22 13:01:45
    This number wont leave me alone. i have added to my reject list but it still gets through :( 02 trying to sell me a new contract... yet 02 know nothing about it
  3. Tik reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    Applied for an O2 Nano sim on the weekend (to fit new phone), sales calls trying to get me to change packages despite I've been with them for 7 years now.

    Just add to contacts then block the contact.

  4. DREW reported Apparently o2 (SIM CARDS) with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    Noone has my mobile number, and it nevers rings but today it did after i did apply for a new PAYG Sim Card for free from what i thought was genuine o2 web page advertising.
    If they are genuine and it's a courtesy call then fine, otherwise these could be scamartists trying to confirm your details by tricking you into surrending them online thinking its for a free sim card and cloning o2's advertising website style.
    Be careful!

  5. emily reported number 01619023780 as unknown


  6. Fuming reported number 01619023780 as 02

    Calling every single flaming day, hang up when I answer.

  7. Sam reported number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    Numerous calls a day, I answered 1 of them say they are from O2, I blocked that number for them to call me on a similar number up to now I've had 12 calls off them today!!

  8. Nik reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    They are working with or on behalf of O2. They are trying to get people who have just applied for a pay and go sim to upgrade to a contract sim. It's a bloody pain in the backside the amount of times they call. You would think that after ringing someone 2 or 3 times without the phone being answered they would give up but No. I answer and make them wait on the line lol

  9. So Mad reported number 01619023780 with score 9

    same as many above - just ordered an O2 free SIM and bingo - I get a call from this number.

  10. Not Fooled reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    Blocked the f***er's

  11. loooikukn reported number 01619023780 as unknown

    i ordered an o2 sim card yesterday and since then i have had 7 missed calls of this number.

    I have my phone out at work as my granddad is very poorly, which my manager allows so i can hear if anything is urgent, having them ring me when my manager is sat next to me and constantly ringing me isnt a good look!!!

  12. iza reported o2 with the number 01619023780 as Aggressive advertising

    it was O2 ringing me as I have ordered my new simcard. they wanted to offer me contract which I didn't accept.

  13. Robert reported Roobert with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    Why are 02 allowing this scam to continue. Surely its damaging their reputation. Time fo 02 to act.

  14. earl norris reported number 01619023780 as not sure

    i had a right giggle with them i gave them so many diffrent numbers haha they started to get the right hump lol im going to see o2 about this now i feel some kind of comp is needed due to the waste of my time and all the bothering im getting ill let you know what happens !!

  15. corinna reported None with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    It is LBM in Altrinchm, they're out-sourced by 02. They call anyone who applies for an 02 Pay as You Go sim card to see if they can offer you a SIM only plan or Mobile Phone Contract, take you through credit checking then take card details if you are successful. They are not 02 but do either represent or work on behalf of 02. If they say they are passing you through to a manager its really just a sale guy who is good at objection handling who will try and close the sale : )

  16. tremayne mitchell reported number 01619023780 as 02

    I don't know who it is but it has nothing to do with o2 someone has to find this guy before i find a way to find this guy

  17. mazzie reported number 01619023780 as unknown

    I ordered a sim card for my daughter on sunday. And today i get a phone call. I was asleep so didnt here my phone go off and when i woke decided to google the number. And this came up so ive added the no to auto block

  18. Vanessa reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    I didn't answer the calls, they're just harassing me with them, I work night shifts and to be woken up 6 times during the day when I'm trying to sleep is highly annoying. I put my phone on silent after the first couple of calls and when I woke up I'd had 8 missed calls! They are harassing me and I don't know how to report them!

  19. Kerrie Monster reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Aggressive advertising

    Pissing me off keeps ringing me every 1 hour they clams to be 02 but then I say what do you want to sell em they said a iPhone 6s that's unlocked to every net work so I said ok then by the way you can't do taut as your not even a proper business and your manager will have to talk to me in the back ground you can hear kids laughing and playing around

  20. terry reported number 01619023780 as unknown

    they are a third party company that has permission from o2 I have spoken to o2

  21. Kam reported number 01619023780 as unknown

    I think it's scam and they have nothing to do with o2

  22. Rilo69 reported O2 with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    Completed an online form and since then have received calls every 2 hours if not answered. Called them back, informed them already a customer and if calls not stopped will take business account to another supplier. Informed manager will remove number from list.
    Let's see what happens, calls are very annoying.

  23. Former02worker reported Not O2 probably a franchisr with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    Applied for O2 as part of a online survey and got a voicemail a week later whilst I was in an interview, luckely I put my phone on airplane mode just in case. It won't actually be O2 it'll either be a franchise (over 50% of O2 stores are franchises) or more likely it'll be a third party company selling. I used to work for O2 so know their procedures inside out and they don't call people who just applied for a simple as it would rightly put people of

  24. tinkerbell reported number 01619023780 as unknown

    Had 2 calls today from this number & after reading other comments it seems this was probably O2 as I had ordered a pay as you go sim over the weekend. I should have left their page without continuing with the application as soon as it was insistent on a mobile number being input. Lukily I've just bought a new phone with a different provider so will just start using the new number & won't be making that mistake again. They can take a running jump as I won't be using O2 now. If I wanted anything more than pay as you go I would contact them not the other way round

  25. Lee reported O2 with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    I ordered a pay and go SIM from O2 yesterday and they called me with this number to confirm order, no sales pitch just courtesy call to confirm I had ordered and that it would be in post. Didn't ask for any payment details or to get me to sign up to anything.

  26. Milly Barnes reported O2 with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    So annoying go away i dont want your sim

  27. happygolucky reported O2 with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    O2 trying to get you to sign up to their direct debit for pay as you go sims

  28. aljipan reported number 01619023780 as Harassment calls


  29. Charlie reported number 01619023780 as I think it was O2

    I received several calls from this number recently. I unsubscribed from their e-mail list today, and straight away they rang me. They got my e-mail and number from an online competition. Since then, all sorts of fake or dominant companies keep sending me spams and calling me. This is getting annoying...

  30. charlie reported i don't know with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    after signing up some competitions online to get some vouchers. I am guessing the website has given my details to this company. I received various calls, spam e-mails and msg.s since yesterday. I didn't answer the calls and didn't respond the texts that I've received. Stop harassing me!!!

  31. t40mbo reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls


  32. nonymous reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    Ever since ordering a new SIM card for new phone, been getting calls from this number but never once picked up. Calls every day sometimes early in the afternoon to late in the evening, getting rather annoying.

  33. Darren reported O2/Vodafone Telesales with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    The department calls those who have recently enquired about or ordered a SIM card for the O2 or Vodafone network in order to discuss your likely usage of the phone and see whether they can persuade you to take an increased service from them ie Pay Monthly contract / PAYG bolt on package.

  34. Dawn reported number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    I posted earlier about this number calling me twice.
    Whilst at work this evening I had a further 2 calls one whilst I was in a meeting needless to say my boss was not amused.

    This company needs reporting to ofsted.

  35. Dawn reported number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    This company is really annoying.
    today alone 3 times within 40 minutes and hangs up.
    I have it on rejected calls but it still manages to get through

  36. JJW reported number 01619023780 as unknown

    Rings a couple of times, then hangs up. All times of the day. Very intrusive and a ----dy nuisance.

  37. Jay reported unknown with the number 01619023780 as Telemarketer

    I have the same problem. I ordered a PAYG Sim. I'm registered with TPS (Telephone Preference Service) follow this link.... , but still getting the calls. I have reported them (O2)to the TPS & Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), follow this link....

  38. purplefee reported number 01619023780 as 01619023780

    Keeps ringing then hangs up been calling for over a wk doin my box in with all these scams I dpnt want to answer to fone at all xxx

  39. Claire reported 01619023780 with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    I've had no interaction with O2 yet have had 2 calls from this number informing me that they can offer me a better deal than O2?

  40. Lough1979 reported 02 with the number 01619023780 as Harassment calls

    Been calling me for 3 days now, also since I requested a free 02 sim card! Wished I hadn't bothered now. Until mid 2014 I was an 02 customer for years, switched to virgin this year as so much cheaper :-)


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  • (0161)-902-3780
  • (0161) 902 3780
  • +441619023780
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  • (0044161) 9023780
  • (0044)-161-9023780
  • (+44) 161 902 3780
  • 0161/9023780

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AreaCode Manchester

tellows score for the city : 5
AreaCode: 0161
Postal code : -
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