phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. Your phone rattles furiously as it's bombarded with nuisance call after nuisance call and you have no way of knowing who's calling. Will it be overenthused telemarketers or, perhaps even more annoying, a swift click and the dialling-tone drone? Should you take the call or ignore it? Who's on the other end?
Rest assured that you're not alone. In a world where cold callers can sometimes seem to hold a global monopoly over phonelines, tellows aims to provide a solution. We function as a vast online database of phone number profiles, generated thanks to feedback and reviews from our online community. Providing an online platform where users can share their experiences of these kind of calls and flag up numbers responsible for junk calls means that information on suspicious numbers becomes readily available, helping other members of the tellows community to anticipate potential risk calls.
Would you like to hear more about the latest scams, tellows news and updates in telecoms regulations that affect you? Take a look at our tellows blog.
Check out our stats page for a heatmap displaying regional nuisance-call trends and numbers currently displaying high levels of activity.
We also automatically pinpoint the location in which your call originated and and display it on a map, using the dialling code. Learn more about international dialling codes.
tellows is an international community operating in 47 countries with more than 200,000 users on a daily basis. is tailored specifically to suit the needs of people living in the UK. If you would like to use tellows on the move, check out the new tellows app for your iPhone and Android!

Recently added comments

  1. Susan reported unknown with the number 02032869239 as Unknown

    I live in the United States and received a call from the number +442032869239 - Unknown Name (United Kingdom). I did not answer and they did not leave a message. After reading the comments here I am glad I did not answer.

    02032869239 (London) - View details and comments - 51
  2. Victim anonymous reported unknown with the number 02071835017 as Harassment calls

    Just like everyone said, he is scam artist and has taken hundreds of pounds from me.

    02071835017 (London) - View details and comments - 11
  3. Miami cell phone reported Microsoft with the number 0035842032869239 as trustworthy number

    Advising about a malicius download software in my computer and started to give intructions to go to my computer and follow steps to fix it....

    0035842032869239 (DNA Oy ) - View details and comments - 1
  4. Ted reported unknown with the number 0203576669 as Telemarketer

    Yet another call from same area of london telling me I can make money by giving my money to them.

    0203576669 (London) - View details and comments - 1
  5. Simon Caulder reported ASH MOHAMED with the number 07958555555 as Unknown

    Dodgy Letting agent. Be extremely careful before doing any sort of business with ASH MOHAMED.

    Owes a lot of people rental money.

    07958555555 (mobil phone number) - View details and comments - 2

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

tellows provides a platform where those who receive frequent spam and scam phonecalls can share their knowledge on a particular caller by commenting on the phone number's profile. Profiles are generated automatically if a number is being searched for the first time. We categorise calls by type (debt collection, sweepstakes, etc.) and give the number in question a tellows score, which indicates whether a number is trustworthy or suspicious, helping you to decide whether or not to take the call. This risk rating is generated by a complex algorithm that incorporates data such as user ratings and search statistics. Want to find out more about how the tellows score works?
The bulk of the information on the site comes from user reviews and our database is constantly expanding and becoming more detailed thanks to information from you, our online community. By providing information on a number, you can help innumerable other people to anticipate and avoid a malicious call.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. Vigilante reported unknown with the number 08436546170 as Aggressive advertising

    PPI reclaim crap.

    Unsolicited and unwelcome pile of crud.


    08436546170 (premium rate service) - View details and comments - 22
  2. eternal flame reported +2036300271 with the number +2036300271 as Unknown

    Numerous calls during July from this number, missed most as working. Tried to call back to find number didn't exist! followed by non-European message. Calls continued mainly around lunchtimes, 3 or 4 a day. My phone provider suggested I answer as unable to block on my contract. Finally answered a call. A woman speaking barely discernible English knew my name, and asked me to confirm. She said not to worry, she wasnt selling anything, but ringing from the British Security Service!! I told her I was extremely suspicious and asked her NOT to call anymore. I had one more call later that day. I have emailed the British Security service to advise them of this rogue caller.

    +2036300271 (Alexandria, الإسكندرية) - View details and comments - 28
  3. Annoyed reported Industrial Workers Union with the number 01325776588 as Harassment calls

    I've missed a number of these calls to my mobile. They have my full name and address, which is a little worrying. Said that I may have a claim for working in a noisy environment. I've been an office worker all my life. I asked if there was noise protection for phone calls from people like him. He started to get rude.

    When I mentioned that my number is registered with the TPS and he was now breaking the law, he said he didn't care as he knocked off in 20 minutes and it didn't apply to him and hung up.

    01325776588 (Darlington) - View details and comments - 33
  4. Susan reported unknown with the number 02032869239 as Unknown

    I live in the United States and received a call from the number +442032869239 - Unknown Name (United Kingdom). I did not answer and they did not leave a message. After reading the comments here I am glad I did not answer.

    02032869239 (London) - View details and comments - 51
  5. kev reported 02043095294 with the number 02043095294 as Unknown

    person hung up and couldn't phone back number using 1471 even though it gave you the number on call back.

    02043095294 (London) - View details and comments - 46