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Types of call: Harassment calls(36) Unknown(17) Aggressive advertising(8) Telemarketer(7) trustworthy number(1)
Name/Company: unknown(40) Reactive Media(2) unknown(2) Reactiv(2) private(1) 01422397713(1) 01422387713(1) nil(1) London(1) finance company(1) discover finance(1) HMPS(1) Reactive media 01422 387713(1) Reactiv Media LTD(1) 01422 387713(1) "Consumer Advice Line"(1) Reactiv finance(1) don't know(1) reactive Media(1) Unknown(1) n/a(1) Reactiv Media(1) scam(1) Reactive(1) Data protection?(1) Consumer Helpline(1) reactive tossers(1) more...
Number of comments: 99 (deleted: 1)
Search requests: 61344
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 01422387713

Telephone number: 01422-387713
Owner and address: Details
City : Halifax - United Kingdom

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Comments for 01422387713 (69 total, ordered by date)

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  1. ppppppp reported scam with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Feds say 39 arrested in 23 states USA .4 arrested in England and 2 arrested in Germany in ID theft ring in USA. England and Germany the follow with the same numbers

    (001) (0044) (049)

    01422387713 / 08001691608 / 02078909051 / 019932522090 / 08434106629 / 02070606042 / 01618505451 / 08434106629 / 08434101709 / 01229808179 / 08447044755 / 01204397400 / 07875595895 / 01512510373 / 03 336 00 512 / 01535358094 / 01789473836 / 01702214459 / 01613126506 / 01613128082 / 01744882949 for USA / England / Germany WARNING!!!

  2. Fed-up with these parasites reported Unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Call daily on my work phone. Have requested they stop but they still persist

  3. Mrjansfield reported reactive Media with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Rang me to tell me I had a finance loan between 2001 and 2011. They didn't know what company and tried to get me to tell them. They mentioned Lloyds the but never dealt with them.

  4. James reported don't know with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Called around five times over six days, the chap was fast speaking, unclear and wasting my time.
    I had the impression the end result was either selling or more worrying trying to obtain private information.

    mike replied 2013-08-13 13:30:05
    I phoned this company and had a right go at them and threatened them with legal action and they took my number off there list and apologized I reckon they are using an autodialer but since I complained Ive not had anymore calls
  5. Stew reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Miss sold PPI insurance company

  6. Reese reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as trustworthy number

    I work for reactiv media. Yes we use an auto dialer so we have no control over who we call but if people are getting annoyed with the calls just ask to be removed and we will do so :) stop complaining about us trying to save you money and help YOU. Rant over

    peejay replied 2015-02-16 20:21:09
    Why don't you get a proper job you mong? Is it because you are too stupid to be taken on anywhere except a scam company who harasses people over the phone? Hope your company perishes quick smart and you are all out of work.
  7. mr sense reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    right people lets get this stared the reason you are most likely receiving calls is because you cant help your selves putting your information on the internet and don't say you don't because how in gods name would company's have your number well its when your on the internet you get your shopping you go on compare sites you use face book your phone is most likely registered in your name yes all these places sell data even the bank do so dont be an idiot saying stuff like am on the TPS because what a lot off people do not realise is that just because your on the TPS you could of simply not read the contract you just sighed by accepting there terms when using a company like one i mentioned
    so maybe instead of blaming company's such as this one think about you have been doing first because your most likely too blame also you give alot a shit too the people who work for these company's saying things like get a better job your scum well lets face it at least they have a job and there also human believe it not i think people need too do some goggling first on how these company's work then you might actually understand a little bit more so you dont have too run your mouth off learn people just stop been retarded

    Ron replied 2014-09-09 12:19:05
    you need to learn to spell and use grammar correctly also just because people have put there details on the internet it does not automatically entitle these companies to phone you 10 times per day and harrass you. You obviously work for one of these annoying companies.
    emily replied 2014-10-03 14:29:27
    Ha, like you can call any one retarded? You did not use one full stop there, you blithering idiot. Also, they dont details just from the internet. You uneducated swine.
    steddyeddy replied 2014-10-19 12:00:42
    Ron Regarding: "you need to learn to spell and use grammar correctly also just because people have put there details" "their" not "there"
    Pseudo replied 2014-11-13 21:22:13
    Don't be such a prat. Regardless of where somebody puts their contact details they should not be harassed to this level. They are providing factually incorrect information to companies they work with.
    peejay replied 2015-02-16 20:23:44
    You sir are a 'cabbage' throw yourself off a bridge you complete and utter waste of space.
  8. mel freerman reported Reactiv finance with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    PPI COMPANY, claims to have a refund waiting for you, and to confirm your identity, just tell them one company you have had finance with. awful sales tactics. very untrustworthly

  9. brian reported n/a with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Surprise surprise ,this dodgy company called Reactive Media who have do work for many companies behalf are the ones behind all of this cold calling people who are registered on the TPS ,Reactive Media bought the data themselves and called on behalf of many companies, however they told the companies it was all good data and was checked,I know this as worked for the horrid company years ago, they have just been fined 50k last week for breach of marketing rules,however this will not stop them as that is nothing to the fool who owns the company Tony Abbott.

    Kirin replied 2014-08-25 20:46:10
    Have it on good authority that Tony Abbot doesn't 'Pay' for data. His records with a previous employer and the police should confirm that.
  10. nigel reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Telemarketer

    this company has over 1000 registered complaints about it but yet its still running. i just rang them up gave them an earful for ringing up and hanging up i now the the guys name will do a search find his number and ring him up as soon as i have his address i will post it online with his phone number im gonna redirect all my junk mail to his house and ring him 400 times a day if he dont answer then ill go to his house and ring his doorbell at when he answers i wont say a word

    Billy bob replied 2014-07-30 17:02:09
    I have his mobile number if you want it
  11. Mike reported Reactive Media with the number 01422387713 as Aggressive advertising

    These have called me a few times, what I do is answer the call ask them who they want and pretend to go and get that person, then leave the phone off the hook and after about 15 mins of waiting they hang up. After doing this 3 times they have not bothered to call me again.

  12. Sue reported Reactiv Media with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Claimed that I was due a refund from a loan I had taken out between 2002 and 2009 and could I let them know which loans this could refer to. Strangely enough they hung up when I asked them how I would know if the call was genuine.

  13. SJR reported Consumer Helpline with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Rang this morning. Told me that they were the Consumer Helpline and that I was due a refund for car finance in 2009. They knew my surname and phone number and insisted on trying to get more details such as postal address, first name etc. I have never had a loan for a car which I pointed out to them - so they hung up mid sentence.

  14. sparkey reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    This number just called me for the first time and made a rather pervy grunting sound before hanging up. Nice!

  15. The Hatchet reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Phone and said I paid a car loan of in 2009, which was true, but then went on to say it was through Black Horse, it wasn't. He then went through a couple of other car finance companies to try and jog my memory.
    When I fired back to him with "I think you are clutching at strws here" he tried to explain that he wan't on commision but hung up.
    Don't trust them.

  16. mwjane reported Data protection? with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    I received couple of times calls from this nuber. Everytime the lady on phone has very strong accent, hard to understand. They known my old address, Name and surname, Everytime I've been asked to confirm my address and details and then something about loands I've taken in last 10 yrs, credit cards.. Than I can collect overpayments.. I didn't give rhem any of my details at all. Every call I've asked why they calling me, are they from my bank and if yes can she introduce herself and than it's really hard to understand them as they may not be proper english speakers.. When I repeated say this again they hang up. Ridicilous. Where they get my mob number?

  17. Concerned Son reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Telemarketer

    My Mother,aged 83 was called from this number. The caller told her they knew about the death of my Father and all about her finances. I don't think they knew any details apart from who she banked with. They implied they could help her with money concerns because the government had changed the rules on negative equity. This upset my Mother and made her feel scared that her bank account might be accessed by these people. I believe they were attempting to sell her insurance against falling into negative equity and would like to trace them and seek to prosecute them for illegally marketing over the phone a causing distress to an elderly lady.
    I will try to track them down and would appreciate any further information anyone can share with me.
    Concerned Son

    Concerned Son replied 2013-10-07 10:36:45
    This call comes from a company calling itself Discover Finance in the UK, with the address: DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES (UK) LIMITED 20-22 BEDFORD ROW LONDON WC1R 4JS Company No. 06455516 They seem to have a US Chairman/CEO by the name of David Nelms. Interesting for a company that says it is doing so well in its annual report, it has two mortgage payments outstanding in the UK according to companies house. Why would anyone trust such an organisation to manage their finances for them? All other information on this CEO and company welcome.
    Adrian replied 2013-10-10 11:23:47
    One way to track them down is to contact them via email as a prospective client (do this from an internet cafe or WiFi hotspot). Once they reply, you will have all the info necessary to track them down. All emails contain the sender's IP (internet location) address, ie: This can be passed to the relevant authorities, and it not only contains the address, but can help them collect other information on this company's activity. This also works the other way, so internet safety is important, and why you should never open suspicious emails. At all. Be Safe!
    Concerned Son replied 2013-10-10 22:17:01
    Hi Adrian, I like this idea, thank you. I thought about calling as a potential customer, but this is better offering anonymity for me and data on them. A bit concerned that this bunch are using made up company names on their answer phone, because as I check through the thread here, a number of us are identifying different existing companies associated with this number. So I might write to an authentic company through their website when they are not actually responsible. I guess this could be a process of elimination that might never yield a result?? Appreciate any additional thoughts if this turns out to be the case. Thanks again, you're a star.
  18. Sandra reported Reactive with the number 01422387713 as Telemarketer

    Have been getting repeated calls on my mobile from this company but I have not been answering. After a TV program yesterday I may do what someone else did. When any company such as this calls you, interrupt and say
    I need to inform you that I am happy to take this phone call, but I am letting you know that I will be keeping a log of this phone call and the length of this phone call, and I will be invoicing your company per minute for my time. Do you still wish to continue.
    Apparently companies are paying up as they have agreed to continue with the call after you say you will invoice them. Obviously you need to make sure you know who they are first, and get the name of the person you are speaking to. As their calls are recorded for training purposes and there will be a call log on their phone system, they cannot deny you received the call.

  19. Norman reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    First time I've heard them but a woman said I was due a refund on a loan from 2009.
    Of course I've never taken out a loan then or anytime.
    My reaction is to keep a whistle (referee's pea type) by the phone, then blow it very hard into the phone. With luck it will blow their eardrums to bits!

    Forb replied 2014-06-06 21:07:22
    Have you ever thought these people just have to do their job or they get sacked so that's a completely over dramatic suggestion?
    emily replied 2014-10-03 14:50:37
    This made me laugh a lot.
  20. A.C.S. reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    1300hrs 16 Sept. Asian male caller, said something about a refund. Advised him I don't take cold calls and hung up.

  21. Campaigner reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Telemarketer

    If you have free calls (eg free weekend and evening calls through BT) then phone them back (with 141 prefix) and tell them to check the TPS website before calling anyone.

    If they ask for your postcode, refuse to tell them. Also refuse to give your number, or any other information about yourself. Simply state over and over again that they are required to consult the TPS website before calling any number. If they talk over you just keep saying "Dont't talk over me, listen to me" until they stop, then tell them again to consult the TPS website before calling any number. If they try to tell you it doesn't apply to them, eg because they are a marketing company, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Simply insist they consult TPS before calling anybody. Tell them that is why we sign on with TPS - we don't want to receive these calls.

    If enough people keep doing that then perhaps they will get as fed up as we are and will consult TPS before calling a number, as they are required to do.

    Alternatively, here is a script. I suggest reading it straight through, completely ignoring any interruptions, then hang up.

    If they hang up before you do, then call them again, and repeat until you have been able to read it all or until you get bored. Don't forget to prefix your dialling with 141 each time.

    Here is the script:

    Hello there.

    I am speaking on behalf of British Consumers in order to draw your attention to an organisation which will enable you to do your job better and vastly improve the reputation of your firm in the eyes of the public.

    The name of that organisation is the Telephone Preference Service, TPS for short, and it can be found online by searching for TPS.

    It is a legal requirement for telemarketers not to call a TPS subscribed number, however we are aware that you regularly ignore that requirement. It may be that you do not consider the law to apply to you, however I am here to advise you that it almost certainly does, and that if you continue to flout the law your firm can expect to be prosecuted and may have to pay an extremely large fine.

    In the unlikely event of there being some valid reason for this law not to apply to you, then we would still advise you to recognise that does not alter the fact that members of the public who have gone to the trouble of registering with TPS do not wish to receive any cold calls, and therefore it would be far better, for the reputation of your company, to observe their wishes.

    If you are not personally able to arrange for our advice to be considered then we strongly suggest that you communicate what I have said to your superiors as soon as possible, so that appropriate remedial action can be taken and further consequences averted.

    Thank you for listening.

    Concerned Son replied 2013-10-09 22:41:23
    A good posting Campaigner, thank you. I've tried calling these folk back, but strangely they don't seem to be picking up. Perhaps they now realise incoming callers have got a strong message for them and are only calling out. I also wonder whether they are using false company names from the Companies House listings to avoid further detection. I will continue to try and hope others will join me in trying to track them down.
  22. burt reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    keep ringing. i never answer. i rang back once using the preface 141. the line connected but i just got silence.

  23. Ama Mackem reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Telemarketer

    Repeated harassing t/calls to my TPS registered number. Reported to TPS.
    Am auto-emailing them repeatedly for each call. Also emailing to fax number repeatedly :D
    They are:-
    Reactiv Media,
    The Warehouse,
    Gas Works Lane,
    West Yorkshire, HX5 9HJ
    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone: +44 (0) 844 8330700
    Fax: +44 (0) 844 8330701

  24. anon reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    scam about time the law stopped them

  25. loobiloo reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    Received a call to say I had overpaid on APR for a loan or something that I had taken out between 2002/2009.

    When they asked me to confirm my DOB for 'Data Protection', I advised that they would have that info if they have somehow gotten my address etc, so I asked them to quote my DOB and I would confirm...

    Was transferred onto hold, then back to caller, then phone was hung up.

    Definitely fishy.

  26. Mrs P reported "Consumer Advice Line" with the number 01422387713 as Aggressive advertising

    Trying to get me to give my details for payment protection reclaim - total scam - when I asked what the payment protection was in regarding they said "can I mention Barclays, Lloyds, Santander,..." and when I said "no, I haven't dealt with any of those", he said "well it might have been Halifax or Nationwide.." pah! AND I'm registered with TPS

  27. Aptis reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    Another con artist trying to screw money out of descent people --- "We have your retails here but I'm not allowed to tell you what they are." Load of thieves, and another number for my call blocker.

  28. gerry reported reactive tossers with the number 01422387713 as Aggressive advertising

    bunch of utter tossers

  29. Ambo reported Reactive media 01422 387713 with the number 01422387713 as Aggressive advertising

    Calls and hangs up, sometimes gets as far as introducing themselves and then hang up, evasive and obviously after personal details, makes a pest of themselves by calling and calling (4 times today alone).I will be reporting them to Trading standards as soon as, you should too.

  30. Mrs T reported Reactive Media with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Had a call from this company today on my mobile phone (don't know how they got that number!) regarding possible PPI overpayment on previous loans. Didn't get the guys name as he spoke so quickly; obviously trying to confuse, he rattled through his pitch and it was only when I asked where he got my details from that he slowed down. Told me the company got my details from The Ministry of Justice??? and that Reactive Media were looking to reclaim PPI on my behalf. Had to really question hard to get his company details from him. Told him I wanted to check company details before I said anything further.

  31. Shelly reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Phone every day and then they hang up even if I answer. Next time I will get them. I won't say hello but scream at the top of my lungs down the line every time they call. Payback.

    the guy who makes sense replied 2014-09-09 11:30:22
    you really are too stupid you are probably been contacted by a number of different company's stop putting your number on too web sties you know you do it on your compare sites applying for loans and also did you know your bank give your information out stop been a retard change your number and never put it on anything nothing i mean nothing just simply too friends then you wont get calls so you dont have too worry will you so grow up
  32. tashka666 reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    Never answer but am so fed up with the continuous calling from this number !

  33. shybabe reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    this caller/number rang me, no-one on other end, i turned my phone off, went to make a call a couple of mins later, they were still on the line, no-one talking. i was unable to use my phone for 5 mins

  34. Debbie reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    this number calls me at all times of the day even though i ignore it they still continuously call me!I answered once and they wanted a mrs ahmed. why do these dodgy numbers always ask for mr/mrs ahmed? they are a nuisance!

  35. jim reported nil with the number 01422387713 as Telemarketer

    please report this company to

    the more we do something the quicker they will be punished..
    copy and paste details above in to complaint info

    jim replied 2013-06-14 12:59:45
    below is the info you need to put in to ico.. Name & Registered Office: REACTIV MEDIA LTD THE WAREHOUSE GAS WORKS LANE ELLAND WEST YORKSHIRE HX5 9HJ Company No. 06252030 Other info: Consumer Credit License No. 604089/1.
    johnny replied 2013-08-01 22:41:03
    thanks for the info jim I have reported them they keep pestering my ederly parents
  36. hayley reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    01422322833 continues to call me all day and night havent got a clue what they going on about how do i stop these annoying calls

  37. madmurf reported 01422387713 with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    this number has called me every single day for the last month even on a sunday morning at 8 am and as late as 9pm im sick to the back teeth of it now i have just got to a point were i decline the call

  38. Denise reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Unknown

    I just received a phone calls from the claiming they call from FSA but they are not existing anymore and they were after private details.
    does anyone know how to report them?

  39. harvey reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Aggressive advertising


  40. ParaDave2039 reported unknown with the number 01422387713 as Harassment calls

    Absolute Pain in the Arse

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