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Types of call: Harassment calls(14) Unknown(8) Telemarketer(6) trustworthy number(5) Cost trap(4) Aggressive advertising(2)
Name/Company: unknown(20) HYC(6) Hyc(3) hyc(2) Help Your Claim(1) help your claim(1) helpyourclaimq1q17(1) thiefs(1) 01618500044(1) 01618505451(1) Hyc Help Your Claim(1) Lee / Sean, HYC(1) more...
Number of comments: 65 (deleted: 4)
Search requests: 40711
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 01618505451

Telephone number: 0161-8505451
Owner and address: Details
City : Manchester - United Kingdom

Further Information:
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Comments for 01618505451

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  1. Ex-employee reported 01618505451 with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    I worked for this company for 3 weeks. The place is crawling with scummy salestwats who encourage you to harass people, especially if you have reason to believe they have taken PPI. Don't acknowledge them, if they call, hang up immediately.

    From my 3 weeks there I have so many stories about how they treat their staff and how the company works. It's not like BBC's "the call centre", it is much, much worse. Think North Korea.

    We were told to tell you, the public, that we have a 98% success rate when dealing with a claim. Not true. The website says we have a 90% success rate but I expect the real figure is different.

    In training we were told that "negheads" were the enemy - that is, negative people. Those who complain a lot. Basically it's a way of keeping the turnover high because it is so easy to sack people and if you leave under any circumstance within 3 months, they subtract £350 from your pay for training costs. I had a friend with a heart condition. When he had to go to hospital he was told to get back to work, "you're here to make sales".

    Group of arrogant, rude and sociopathic sharks and I wouldn't go back there if I was paid double.

    Josh Boswell replied 2015-04-22 12:24:37
    Hi I'm a reporter from the Sunday Times, I'm doing a story on cold calling. Would you mind giving me a ring? 0207 782 1384. Email: josh DOT boswell AT
  2. jay reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    They have got me approximately 1700 but want 600 so I'm just gonna knock them. Stuff it why should they get all that money fair enough they helped but I'm gonna see how far it goes

    Gilbert replied 2014-12-03 12:06:40
    And how has it gone with you ignoring their claims for money from your settlement, I am doing exactly the same
    sugar replied 2015-05-26 12:14:14
    don't pay a penny!!! say you sent them notification that you did not want them to proceed with your claim (within the cancellation period). my other half got around £7,000 and didn't pay a penny. just kept returning their letters asking more questions and asking for all sorts of proof!!!!
  3. Lucius reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Cost trap

    yet another scam with profound interest in me claiming my PPI. they cold call any number they get their dirty little fingers on. scum/scam.

  4. woody reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    ppi call ..... i did it myself but they insist i would have been underpaid.... sent out a agreement to sign and they filled it in themselves making up stuff and i refused to sign.... dodgy dodgy dodgy.... I will chase up my bank myself instead and save 36% fees.they constantly ring my phone and its total pressure tactics..... but unfortunately for them i don't crumble to that. There are much cheaper ppi companies wanting 12.5 percent with vat is 15% so shop around and avoid these like the plague.... or do it yourself ... its easy. go on and it shows you how.

  5. alxnder reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    So I got a call from this number and after I've answered no to every question about loans and such, THEN, a massive crowd clap happens! should I be worried about this bizarre event?

  6. Bertie reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    Had a cold call from HYC trying to lure me into the PPI reclaim rubbish. I've never had any PPI, but to shut them up I said I'd reclaimed milions, they cut me off dead.
    Been complaining via email 7 times and they wont tell me how they got my number, they say they "acquired" a database but wont say where from. Reoprting to Legal Ombudsman.
    This type of PPI reclaim cold calling and ambulance chasers after accident compensation should be illeagal.

  7. iris reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Ive asked them to stop calling countless times. They just keep on calling. They are a total pain in the backside. I'll never use them to assist me with anything.

  8. Mobile1 reported HYC with the number 01618505451 as trustworthy number

    They got me 1600 back that i didn't even know i was owed! Better than the banks who took it!

  9. Manager 1 reported 01618500044 with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Very rude - sounded like the consultant was at a rave trying to get my business - well that certainly is not happening - I don't trust this scam - reported them to the police as the person who I was speaking to told me that she gets paid cash in hand.

    EX employee replied 2015-06-18 09:35:20
    They don't get paid cash in hand.
  10. wally60 reported Lee / Sean, HYC with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    These people have hounded me since November last year & I don't know how they got my details. They said I was on their database?? I said I was doing it myself but they will not take no for an answer! When they finally called me on Sunday lunchtime at 12.30pm during Xmas week while blocking their number, I went completely ballistic with them, because they were interrupting a family meal!!They flogged me some lame story about filling in forms for them (??) and that was the last straw! I bellowed down the phone at them at the top of my voice and then hung up - by this time I was boiling! Back in November they ordered me to drop everything and return home to dig out my bank details, which I refused after being on the phone for over 55 minutes. Since Xmas it has gone quiet again - probably won't hear a peep from them until November 2015,when the race for the Xmas bonus starts up again.

    Josh Boswell replied 2015-04-22 12:27:19
    Hi I'm a reporter from the Sunday Times, I'm doing a story on cold calling, would like to speak to you. Can you give me a ring/email? 0207 782 1384. Email: josh DOT boswell AT Thanks!
  11. Callum reported Hyc with the number 01618505451 as trustworthy number

    If you would like to form your own opinion I would be happy to explain how we work if you call us back on the number we called you on

  12. Rshe reported HYC with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Persistent harassment.

  13. I got £13k reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    I only started reading these comments after I had agreed to use HYC, I started to panic after the comments being left, But it was to late I had signed there contract and had an acknoladge letter from them regarding my Lloyds Loans.

    I was first contacted by a ladey called Yasmin, I must admit it was very load call centre but Yasmin was very friendly at no point was I asked for bank details she just wanted to know if I was miss sold the PPI. When I took the loans out the bank did say I had to take the PPI out or I would not be able to have the loan each time I topped my loan up. Yasmin explained that this was not the case and in fact I would be eligible to claim the PPI back.

    I have now received my refund its just over £13,000 I also received the letters explaining the calculations I was refunded every penny I paid o the PPI plus I got the intrest back which the banks earned on my money.

    I received a call from a gentelman called Jack who went over how much I got back over the phone at this point I had not received a letter with this in writing.

    As you can imagin I did not believe him. I said I was to busy to talk and would call him back, I logged on my online banking and nearly fell of my chair when I seen my new balance I must admit i felt teary and couldn't be leave that this was happing to me i never thought I would receive so much or anything for that matter.

    I would never of thought I would be able to get this money back if it was not for Yasmin or HYC.
    even after there fee I still have more money then I ever paid towards the PPI.

    I am now able to buy my children the presents they want for Christmas and knowing that means everything to me. Im more then greatful

    Yay! replied 2015-02-24 14:38:49
    thats how I look at it. I claimed and MBNA wouldn't pay. Got a call from HYC. Avoided them for a while and decided "might as well" - Getting £1735 and they'll probably take a chunk, but I'm at least £1k richer! Yay!
  14. James reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as trustworthy number

    Recieved a cold call and they managed to find loans i never even remember having ended up claiming me just over 10 grand back, they dif charge 30% but they did all the work so cant complain

  15. Nicola Brown reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Cost trap

    I got a girl call me and she seemed nice and genuine, then everything seemed too good to be true and if i won, a fee is due...I then questioned it and said i'll call back once I discuss with my parents to learn more about it, she didnt like this and got shifty and said she would call me back, rather than me call at my leisure...I will ignore from now on. I didn't give her any personal details she could access so that's good.

  16. Furious reported HYC with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    I received a call asking for my husband I said it was his wife could i help as they called my mobile not husbands, the caller was rude and abusive he told me to shut my mouth and get my husband and telling him to do one i hung up and he called me 45 times every min that night. When my husband had a word when he arrived home to take a call he continued to antagonise my husband and wind him up from the safety of a witheld number and anoymous identity. He still continued to call until i blocked the calls. A colleague rang again the week later and i was able to identify the company and call them to make them aware of the previous harrasment calls although reading this i wont hold my breathe for any customer service.

    Elaine replied 2014-12-10 15:47:55 Report, report, report!!! If they talk toyoulike that, its harrassment and illegal!
  17. evilhervbivore reported HYC with the number 01618505451 as Aggressive advertising

    PPI and nasty with it. I will just end call immediately in future

  18. Frank reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    I recieved a call from them in the middle of the day, They started by saying I was owed thousands in compensation. When I asked who the were they replied "HYC Insurance" when I asked how the got my number they refused to tell me, I then just ended the call.

  19. anna reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    lots of telephone calls , have not received any money yet which the company said will be sending no luck but have received letter from HYC demanding 30% + Vat, their demand is more then 30% + vat,
    Why should i pay them all that money
    when not received any yet
    and why should I pay them any way
    I did apply myself and was told by the MBNA that I did not have any
    HYC has told me the money is on its way but where is it
    not paying until I have the money and not pay them half of the refund
    wish I had ready the HYC information

  20. fedup reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    They will just not go away. Sick to death of these calls

  21. Dan reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Aggressive advertising

    Trying to get me to agree to 'SEO to get my company on first page of google' - until I pointed out my site was already on the first page. They then hung up. Cowboys.

  22. Ex employee there reported Hyc Help Your Claim with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    I used to work for this firm embarassed to do such a thing... They set your mind to constantly being positive and think of bonus for each sale you get when it gets taken off you for the littlest of things. Absoloutley disgraceful place they call you and push you trying to get them to claim your money back with them when you can do it for free with the banks... they charge 36% and also you get charged for the telephone calls so as soon as they ring you you could get charged for that.. dont fall into this trap they are just young knob heads who work there & have no idea what there doing. if u hang up on them they will keep your number and harras u so just report them so this company eventually will close down!!..

  23. Jude reported HYC with the number 01618505451 as Telemarketer

    having checked this company out on Google, I have seen other comments saying they are doggy, some woman called Emma assured me, regarding a loan I had taken out with a bank on her list, that I was owed a refund, for PPI. I had to cut the phone call short due to a emergency but she wanted me to spare 2 mins to call a number back which was supposedly my ban for a policy number they were to give me. I thought before I do anything else Ill check it out, I'll take this info to my bank and report HYC to them Today. Not to be trusted

  24. myrtle reported hyc with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Bothered me three times today. Twice within 1 minute of me telling them where to go. Very persistent and rude.

  25. Roo reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Telemarketer

    Just had a call from this number. Put phone down on desk, clicked answerphone to record and walked away. I have a lovely recording of the woman saying "B$*@h , I will kill you"
    That will be winging its way to the ico and the police then.

  26. Allison reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    They called me 3times in one day before I found out how to block them on my mobile

  27. Jane reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Non stop calling

  28. tooty reported hyc with the number 01618505451 as Cost trap

    get a job you fcking scum

  29. Casepc reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Just has been contacted by this numb: 01618505451
    As soon as I managed to answer the phone the caller hung up on me.
    I've checked the number on google and found this website.
    I've also received a couple of txt about ppi.
    Probably the same group of worms!

  30. Mad woman reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Telemarketer

    These blighters called my mobile phone - a number I never give out and saved for friends and family only and worried about a friend in hospital. Called them back, in a panic. Obviously a chattering call centre. Asked for who were they - HYC - what does that stand for Help Your Claim (hello??). And why did you think I needed help with any scurrilous claim? Got the schpiel, personal questions etc. OUTRAGEOUS! Said something unprintable and have now reported to Information Office Commission (government run) Thx for your good work.

    Allison replied 2013-06-09 20:27:45
    Depending on your mobile type you should be able to block that specific number. Hope that helps
  31. bagsy reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Calling me everyday for months despite me ignoring their calls. ask too many personal questions over the phone

  32. steph reported thiefs with the number 01618505451 as Harassment calls

    Feds say 39 arrested in 23 states USA .3 arrested in England in ID theft ring in USA. England and Germany the follow with the same numbers

    (001) (0044) (049)

    01618505451 / 08434106629 / 08434106729 / 08434101709 / 01229808179 / 08447044755 / 01204397400 / 07875595895 / 01512510373 / 03 336 00 512 / 01535358094 / 01789473836 / 01702214459 / 01613126506 / 01613128082 / 01744882949 for USA / England / Germany WARNING!!!

  33. Tony reported Help Your Claim with the number 01618505451 as Telemarketer

    They called me out of the blue trying to get my bank details and tried their hardest to get my address, and I have heard nothing about PPI until very recently.

  34. James reported HYC with the number 01618505451 as Telemarketer

    Same as others. Trying to "help you claim your PPI". A waste of time

  35. Tyson reported Hyc with the number 01618505451 as Cost trap

    Scam artists wanting your money like the banks and the PCM of uk does fuckall again come on bnp

  36. stuart reported help your claim with the number 01618505451 as Telemarketer

    just finished reporting them to the information commissioners office

    they seem very interested in this sort of thing as the information they obtain to call you may be done so illegally

  37. arkle reported helpyourclaimq1q17 with the number 01618505451 as trustworthy number

    rang me regarding ppi didnt get any luck with ombusman a couple off years ago know they are going to get my money back

  38. Ryan reported unknown with the number 01618505451 as Unknown

    I work at hyc at the moment and I have to say reading these comments some of you guys are saying is very disappointing there is no scam here at HYC everything is done correctly and lawfully. Day in and day out we claim a hell of a lot of money back for customers like a few of you that have commented here. This is sometimes life changing amounts if money . We are not one of those company's that send useless packs out to everyone were in contact with get you to fill it all in and then find out there is no ppi? We don't want to waste your time or our time! We confirm the ppi policy numbers over the phone fill in all the paperwork for yourselves post it out then all you need to do is sign date and return and then we will do the rest for you. We do not take any upfront costs the ppi search is free and only on a successful claim we take 36 p in every pound that's including vat of any successful claim. But we also claim back 8% interest for every year you have had that finance up until the day you claim. The money is out into your accounts before we take our fee so you see the total amount? So from reading that how are we a scam to be honest we're one of the best claims management company's out there were paid well were trained well and some of the best people iv ever met work there. Yes you may hear loud music and cheering and that's because every time we receive a payout for customers and we call and tell you guys we celebrate the weeks of hard work to and from with the banks to get you guys a lot of money back !! Wish you the best of look with your future claims! Ryan

    christine replied 2014-12-18 16:52:27
    received a letter on 12th dec from bank saying that my ppi was successful
    and that the bank would issue a cheque in the next 28days to us,
    since then had 3 calls form hyc saying my fees were overdue and they want their money, so until I receive cheque and get it cleared through my accounts I can expect how many more calls from them,being bullied and harassed by this company and someone needs to stop the threats that I signed a legal contract,read it yourself and it states that when I get the ppi claim I must then pay you,i havenot been payed by the bank yet-go away until you prove otherwise you have no legal claim on this yet it is in your own contract to state otherwise is in breach of contract, stick this in your hat,
  39. Neens reported Hyc with the number 01618505451 as trustworthy number

    Hyc - Some people really don't even know what these calls are regarding and just hang up. I understand at the wrong time of the day you get called but when you actually get someone enthuastic on the phone whos polite and friendly and very helpful it all pays off, i always said no to the PPI as i was self employed i never needed that sort of insurance but i thought no win no fee why not. what have I got to loose. So a girl named Marina put me through to the PPI insurance line to a VERY RUDE and NO BRAINCELLED bank advisor and she was so rude I just wanted MY acount numbers of PPI and she said I cannot give that info out. Its my info I am certainly allowed these, It taken me and Marina a few goes to get to the right advisor and it confirmed that I had PPI on all my loans and credit cards!! Who are the bad people ?? these people who call us to help us, or the banks who add the insurance on and the insurance lines who have rude and untrained staff who dont give you your infomation?? I think you would all agree with me here its the Banks who are not who you can trust regarding PPI but u can trust these people as they are so lovely the verfication people who check your forms too are clear and very helpful. So slag HYC off all you want at the end of the day Im looking at getting back £1,000's of pounds and dont even mind the fee cause they helped me claim something I never had! Thumbs up. very happy.

    No2fonecalls replied 2014-03-26 13:37:31
    I think your an employee if hyc, sounds like what I get told of all the sales agents. We get 1000's back, why do you sound so desperate then?

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Area code Manchester

Tellows score for the city : 5
Area code : 0161
Postal code : -
Inhabitants: - (♂: -, ♀: -)


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