HYC from Bolton 01204238003 / +441204238003

Types of call: Harassment calls
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Ratings: 91 (deleted: 1)
Assessment: untrustworthy, annoying call, pay attention to the comments
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Brian wrote: So fed up with all these calls, went out and brought a BT phone it blocks calls, should have got one... all ratings

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Details about this number

City: Bolton - United Kingdom
Telephone number: 01204-238003
Phone number +441204238003 from Bolton tagged as Harassment calls 16 times.

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Who calls with 01204238003?

  1. 0

    unhappy reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    11/25/13, 6:51 PM

    i picked up this call as it wasnt witheld/unknown and have relatives in bolton but this guy was really rude and aggressive so i hung up

  2. 0

    MarkyMark reported number ‎01204238003 as unknown

    11/25/13, 5:13 PM

    My hubbie was called on his moby at work - a hospital where we need to focus on sick peeps, not taking crap calls from idiots. Said we were owed thousands re PPI but we have never had this. He told them to call his wife, ME, as I dealt with things like this. Hah! They havent called me yet, but God help them if they do. I have had to warn my elderly dad who is living alone about these calls. He gets fed up with picking up his phone and a stranger on the other end trying to claim one thing or another. Good job Im on the case for him, but I feel for those who have nobody to advise them about these callers/sellers. My dad now says that person has moved away to another part of the country. Why cant they just bog off! Its about time the government got off their asses and did something about these scroungers.

  3. 0

    Taz reported unknown with the number ‎01204238003 as Trustworthy number

    11/25/13, 3:59 PM

    Said I was owed PPI money back, she listed a loads of banks in question - none of which contained mine. I said I had not had any finance, she found that hard to believe. When I asked how she had my details if I didn't use any of those banks, she said my number was stored once?!

    Load of rubbish, hate things like this.

  4. 0

    Mimi reported number ‎01204238003 as 01204238003

    11/21/13, 3:10 PM

    I have just received a call on my mobile from this number 01204238003 so since i didn't recognise the number and just ignored it. Anyway when I google the number it was in face a curb call and thank from wasting a fortune calling back to the number.
    I don't believe this kind of call practice still going on.
    Cheers guys.

  5. 0

    alsmith reported HYC with the number ‎01204238003 as Telemarketer

    11/21/13, 2:18 PM

    Search HYC Manchester for more information. Tried to convince me I had mis-sold PPI - as I've never had anything that would have PPI with it, I think that's highly unlikely. Tried to point this out, but they wouldn't give up. Just hung up.

  6. 0

    chris reported HTC / PPI Claims with the number ‎+441204238003 as Harassment calls

    11/18/13, 5:41 PM

    Called me to say I was owed PPI.. I know I am not entitled... When I said "no thank you" she became aggressive and kept saying "how do you know your not entitled... I know your owed thousands" even though she didn't know my name. . In the end I put the phone down on her. .. The number then kept ringing me back for half an hour continually. I didn't answer.

  7. 0

    angry reported number ‎01204238003 as HYC

    11/15/13, 6:15 PM

    Very persistant man,when I asked him who he was calling he replied that they only have my number not my name,but my PPI claim needed sorting ,not claimed ppi and only family and t mobile have my number.
    When asked to take my number off their list he said would do so in a moment ,hung up on them

  8. 0

    Ryan reported unknown with the number ‎01204238003 as Harassment calls

    11/15/13, 4:03 PM

    HYC, name is in the database for PPI, yet he couldnt tell me my name, and I don't have a bank account that would even involve PPI, he then hung up the phone not me.

    Bullshit, report to the police for harrassment.

  9. 0

    Agent 1 reported Unregistered with the number ‎01204238003 as Aggressive advertising

    11/13/13, 10:21 AM


  10. 0

    TJ* reported Gemma HYC with the number ‎01204238003 as Cost trap

    11/11/13, 4:28 PM

    gemma called 4 times and I called back thinking it was something urgent with the amount of missed calls.
    although Gemma was quite nice and polite I asked what it was about and she said it was a PPI refund I was due back and it would be to do with my bank. I wasn't owed any and she wished me a good day. waste of time and not trustworthy as they ask you for information which she got very little.

  11. 0

    xxxx66 reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    11/9/13, 1:22 PM

    I have just received a call on my mobile from this number. I answered it and there was just loads of static noise in the background. No one spoke so not sure if it's their computer trying my mobile number first.

    Just done a web search on the number and do glad I did. Have stored number in my IPhone now and added a block on it.

  12. 0

    Spamhater reported number ‎01204238003 as unknown

    11/7/13, 7:37 PM

    I received a call on a cellphone number which is only know to three parties: my girlfiend, me; and T-Mobile. There are no prizes for guessing who gave out the number to these idiots. Caveat emptor.

  13. 0

    Mike Hunt reported number ‎+441204238003 as 01204238003

    11/7/13, 2:14 PM

    Trying to get PPI reclaimed. I had a missed call on my mobile and dialled back.

  14. 0

    Investigator pip s reported number ‎01204238003 as ?

    11/6/13, 5:37 PM

    I just had a missed call from this number, as I don't answer unknown numbers. Bloomin glad I didn't pick up. I really wonder how they have my details, because they've been emailing me too about PPI. Crikey, I'm only 24, still living with parents and have never taken out a loan or mortgage.

  15. 0

    Slip reported unknown with the number ‎+441204238003 as Telemarketer

    11/6/13, 4:57 PM

    Tried to sell PPI insurance recovery. When I said no on numerous occassions the young man eventually called me a weirdo!

    anon replied 11/11/13, 4:55 PM
    lol weirdo :p
    d boi replied 1/13/14, 4:06 PM
    pair of weirdos.

  16. 0

    steve reported number ‎01204238003 as james/hyc

    11/6/13, 12:26 PM

    Just this minuite phoned up about ppi saying they had a check there for me then were saying about my bank details DO NOT TRUST THEM asked were they got my number from and they said about database which is rubbish

  17. 0

    Jojo reported number ‎+441204238003 as 01204238003

    11/5/13, 3:01 PM

    Rang and asked if I had my PPI refund I said no and told him to get lost blocked number !

  18. 0

    charlouking reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    10/31/13, 3:21 PM

    This number rang me just moments ago. i picked up and a guy on the other end just kept saying hallo! hallo! is a strange voice. I have not given out my number and have not had a call like this before. they did not talk about PPI as said in similar comments but was just pestering me.

  19. 0

    xxx reported unknown with the number ‎01204238003 as Telemarketer

    10/30/13, 2:07 PM

    Shitty number,don t pick up

  20. 0

    jonny reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    10/29/13, 4:54 PM

    got a missed call from them, going to ring them back and tell them they've been mis sold ppi and i'm also going to get very aggressive with them and see how they like it

  21. 0

    iHatePPi reported HYC with the number ‎01204238003 as Telemarketer

    10/29/13, 11:34 AM

    mg im 13 and these fools called me as well so i said i don't even pay tax how the hell am i supposed to take out ppi and i said you kept calling me the other day so you better remove my number from your data base before i report you to the police
    the guy tried to talk over me but i never let him and then hung up. not been called back yet

  22. 0

    toddy reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    10/28/13, 2:46 PM

    Called re PPI. Told them I wasnt interested - they insisted my name was on a PPI database, they werent trying to sell me anything and that i was missing out, had to tell them i was at work to get rid of him

  23. 0

    Investigator Arnaud reported number ‎+441204238003 as Université libre de bruxelles

    10/28/13, 11:14 AM

    Very aggressive woman asking question about bank stuf and insurance stuff. Since How long I'm in the UK and so on.

    Arnaud replied 10/28/13, 12:15 PM
    I did not reported Université Libre de Bruxelles. That's a bug, the rest is ok

  24. 0

    Geo 1 reported number ‎+441204238003 as HYC

    10/24/13, 5:55 PM

    Reputedly got my mobile number from the PPI database, told no PPI, informed that I must have otherwise they would not have my number

  25. 0

    Mel reported HYC with the number ‎+441204238003 as Harassment calls

    10/17/13, 7:25 PM

    Very unpleasant call about PPI, the man just would not go away! Made an official complaint at...


  26. 0

    Investigator Pete reported HYC with the number ‎01204238003 as Telemarketer

    10/17/13, 4:19 PM

    Had a phone call on my business phone regarding PPI that I've never had, even though the woman was insistent I had done as they had my number through a 'secure database' - all lies of course. Rang back and spoke to this moron who was brash and rude, kept talking over me like he knew something I didn't. Disgraceful company - would love to see them and the rest of PPI telesales disappear permanently off the face of this earth. Total scum.

  27. 0

    david knight reported hyc with the number ‎+441204238003 as Aggressive advertising

    10/17/13, 2:22 PM

    very aggressive telling me I hadn't claimed ppi told him do one!

  28. 0

    Rich reported HYC with the number ‎+441204238003 as Harassment calls

    10/16/13, 3:58 PM

    Caller asked me if I'd claimed my mis-sold PPI payments back yet.

    I told him that I hadn't been mis-sold PPI. He told me that the banks and credit card companies were sneaking their charges on to my accounts without me knowing.

    I put the phone down at that point.

  29. 0

    Laura reported unknown with the number ‎01204238003 as Telemarketer

    10/16/13, 12:03 PM

    Please DO NOT answer a call from 01204238003. It is a telemarketing call from a company called HYC. Download the APP Mr.Number , unwanted calls can be blocked. A really great APP and no more SPAM calls. Try it.

  30. 0

    ann reported HYC with the number ‎01204238003 as Telemarketer

    10/11/13, 3:47 PM

    I was called on my mobile early hours of the morning whilst on Holiday so not best pleased. Told the girl to "go to Hell" and put the phone down.
    Tried to get back to sleep, she rang back, said "don't speak to me like that I am a person not a machine, I am just doing my job" I repeated what I had said in the last call and she then said "hope you have a miserable day" How did she get my Mobile number and why cant they be stopped?

  31. 0

    jst reported number ‎01204238003 as unknown

    10/8/13, 2:08 PM

    Called my personal mobile, nobody spoke, had call center background noise - assume they're checking validity of my number for future scams.

  32. 0

    Jonnylaw reported HYC with the number ‎+441204238003 as Telemarketer

    10/7/13, 10:46 AM

    Called me just now, missed it, rang them back. PPI swine, ignore them.

  33. 0

    nste reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    10/2/13, 3:53 PM

    Called without reason and rang out after a few rings. Have been called by PPI telesales people before on this phone (which is very rarely used, so do not expect calls to it) so I do not think it was a legit call.

  34. 0

    Cabb reported unknown with the number ‎+441204238003 as Telemarketer

    9/27/13, 1:54 PM

    Said they had had my number from a PPI database (I've never had a loan or mortgage or anything). Usual annoying advertising.

  35. 0

    mjthemilkmsn reported number ‎01204238003 as unknown

    9/26/13, 6:16 PM

    Sounds as if it was in s.market.place no one spoke but lots of background noise .

  36. 0

    Sylvia reported unknown with the number ‎01204238003 as Aggressive advertising

    9/25/13, 4:18 PM

    Company called HYC the girl called my mobile was rude and aggressive when i said i was not interested she started shouting saying that i am not listening to her

  37. 0

    jeff reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    9/17/13, 2:59 PM

    called left no message, didn't even bother to talk to let me know who they were..

  38. 0

    Richard reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    9/14/13, 1:21 PM

    Called my personal mobile, left no message. Should be fined/banned if this happens to others.

  39. 0

    Rick reported Ppi harassment with the number ‎01204238003 as Cost trap

    9/3/13, 4:59 PM

    Ask to be removed from their list and cut them off. They have no genuine information of you.

  40. 0

    anon reported number ‎+441204238003 as unknown

    8/19/13, 1:52 PM

    PPI scam

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