phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. Your phone rattles furiously as it's bombarded with nuisance call after nuisance call and you have no way of knowing who's calling. Will it be over enthused telemarketers or, perhaps even more annoying, a swift click and the dialing-tone drone? Should you take the call or ignore it? Who's on the other end?
Rest assured that you're not alone. In a world where cold callers can sometimes seem to hold a global monopoly over phone lines, tellows aims to provide a solution. We function as a vast online database of phone number profiles, generated thanks to feedback and reviews from our online community. Providing an online platform where users can share their experiences of these kinds of calls and flag up numbers responsible for junk calls means that information on suspicious numbers becomes readily available, helping other members of the tellows community to anticipate potential risk calls. Join the international community that is currently operating in 47 countries with more than 200,000 users on a daily basis and download the new tellows app today for your iPhone or android. And whilst you are at it, take a look at our various other useful tools available for purchase in our tellows shop.
Here at, not only can we provide up-to-date information on regional nuisance-call trends and currently active numbers with the heatmap, we also pinpoint the origin of your call and display it on a map by identifying the prefix.
We ontop feature the pinpoint location your call originated from and display it on a map, using the dialling code. Learn more about international dialling codes.
Want to hear more? We have some light reading material that might be of interest to you. Check out our tellows blog for news on the latest scams, tellows products and updates in telecoms regulations that affect you in the UK or simply grab a copy of our free tellows magazine, which came together after our many years of experience on the subject of telephone terror and scams. This not only includes important background information about phone fraud but the methodology behind it. A must read for all phone consumers.

Recently added comments

  1. mickthemoan reported unknown with the number 01375383682 as Harassment calls

    Asian man named "SAM" DON'T THINK SO ! called me about my car accident i had? My reply was "ERR NO!!!"next time they call i will answer...Trading standards fraud department how can i help you..

    01375383682 (Grays Thurrock) - View details and comments - 15
  2. Mrzippy reported unknown with the number 0752690974 as Aggressive advertising

    Some form of dodgy marketing from an operation going by the name of who want you to downloads a picture. Suspect a phishing operation.

    0752690974 (mobil phone number) - View details and comments - 1
  3. Liz reported Claims with the number 07957340103 as Unknown

    3 calls in last 24 hours wanting to discuss my 'accident'. Told to remove my number from their database but still calling.

    07957340103 (mobil phone number) - View details and comments - 1
  4. iPhone reported unknown with the number 01341074019 as Cost trap

    Windows 10 virus scam. Give them access to your computer remotely and they will lock it and then demand large amounts of cash to unlock it again...

    01341074019 (Barmouth) - View details and comments - 1
  5. jay reported unknown with the number 01413574585 as Unknown

    daily calls unable to speak proper english even though there in this country, blocked.

    01413574585 (Glasgow) - View details and comments - 4

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

tellows provides a platform where those who receive frequent spam and scam phonecalls can share their knowledge on a particular caller by commenting on the phone number's profile. Profiles are generated automatically if a number is being searched for the first time. We categorise calls by type (debt collection, sweepstakes, etc.) and give the number in question a tellows score, which indicates whether a number is trustworthy or suspicious, helping you to decide whether or not to take the call. This risk rating is generated by a complex algorithm that incorporates data such as user ratings and search statistics. Want to find out more about how the tellows score works?
The bulk of the information on the site comes from user reviews and our database is constantly expanding and becoming more detailed thanks to information from you, our online community. By providing information on a number, you can help innumerable other people to anticipate and avoid a malicious call.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. Nelly reported Labour Party with the number 01388744257 as Survey

    A lady called saying she was from the Owen Smith Campaign team. She asked it I'd voted yet, I replied yes. She then asked if I'd like to say who I voted for, I declined saying that voting in elections is confidential and I share such information with no-one. She said that was fine and she understood. She then hung-up.

    01388744257 (Bishop Auckland) - View details and comments - 26
  2. Viki reported unknown with the number +4414582126006 as Unknown

    Same story as several below:
    I got a call (here in Denmark) from this number this morning. I took it because I have friends in the UK and because I have international job application pending.
    The guy on the line told me, there were problems with my computer. I asked him to repeat from which company he was calling, and he replied Microsoft Headquarters. I told him, that now I knew he was lying (I don't use windows), and he asked why? why? And I hung up.
    4 hours later a call from the same number. Now I've blocked the number.

    +4414582126006 (Glastonbury) - View details and comments - 17
  3. Clare reported Claimed to be Microsoft Tech Dept with the number 01276511788 as Harassment calls

    This number called, guy with thick Indian accent said he was Kevin from "Microsoft Technical Department" telling me there's something wrong with my computer. I said my computer had been disconnected for days and he said as I was obviously an educated woman I should know it could still communicate with him when it was turned off. After listening to the guy's scammer crap for a minute or two more I lost interest and told him to p*** off and stop talking bo***ks. He then phoned back and asked me "whether my husband had f***ed me properly last night". You've got to admit that's a new approach for Microsoft!!! Since then he's phoned back another 3 times and got either my son or my answerphone...think he's lost interest now. But beware!! These people want to scam you into giving them remote access to your computer so they can steal your passwords.

    01276511788 (Camberley) - View details and comments - 21
  4. Bliz reported Microsoft with the number 02031988079 as Harassment calls

    Another con call purporting to be from microsoft

    02031988079 (London) - View details and comments - 35
  5. fedupspark reported unknown with the number 01242513505 as Unknown

    scam guy said calling sai he wasfrom bt my router is faulty

    01242513505 (Cheltenham) - View details and comments - 23


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