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Types of call: Debt collection company(26) Unknown(10) Harassment calls(8) Aggressive advertising(1)
Name/Company: unknown(16) Akinika(4) akinika(3) IQOR(2) unknown(2) akiniks(1) t.v. lincence debt department(1) tv licensing(1) "Jane" - refiused to give surname.(1) Aknika(1) Icor(1) Akinika Debt Recovery Limited (formerly iQor Recov(1) tv licence(1) elinka(1) 01772836122(1) Aknika Debt Recovery(1) Investigator(1) Lady(1) akinikia(1) anika(1) Ankika(1) Ankinika(1) Debt agency(1) more...
Number of comments: 65 (deleted: 1)
Search requests: 57103
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 01772836122

Telephone number: 01772-836122
Owner and address: Details
City : Preston - United Kingdom

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Comments for 01772836122 (45 total, ordered by date)

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  1. gmleo reported Akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Sending texts every day, to chase a debt that I do not owe.
    I want to bring harassment charges against them, also I want to arrive to their offices and slice open their throats.
    Watch this space.

  2. Aggravated reported Investigator with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    I would like to post that although this number is Akinika a company in Preston and debt recover agent. They have a pure automated system, it is linked to TV licensing and unfortunately it is auto transfer. (Akinika do not check if the details are correct.) After 24 hours of their deadline, problem is your details are held on Akinikas system even when they delete records, phone numbers are still in the auto calls so will continue to call, I have tried all traces and no one can find my details listed on any of the systems, I pay my TV license with no problems, I believe someone who has been fed up with the aggravated persistence has now resorted to making up a number, however sometimes they "Get Lucky" I have been asked for another women a Missy ( can't remember surname) this women is using my number, but they still can not find the number on their systems. I think the system for TV and Akinika needs shutting down! Then re-setting as clearly seeing how bad the level of complaints are, and how many are effected, I think TV should think again. Somehow today again another nuisance call, which went straight to voicemail that I had switched off but auto saved, and was unable to catch the number to block. So as you can imagine this a particular problem. With the added shock at one of Akinikas employees writing back in response to the companies nuisance calling, and the sheer cheek of rudeness towards those, that clearly are law abiding regular bill payers. That it is indeed a technical problem that needs investigation and TV licensing is actually largely to blame but take no responsibility for and Akinika are of no help and shrug it off. This is a very annoying aggravating problem that is costing money, and time to those in shift doing real critical jobs that can't be continually woken up for wrong person nuisance calls...Here's another example.. A job is a job, but a call centre person with an attitude problem, is a day to day admin job, that requires no obvious amount of intelligence. However Nurse Doctor or any other vital service personal or those is in critical jobs. Where lives can be at stake, can be continually woken sometimes 3 times a day. If this person is tired and woken up, they can make mistakes! what's to say it doesn't have a bigger picture effect and someone dies as a result, trust me it is not, so far fetched. So as for the foul mouthed call person for Akinika and lured comments, I think she will be have to expect her P45 very soon. I think if there was a way to list a petition to TV licensing to have Akinika stopped until they can cure the problem. Or all write letters to the complaints and I am tempted to write in the media and have them investigated this would have a negative effect of business reputation that may cause something to be done. This seems to be a UK wide problem. I hope this was of use.

  3. stressed out reported Akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    I am getting many calls daily which I refuse to answer.I owed £2. My tv licence is now up to date and is £8 in advance but the calls continue. Its a nightmare as I am in illhealth and the calls start from 8am. This is harrassment and bullyboy tactics by tv licencing.

  4. HelenB reported Aknika Debt Recovery with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Thank goodness for call blockers!
    This company has tried to call me 40+ times in 6 days. I would call that harassment and these Muppets shouldn't be allowed to do get away with it!

  5. jones reported 01772836122 with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    Keep getting calls from this number for tv license, not only do I not live at the property this debt is for, the licence was cancelled months ago and now there still trying to chase me for it, I would also like to take these people to court, there quick enough to take your money off you but never listen when you have a problem or cancel something, the tv license company can obviously see that no one is living at the property anymore, thieves they are...

  6. Confused reported Lady with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    I keep having missed calls off this company and I understand why with me owing £12.50 but with me and my daughter being really ill over the passed few weeks haven't been able to pay as I've been in hospital having blood tests and X-Ray's and being worried the shit out off because I've found a lump...nothing has been told yet about how and what it is! And my daughter has been really ill to from high temperature to chicken pox to being in hospital because they are really bad and she won't stop screaming and crying well anyway because off that I haven't been staying in my home as I'm only 18 and I needed some family support so went and stayed in my mums? How can I explain that to these people I haven't even used my telly

  7. Donnydave reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    I have sorted my problem with Aknica by reporting them to the TV LICENCE people on 0300 790 6137, they put me directly through to them and they could not find me on their system? It seems they had got the wrong name my surname wrong christian name so took me off their system! 5 minutes later I got a call from the same number a local number and they where asking about a road traffic accident? Somehow they are putting a local dialling code onto your phone so you pick up ????

  8. CANCEL TV LICENSE reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    you dont need a TV licence if you dont watch live TV (main 5 channels as they're being aired) - stop watching these and watch catch up or plus one... this organisation is disgusting and its got to stop...cancel your payments now and stop answering their calls - nowt they can do ... but they will still call you just ignore them or put phone down - look at for more advice - DONT BE BULLIED BY THESE IDIOTS

  9. Seriously annoyed reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    Spoke to a highly unpleasant man today from this company, apparently associated with TV licensing, (which he lied about, I am presuming because of other comments) this makes it even worse, I intend to complain to my MP and I would urge others on this site to do the same. MPs really can really change things , esp if they get lots of complaints. Goodness knows how a vulnerable person would cope with this harrassment and from effectively a government dept its a disgrace

  10. sarah reported akinikia with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    absolute fools rang me today to day im in debt of £11.20 !!! i said how dare you call me.for a debt that low im not due to even pay it yet as i pay monthly and i wont be paying them ill pay tv licence itself also said i had arragment with them ...errr no i dont jog on few swear words and go chase some real debts

    Anon replied 2016-05-06 15:16:24
    You done the right thing
  11. Hybrid reported Akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Got a missed call from this company then 2 days later got a letter about missed quarterly d/d payment was going to phone them but after reading comments on here I don't think I will

  12. Anon reported Ankinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Contacted by these after 1 missed direct debit 2 weeks ago for £12.12. Why tv licensing did not inform me directly is a mystery. Totally unnecessary upset especially as my licence covers me for a further 5 months.
    No one can give an explanation, absolutely disgusted!

  13. Tony reported Ankika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    These people are actually the TV Licensing debt department don't be fooled by them. tell them you don't watch live TV also tell them not to be sending anyone to your door.

  14. angry lady reported anika with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    I got a call from this number about tv license, I explained that I had a death in the family and was grieving then got a voicemail on my mobile telling me its urgent I ring bk over £5:60 yes just a fiver, Il pay it but I'm more concerned with my 14 year old nephews death to cancer at the mo but they keep ringing so far today iv had 8 calls on landline and 3 on my mobile bloody nuisance surely its against the law to hound people?? I mean if we were to repeatedly call someone we would b arrested so why is this company different??

  15. Jackie been reported Debt agency with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Had phone call from this number today stating she was working on behalf of tv licence wanting me to clear the debt with her. I'm very suprized to has gone tk debt agency after a month with £31.50. I will be blocking number and will not pay anything to these it be direct to TV licene. As half hour later I got another call from 01772 221143 again same name she was asking for ebay debt which I don't owe any thing to very suspicious as it was both from Preston both named anika and also sounded same.

  16. Java The Hot reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    This was the TV licencing debt collecting agency, Akinika. Agressive calling. My mobile rang straight after the land line call which I didn't answer. I blocked them on my mobile, but I don't have that facility on my DECT phone. I didn't answer. I'm skint over Christmas lol, and intend to pay up on the 8th Jan when I get paid. I owe them £29.10. Surprised they sent it to a debit collection agency. I had got a letter on xmas eve from the company. Thanks for that, ;-)

  17. Cliff Minors reported Akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Aggravating, uncalled for, they need to be stopped.

  18. Hazel reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    No clue why this number is calling me, I do not owe anybody any money but they continue to call me during my working hours.

    gashlick replied 2015-07-24 19:31:42
    bloody people are pests wish the law could something about it
  19. Barry Davidson reported elinka with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Due the dwp money for loans while on jsa. I am now on disabilities and instead of transfer the debt to my current benifet like they did with my jsa at 10 pounds every fortnight they have given it to the above. And how did they get my phone number. Must of been the dwp. They should have no authority to do that.. :@

  20. L.A.W reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    called today, never left a message. If its to do with tv licencing, I pay by direct debit. so have now blocked the number

  21. Gem reported akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    I got a message with the number 0177557642 on today i don't even know why they are contacting me im under debt management.

  22. Jackie reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    You are a ray of sunshine Dave! I don't and have never owed money on my TV licence, or anywhere else. I have spoken to them and advised them that the person they are trying to contact is unknown to me and will never be constable on my telephone number, they promised to remove my number from their records. There was 3 months of peace . .. And here we go again!

  23. bambam reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Tv licence. The beauty of android phones, they get instantly rejected and into a blocked file.

  24. james.c reported t.v. lincence debt department with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    They contacted me about me being in debt with t.v. licence..i contacted t.v. licence and it was true..they normaly get passed your debt if you owe over £40 or miss so many debt was only £42

  25. Jan reported akiniks with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    Keep getting text messages says trying to get in touch with you so why don't they just call so annoying

  26. vicky reported akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    akinika debt recovery

  27. mirror vb reported akinika with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    akinika debt recovery

  28. Theresa reported tv licensing with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    They also use another number, 0172220126

  29. Android reported tv licence with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    nuisence calls pay your tv licence to avoid

    Yiddsy replied 2014-10-13 15:04:17
    Me pay my hard earned money to that corrupt peadophile organisation. Never!!
  30. kay reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    Driving me mad keep trying to answer but just hang up on me, this has been phoning me 2-3 times a day for the last 3 week's and if leave voicemail no one talks.... Getting annoyed!

    Sweet pea replied 2014-04-29 14:24:26
    They keep ring me too asking for someone else I keep telling them wrong number but just don't give up!!!
  31. iPhone reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    Keeps ring and hanging up

  32. Moss reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Harassment calls

    Don't talk to them just say no thanks!!

  33. David reported "Jane" - refiused to give surname. with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    I have had 4 or 5 calls in the last 2 or 3 days from this number. The caller does not give his or her name or a company name - except the last time, I asked the caller her name, she said "Jane" but refused to identify herself further. They ask for someone I don't know. Each time they say they won't bother me again. But they do.

  34. Sue Denim reported Akinika Debt Recovery Limited (formerly iQor Recov with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Used by TV Licensing

    akinika Debt Recovery Limited (formerly iQor Recovery Services)

    Services: Consumer Debt Collection, Business to Business Debt Collection, Court Action, Consultancy, Advice, Training, Tracing, Collector Accredited

    Voted 9 as calls came in as early as 8am and the number of them with no information e.g. letter or emails

    gappydave replied 2013-08-13 20:13:18
    yes same old tactics wish they could be prosecuted im also on twitter :)
    james.c replied 2014-07-31 15:59:17
    Yes its a debt collection company who contact you if you owe a certain amount on your t.v. lincence bill
  35. sarah reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    Ring mainly in the evening, won't identify themselves. Put phone down in ignorant manner if family members answer. I believe its due to TV licence. Wouldn't give them my time let alone money and I'm going phone TV licencing and complain.

    Dave replied 2013-10-20 00:49:42
    if you paid your tv license on time and as you are supposed to you wouldnt get the phone calls
    Saxon replied 2014-08-21 14:08:54
    Dave you're an arse wipe and probably work for these scum. Either that or a traffic warden. Go get a life
    sam replied 2014-10-23 00:18:38
    FYI Dave, when you've quite finished patronising other posters, these goons have been ringing me two or three times a day for the last few weeks about "my" TV licence even though I don't need one since MY husband has one registered at our address.. problem is they are not to listen to what I'm saying and refuse point blank to cross - check this information on their system!!!
    mick replied 2015-03-11 12:51:35
    your probably one of the paedophiles from the bbc wanting people to pay there licence fees to keep you jimmy saville worshipers out of court NONCE
    Daleslass replied 2015-07-30 19:23:09
    Balls to them. Check out you tube. A tv licence is not a law. Check the vids out on how to deal with these goons. It's an eye opener.
  36. Annoyed Andy reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    These morons keep calling me day and night and keep asking to speak to someone who isn't me.
    When I tell them that they have a wrong number and that my phone is TPS registered, they become aggressive and insistent that they have the right person..
    They have also left me voice-mails with an automated voice telling me to call an 0845 number.

    Becoming increasingly annoyed* with these people as this has been going on for over a month.
    *an understatement but since I have to 'watch my language'...

    Reported the number to ICO but they keep calling.

    Seriously considering getting a solicitor involved.

    Annoyed Curiosty replied 2015-08-18 20:16:24
    Hiya Andy, Sounds like you have had the same treatment, I have tried going through all the channels and all companies say they have no details and denied trying to contact me they also deny using 0845 numbers. I think TV Licensing need to stop the automated system as is I am being contacted for a missy something. Neither company has taken responsibly Akinika idiot recommended that perhaps I get a new number!?
  37. lady in los angeles reported Icor with the number 01772836122 as Debt collection company

    left a message on my UK mobile phone with reference to my TV licence. I have phoned back twice and all I get is Spanish music and an american/canadian voice telling me to wait. I owe no money in fact am waiting for a refund form the UK TV licensing people!

  38. ... reported IQOR with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    Their robot called.
    They dont want to identify themselves.
    Criminals. Time to close this .... .

  39. emily merriweather-gimpmash reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    Some dodgy bloke with a lancashire accent asking for my mother. He didn't identify himself and after i told him my mother would be back in five minutes the rude little man put the phone down without a thank you or a good day.

    gashlick replied 2012-10-16 11:20:10
    these people are arrogant as hell i just hang up on them
  40. Niki reported unknown with the number 01772836122 as Unknown

    They are calling my 12 year old daughter on her mobile regarding our TV license...we pay by direct debit so what are they thinking of!!

    Dave replied 2013-10-20 00:52:14
    you obviously gave her number why dont you try call them and find out why they are calling and get the number removed its not rocket science
    mick replied 2015-03-11 12:53:49
    dave you need help your now interested in 12 year olds NONCE
    Daleslass replied 2015-07-30 19:28:45
    Dave have u nowt better to do, when u get home from working for these dicks, than trolling this site to extol the virtues of your goonish company? Go out n get a life.

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Area code Preston

Tellows score for the city : 5
Area code : 01772
Postal code : -
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