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Types of call: Unknown(20) trustworthy number(8) Aggressive advertising(4) Telemarketer(3) Harassment calls(2) Cost trap(1) Survey(1)
Name / Company: Barclays (14) unknown(11) saying Barclays(1) FAKE Barclays(1) "Barclay's"???(1) Barclays Bank(1) 0800 085 2190(1) Fake Barclays(1) Barclays???(1) barclays(1) Barclays?(1) Deke Primo(1) 08000852652(1) Scam(1) ???(1) pBXobGqU(1) more...
Number of ratings: 61 (deleted: 1)
Search requests: 78409
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 08000852652

Telephone number: 080-00852652
Owner and address: Details
AreaCode: free-call service - United Kingdom

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Ratings for 08000852652

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  1. Alex reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Aggressive advertising

    This is Barclays number and you can check it by calling Barclays via Direct Call and ask in them.
    But sincerely saying I'm disappointed on how Barclays works. Below is my story:
    I was called from that number on 31st of March 2016 and the girl presented herself as person from "relationship department". She started asking me security questions like "last 2 letters of mothers name" and my "birth date". I though that this is suspicious and hang the phone. But still was a bit nervous about that - so went to Barclays Moorgate branch:
    1. I've spoken with 3 employees from branch and all of them were saying that this is fraud rent attempt and I should never tell my details like that. But I still was picky and asked to check my account and report this number in their system. In the end consultant in the Branch said that I should call Barclays via "Direct Call" from my mobile banking because the don't have enough data to do that in Brach.
    2. So I've clicked "Direct Call" from my mobile banking and reported same info about suspicious call. The said that this is VALID BARCLAYS NUMBER and redirected me to same "relationship" department and same girl that was asking me security questions in the morning. She didn't ask me those questions anymore (because I called them via Mobile Banking) and started offering different Barclays crap like "saving account" and "blue rewards". I asked her why she were asking security details in the morning - she told that there is no guarantee that my phone is not stolen and they need to ask some questions to make sure that I'm a valid account holder.
    To sum up: I've spent an hour dealing with that. People in Barclays have no idea how other departments work. The behave like typical scammers and you never know whether Barclays or some scammer is calling you. I will always use only "Direct Call" via mobile banking. This number is a Valid Barclays Number. Hope this helps

  2. doggy reported saying Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Telemarketer

    Saying they are Barclays marketing. Then wanting me to confirm my security details. But when i wouldn't they couldn't give me any info about the product and put the phone down on me.....
    just saying i wouldn't trust this number.

  3. Rebehecca reported unknown with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    It really IS a genuine Barclays number

    Spot! replied 2016-03-22 07:12:06
    This is not a genuine Barclays Bank number. You are being conned!Had a call from them today about the app on my phone. Barclays have no listing for it!
    JoJo replied 2016-05-23 16:05:05
    Spot! Simply run the number on Barclays own website phone number checker and it comes up with a notice saying "This is a genuine Barclays number".
  4. Cat reported number 08000852652 as FAKE Barclays

    This number called saying they were Barclays and asking for details of my security questions so we could discuss "at to day activity" on my account. I refused and called the Barclays fraud department, they confirmed that this is not a legitimate Barclays number and is definitely a scam caller. Don't believe anyone who tells you it's legitimate, Barclays themselves have confirmed it as otherwise and have taken my report on board.

  5. Jane reported number 08000852652 as "Barclay's"???

    SCAM - INSECURE WEBSITE ON PHONE CHECK! Had a call this evening and the man said that the call was about "my mortgage." When I asked him what mortgage, he said that it was just mortgage advice. I told him that it seemed suspicious and that I would need to check his number. He told me to check it on the Barclay's number check website, which I did. That told me it was a genuine number, BUT...THAT WEBSITE IS NOT HTTPS (i.e. it's NOT a SECURE website.) No bank would have a website that is not secure! Therefore, I believe it to be a SCAM! Just because there's a website claiming to be a Barclay's site, if it's not secure (HTTPS) it's not going to be Barclay's! Be very careful!

  6. LEH reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    this number wrang me today and if you enter the number into the barclays number checker it does say that it is a genuine number for Barclays.

  7. Vish reported number 08000852652 as Barclays Bank

    Had a call late evening and the bird says it's from Barclays to discuss the features of my account. Confirmed last two letter of my mother's maiden and date of birth which i did reluctantly. After a while i grew suspicious because i was put on hold. In the mean time i google the number and i grew suspicious based on the information i was reading from this blog. I started asking her details from my account and payments ive made. She got it wrong and i politely told her im going to end up the call. However, after reporting to Barclays, Ive been told this is a GENUINE BARCLAYS NUMBER and shouldnt be worried.

  8. Meh reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Telemarketer

    Whilst I didn't answer the call, I did search on the Barclays website and it is a genuine Barclays number. Go onto the Barclays website yourself, Look under security, look for the number checker option and enter the number 08000852652 as has been reported and it will tell you it is a genuine Barclays number.

    Whilst its annoying as its a telemarketer from Barclays, it is not a scam. No I don't work for Barclays, but stop being sheep and do your research ffs

  9. Lachie1591 reported number 08000852652 as 0800 085 2190

    If it's Barclays as they are stating above I don't have a Barclays account why cold call me about a banking service I don't have.

  10. Fuketsuna reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    Fake number, thay call me about my business and start to ask details of my account. Barclays does not do that, that already know your account and your business

  11. Billo reported unknown with the number 08000852652 as Cost trap

    Longheads. Fraudulent. Blocked.

  12. cpye reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Telemarketer

    Just had a call , trying to tell me about a new feature on the APP, then asked for a few security questions, i refused, put the phone down , he rang back.. i explained you dont need me to tell you my details... unfortunately an OAP would fall for this scam :(...

  13. Damien reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    Not Barclays, they asked the wrong security questions. It is a 'fake' Barclays.

  14. No Way, don't believe reported Fake Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Harassment calls

    They PRETEND to be Barclays. They're I think based in the Philippines (another commenter below estimates the same).

    Said "we've had some improvements on the Barclays mobile App that will be of interest to you. Please before we commence, confirm your date of birth".

    I hung up immediately. They called back and I let it ring out. No voicemail left.

    1000% a scam. They need to
    Be caught quickly!

  15. Steve reported number 08000852652 as Barclays???

    I was called yesterday from the number, a woman saying she was from Barclays to tell me about a new feature of the mobile app. She then wanted to check my details - asking for my birthday or numbers from my account. I refused and she said she was unable to tell me this 'new exciting news'. I pointed out that if this was to tell me me some new benefits, she didn't need my personal info. She still refused to tell me, and said I should go to my local branch to get the news. She hung up abruptly. I checked the number on the Barclays website and it said it was a genuine Barclays number. I rang Barclays and explained what had happened. The chap there said it was a genuine Barclays number and said he would ring it to see what was happening. He did ring the number but just got an answerphone - which he said shouldn't happen. He recommended that if I get another call from them that I should NOT give them any information.

  16. Mouse reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    I received a call (call centre, non-uk accent) from 08000852652 purporting to be from "Barclays Premier", - he claimed to be following up an email (which was incorrect) and started to ask for my details - No Way!!!
    It's true 08000852652 IS a Barclays number (I looked up Barclays Premier and phoned them)BUT remember a scammer can make the number appearing on your phone any number they choose so spoofing a "real"number is an obvious and easy thing for a scammer to do.
    Don't be fooled by internet links either!
    NEVER give any sensitive information to a cold-caller.

  17. Zorbette reported unknown with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    Just called the 0345 734 5345 number and the confirmed that it is a genuine Barclays call. Apparently it's the marketing department 0800 085 2653 updating customers on new mobile app features, eg standing orders, new payees, etc.

  18. 1972 reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    This call is from Barclays and can be verified here:

  19. Kiki reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    This *is* Barclays, called through to customer services from the app, so no way for that to be diverted. Also checked the number on Barclays site and this confirms it to be legit (user below missed a '0'; its an 08000 number, not 0800. That said, it is advertising for app features, so legit, but non-urgent.

    Wendy replied 2015-12-21 19:50:46
    I've just had a call from this number and rang Barclays via the app and been told it is definitely not a legitimate call! It is a scam!
  20. kittymc reported number 08000852652 as Barclays

    When checked on the Barclays website number checker its confirmed as a valid Barclays number.

  21. Untrus reported number 08000852652 as Barclays

    Telephone number checker
    Barclays numbers
    The Fraud team
    If we ever see any unusual activity on your account, we’ll contact you. We may send you an SMS Fraud Alert, call you using our automated telephone service or one of our Fraud Team will be in touch.

    Check a telephone number
    Use our telephone number checker to ensure the number you’ve been given is a genuine Barclays Fraud Department number. You can also check the short code for an SMS fraud alert is one that we use.
    The number you provided: 0800852652 does not match a genuine Barclays Fraud Department phone number. Please check the number you have entered is correct, as this is not a recognised Barclays Fraud Department phone number. If you are sure you have entered the correct number, then please call us on 0345 734 5345.
    Check another number

    Important information
    1. Lines are open 7am-11pm, 7 days a week. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges

    Loubyhall replied 2015-10-30 11:38:48
    We've just called Barclays directly - it IS the fraud team.
  22. NSS reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    I think it is definitely a scam. Dont give your details. Got a call asking me for personal details I refused to give them. The caller had an accent and sounded like they were calling from abroad. Dont trust them. Put the phone down.

  23. Tami reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    Barclays called me to advise me of the new chat feature on the banking app.
    He gave me all my card number previous and current, and also 2 random numbers from my sort code of my choosing!
    He only asked for my date of birth and 2 random letters from my mothers maiden name for security.
    I calls Barclays straight after and they confirmed this is a legitimate call

    Angie replied 2015-10-08 14:27:00
    No it isn't
    Nicky replied 2015-10-20 20:32:34
    Your card numbers can be obtained from anywhere. Think of all the online sites you buy from that have been hacked over the years. One thing that genuine banks calling YOU will never ask you is your security details.
    Now not only do they have your card details, they now have an idea of your passwords etc to gain access to your money. I would change them pronto if I were you.
  24. iain aitken reported barclays with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    Barclays informing of new love chat feature.

    Sill how you have to answer security but that's life.

    Think I might start asking them for part if my account number as a safety check.

  25. Robert reported number 08000852652 as Barclays

    I just had a call from this number asking for my post code . She said there was a new feature to my account . I never told her my post code and put the phone down . Then just rang my bank and they don't know any think about it .

    Spot! replied 2016-03-22 07:25:34
    Barclays Bank replied:
    Phone number checker

    Put any phone number into the checker, and it’ll confirm whether or not it’s a genuine Barclays number.

    Please make sure you enter the number correctly and in full – you may need to remove the country code.

    The checker can be used to check any number you find on the Barclays website or elsewhere – for example, it may have been sent to you via text message. If the number is not recognised, please don’t call it or accept calls from it.

     No this isn't a genuine Barclays number

    0800052652 doesn't match with a current Barclays phone number. Please check the number you've entered is correct. If you're sure it's the right number, call us on 0345 734 5345.

    These guys are using sites like this to re-assure people that they are Genuine...They are not! They are even using a false number checker site the one above or this one:

    Looks the same as this one: (Genuine)

  26. Dukhinda reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    This number called me today, I did not answer because of unsolicited calls. The caller did neither identify themselves or leave a message.
    Very suspicious

  27. Boom reported Barclays? with the number 08000852652 as Survey

    This number called me today, they asked for my mother's maiden name and my postcode, which I would have thought Barclays would already have. I answered them both incorrectly and they just carried on talking about their new app anyway. This means it was either a false call or a terrible Barclays department.

    I told them I wouldn't use the app anyway and they were a bit stumped and had nothing else to say. Very odd.

  28. Lyndsay reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    I just got a call from this number, it was a man with a scouse accent saying it was a courtesy call from Barclays. I asked them if they would mind calling me back later and then I called Barclays to check the legitimacy of the number. Barclays Customer Services (0345 734 5345) confirmed that it is indeed one of their numbers and that there was no need to worry.

  29. Jaggergal reported number 08000852652 as Barclays

    Genuine call from Barclays Business Banking

  30. Deke primo reported Deke Primo with the number 08000852652 as Aggressive advertising

    Deke Primo

  31. Jules reported number 08000852652 as 08000852652

    A mixed reaction to what is here but I didn't answser the call as my phone was on silent - to be on the safe side I won't be calling back.

    I do bank with Barclays but that doesn't mean this is a legit call.

    Not barclays!! replied 2015-09-28 15:47:13
    Scam i have just called bank, its not barlcays, dont believe comments on here saying it is, there probably behind the scam people commenting and saying it is barclays! Hang up
  32. hils reported unknown with the number 08000852652 as trustworthy number

    It is a genuine Barclays number used for enquiries relating to possible fraud and also for marketing.

    Its not barclays replied 2015-09-28 15:43:40
    I have just spoke to barclays and it is definately not barclays! Are you behind the scam!
  33. Rocket Master reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Harassment calls

    I get called from this number a few times. I am sure one was a Fraud prevention call But another time, It was to bollock me for going over dr
    awn on my account. So I got a £20 fine. Spoke to me like I was a 5 year old and suggsted I use my Barclay card to cover any short fall at the end of the month!! F*** U Barclays

  34. 8thtimesacharm reported Barclays with the number 08000852652 as Aggressive advertising

    From Barclays, I have no connection to them so they are either cold calling (illegal if the message is automated as mine were), or they have gotten my number from someone, in which case, I'd like to know where!

  35. Mac reported number 08000852652 as Barclays

    Got a call from this number. Some Scouse scamster.

  36. Kris reported number 08000852652 as ???

    I was getting call from this number many times, always in the moment I answered there was a silent on the other end for a second and other side dropped the call. Now I have this number blocked.

  37. RJG reported number 08000852652 as unknown

    Scam! Contacted Barclays and it is not one of their numbers. Been passed on to the Fraud Department

  38. edvbqi reported pBXobGqU with the number 08000852652 as Aggressive advertising


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