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Types of call: Telemarketer(34) Unknown(28) Harassment calls(16) trustworthy number(3) Aggressive advertising(2) Sweepstakes, lottery(1) Cost trap(1)
Name/Company: unknown(47) Unknown(4) T-Mobile(3) t mobile(2) ee(2) EE(2) 01462439891(2) Tmobile(1) N/K(1) marketing(1) EE, T-Mobile(1) unknown 01462 439891(1) T MOBILE(1) telmarket-tmobile(1) tmobile(1) Purported T Mobile(1) 01462 439891(1) ?(1) PPI Refund(1) EE Hitchen(1) 01462 439891 Hitchin, England(1) T-mobile agent(1) T mobile(1) Insurance company(1) Allegedly EE(1) EE.(1) Stepchange Outsourcing(1) 01462-439890(1) "EE"(1) marketing company(1) more...
Number of comments: 99 (deleted: 3)
Search requests: 196128
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 01462439891

Telephone number: 01462-439891
Owner and address: Details
City : Hitchin - United Kingdom

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Comments for 01462439891 (85 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Sam Smith reported Stepchange Outsourcing with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. They are a bunch of fraudulent CON-ARTISTS that try to sell you cheap knock off EE phone contracts, making you spend more on your current contract. They make you think you are getting a 'better deal' or 'saving money' for friends and family. I have done some extensive research on this company, they trade under STEPCHANGE OUTSOURCING, but the official company name is MAD BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (speaks for itself) who work on behalf of EE to outsource their service and products. The company is run by 2 men. The first is GWYN JONES, and the second is DECLAN SHILTON. Now, if you haven't heard of DECLAN SHILTON, he is the guy who tried to CON the 3 mobile network before they became popular by offering CASHBACK DEALS, but never paid any cash out. He was in NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS and has appeared on various sites with many people advising to AVOID him and any company he is associated with LIKE THE PLAGUE. Everything he owns, and everything he has done has been out of FRAUD. He even has his WIFE on the companies books as a SALES AGENT. This company do anything they can to avoid paying the correct taxes and obtaining the correct licences to run. This company should be shut down. If you want an additional phone line on your contract, call EE directly or go into the shop. Don't give your money to this fraudulent company.

    James replied 2016-05-14 11:48:57
    Thanks I agree
    Aaron replied 2016-05-27 12:18:38
    If they didn't have the correct licences they couldn't sell items for EE - This number is on the direct EE Website
  2. Norman Driver reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Knobs all of them - just knobs! Hate cold callers more than I hate the new Star Wars films. Knobs all of them... ...knobs I say!

    Han Solo replied 2016-12-14 17:11:44
    Hey, WTF is wrong with our new film?
  3. Reno reported T mobile with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Lady calling from T mobile, trying to sell contracts. I got no clue why, cause I updated my contract not long ago. At the end she said I could press 1 to be removed from their list. So I did.

    123 replied 2013-01-17 19:55:31
    So have you had any more calls from them now they have supposedly removed you from their list? As i dont want to waste time and money if they are just going to keep calling. Im aware its tmobile etc but know full well some of these sales calls are scams that border on verbal harassment.
  4. busy at work reported 01462439891 with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    just got a call from this number, answered because it is a local number, but no one spoke. Then I googled the number and found this forum.
    They are disturbing me at work, I hope these people step on a lego!

  5. Kim Kum Ill reported EE with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    EE trying to get me to get another phone with a free tablet and a £1000 Kwik Save voucher. Told her I wasn't interested as I only used my smartphone for the flashlight app as it's cheaper than buying new batteries for my other torch which is yellow plastic and was 99cents from Hong Kong.

  6. B.Mac reported T-mobile agent with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    This is a third party marketing company who call on behalf of ALL mobile providers (T-mobile, Orange, Vodafone, O2 etc) In my case it was T-mobile and I phoned 150 from my mobile and requested my PAC number from their retentions department, intimating that I was leaving them. After some nonsense from them I pointed out that the number 01462 439891 was on their web site as an authorised service partner I was told that the issue would be looked into and I would get a call back. Within 2 minutes I received a call back to tell me that it was a company called "Chit Chat" and that T-mobile would contact them directly to get my details removed from their data base which would take about 5 days.

    Nosey parker replied 2015-05-30 12:04:44
    On the ee site this is listed as one of their direct partners and it's a debt advice 'charity'. Totally fed up with unsolicited calls......I'm going flipping crazy...are high!
  7. MHM reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    This number calls me every day, sometimes two or three times a day. When I answered to find out who it was there was no one there. This is not selling or marketing, it's harassment.

    Purplediva replied 2016-02-25 16:46:02
    It's a recorded PPI message
  8. Paul Harris reported EE with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    My mum received a call from this number. The agents name was James Noble and she said she was pushed into a corner and sold an Ipad. She doesn't know what an iPad is and made this clear. ALL of her calls on her phone are recorded as i installed an app to prevent fraudulent telephone calls. He was extremely pushy and didn't take no for an answer. The background noise is that of a packed football stadium. I am returning the Ipad as soon as it arrives and am taking legal action against EE or the agent James Noble. My mum is an elderly lady and its clear in the call she did not know what she was buying and he pushed and pushed until she couldn't say no. DO NOT buy from this number.

    I have contacted EE and it is a legitimate sales number (god knows how)

    Once my mums contract has ended we are all leaving EE and i hope the justice system will get this scandalous company or agent shut down.

  9. Jess reported 01462 439891 Hitchin, England with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    I'm guessing it was telemarketing. Thing is, it was that noisy in the background it sounded like she was calling in the middle of a packed out football stadium during the FA cup final. That and the fact that the woman could hardly speak properly. She was English, but her thick accident made her not understandable. Wish they'd all naff off now it's driving me crazy.

  10. Avril reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    No idea who this was and didn't answer. So glad I didn't having read these comments. Blocked.

  11. Keely reported EE Hitchen with the number 01462439891 as Aggressive advertising

    I've spoke to EE about this because I have between 6 and 7 calls a day and the more I ignore the more they call. EE will not contact you directly to sell you new contracts, it is a plan for the future but they don't at the moment. The reason I contacted EE and found this out is because this number was trying to get me to upgrade and wanted £100 to upgrade to an iPhone 6, being an EE customer for 4 years and a T-Mobile customer for 13 years prior I have never paid for an upgrade and wasn't about to start doing so, I kindly declined the offer. Speak to your contract provider because they can help put a stop to this

  12. Paul reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Sweepstakes, lottery

    These pain in the ass people have now called me "5" times in about 6 hours!! I called them back and told them I wasn't interested and to take me off their phone list and not to call me again. About 10 minutes later they called me again!! You could almost call it stalking!!!

  13. unknown reported ee with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer This is the fraudulent s**m bag who pressure sold my disabled son a iPad he told the agent on the phone that he was not the account holder and that i (his father) was. My son is really distraught because of this as he thinks he has done wrong when he has not, this horrible guy has. PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THIS GUY!

  14. iPhone reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    Read other people's remarks so avoid like the plague unless you have a better answer

  15. iPhone reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Tell them to F--- O--!!!!

  16. Andine reported 01462439891 with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Just received a call from this number, I answered as the number showed up and silence. Eventually a recorded woman's voice said you missed a call from EE and they would try again. I get beyond angry when I get unsolicited sales calls on my personal phone so I blocked the number. Where did they get it from?

  17. Renee reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Sick of this number calling how do you block it.

  18. Filwithaph reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Called me in work. Answered but there was no one on the other end.

  19. Chae reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Keep calling me won't stop harrasding me

    Karen Thoman replied 2016-10-17 16:42:02
    Shut up
  20. Jonny reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    Telemarketing call

  21. Loops38 reported Insurance company with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Trying to get me to make a car insurance claim, won't y take no for an answer and told me I will keep getting calls about this. Rude and pushy.

  22. Jehuty reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Tried to get me to disclose my EE password... and apparently they can see it on their screen, which is made even more impressive as I do not have an account with EE. My confidence was boosted even more when I heard a football game playing in the background... think it might of been Arsenal playing, avoid for that reason alone! Would avoid them, unless you want to wind someone up for shiggles. DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING!

  23. Eddie reported Unknown with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Fed up of arassment

    BOGDAN replied 2017-02-20 19:01:51
    Just answer and speak another language till they hang up! if they call again say the same thing again: gs sdfs mahau micau maca caca pepeeee jubu jeebee
  24. sebuk reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    EE telemarketer

  25. JohnnyW reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Lady called saying she was from EE (my service provider and knew my surname). She said I was going to be rewarded for being a loyal customer, but then asked me how much my previous month's bill was. I told her I couldn't remember, and asked why she couldn't tell me. She mentioned something about security. I gave her a rough estimate.

    Then she asked how I paid for my bill. I asked, if she was really from EE then she should know this. She said these were security questions as there's no password on the account (a nice tricky lie!).

    How these could be considered "security questions" beggars common sense. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to lie and listen to her say, "Yes, that's fine. We've verified your account." Only to then call her out.

  26. Dave Conner reported Allegedly EE with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Said they where from EE, wanted me to confirm my security details, I asked them too confirm that they where EE, they said they couldn't as they couldn't show me their credentials, I asked them to tell me who I am and to tell me what letter my password began with to give me a hint! They couldn't even tell me my name, I asked for theirs, they muttered something and hung up! Now added their number to the hundreds of blocked cold callers I have on my mobile, this should be illegal! If I wanted a new phone I would go into the shops or go on the net! Grrrrr! :-)

  27. noneurbusiness reported "EE" with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    Had several calls that I let ring out. Only answered so they'd stop calling.
    Guy, said he was a representative of EE offering me deals. Lot of noise in the background, he got interrupted by something chiming very loudly. Listened to his spiel and politely explained I wasn't interested and took it well, until I mentioned that I couldn't afford one of the products he was offering that I was actually interested in and he rather rudely told me I should get a better paid job.
    Made several other comments about me that I was not comfortable with.

  28. domino reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Ok, so they're ringing on behalf of Ee, number is on ee's site listed as a partner. He asked me to confirm security details, I asked him to confirm he was ee. He could only do that after confirming my details. I told him to ring back later in the week after I'd had chance to check out the number was indeed ee. If they ring back I will be starting the convesation with "you're not ee, you're an outsourced company aren't you?" and then asking who they are.

    Will update again if I catch their next phonecall.

  29. nicola reported 01462-439890 with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    I am frequently getting calls on my mobile from this number,and have been for a few weeks. The phone only rings for about 3 or 4 rings and then hangs up, leaving no message on my answerphone.

  30. Becky reported PPI Refund with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    I had a call and it was an automated message. Some thing along the lines of 'we have been trying to contact you to process you PPI refund'

    I have never had PPI! Where do they get your number??

  31. iPhone reported EE. with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    Didn't answer.

  32. iPhone reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Harassment calls

    This is EE trying to you something. I'm with EE if I want extras I'll call you.

  33. 01462 439891 reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    Had a call from EE, terrible line & background noise. Valued customer blah blah blah tried to sell me home broadband, ipad and new mobile for mother!!

    Pleasant & friendly caller and seemed legitimate but number now blocked.

  34. Susan Stephenson reported marketing company with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    This number calls me multiple times a day, the caller tries to sell me a mobile telephone contract at a discounted rate,

    I have asked many times for my telephone number to be removed from there calling lists but to no avail

  35. nogatrh reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    they called me and asked to confirm that my name was ***** i said yes. even tho i changed my name on the account when i got married last year. Then she asked me to confirm my payment wither Direct Debit or any other way. i said DD and she said great then i corrected her that i have never paid DD to EE for 3 years now so she was a fraud.

  36. philly reported t mobile with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    annoying to say the least

  37. Lee G reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Aggressive advertising

    They are annoying but they seem legitimate, I phoned them back after about half a dozen calls from them. The caller had my contract details and was looking to sell me a cheap second line for a family member,or get me to switch to their broadband etc.
    Frustrating and harrassing but not as far as I could tell a scam/fraud etc.

  38. Jabawooky reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    Lots of background noise, said they were from EE and I was entitled to exclusive deals etc when I would give any of my details he said "is because you don't trust this no?" and immediately hung up on me.

  39. Annoyed reported unknown with the number 01462439891 as Telemarketer

    claim to be EE offering discounts on additions to my contract. Got very shirty when I asked them to confirm they were EE. Hung up and blocked. Another telemarketing scumbag.

    Lewis replied 2014-12-16 19:08:32
    It is EE, you nonce.
  40. Mike reported telmarket-tmobile with the number 01462439891 as Unknown

    i had them calling me many times, what i did just answer and let it drains their money looool

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Area code Hitchin

Tellows score for the city : 5
Area code : 01462
Postal code : -
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