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08435070707 of premium rate service

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Name / Company: Sapphire (6) unknown (12) sapphire magazine (2) Sapphire Magazine (2) Lifestyle choises (1) free moments (1) sapphire (1) Sapphire Mag (1) sapphire mag (1) saphireu5u2b (1) Man/lady (1) Sapphire Mag/ Stuart (1) Lololo (1) more...
Types of call: Cost trap more...
Ratings: 63 (deleted: 1)
Assessment: untrustworthy (tellows Score 7)
annoying call, pay attention to the comments

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Area Code: premium rate service - United Kingdom
Telephone number: 0843-5070707
International: Phone number +448435070707 from premium rate service tagged as Cost trap 11 times. +448435070707
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Ratings for 08435070707

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  1. Dave reported Sapphire with the number +448435070707 as Cost trap

    This company uses various names. Takes money from your bank account without permission, using debit card details supplied upon joining.It does not pay monies related to petrol coupons in my case £50.It is either badly run or is a scam.Because of my experiences I believe it to be the latter..

  2. Rebecca reported Lifestyle choises with the number 08435070707 as Survey


    I want to cancel my 14 day thing but cant get through and have also emailed. I have cancelled all my cards and do not want any part in it. Please help anybody?

  3. david reported free moments with the number +448435070707 as Harassment calls

    This company also goes by the name of free moments motor pal and me time leisure my partner had phone calls from motor pal free moments and me time lessure yes my partner did a survey the may the people spoke to her was shocking when ever we get numbers that look look sales calls we put the phone on speaker phone and record the calls. All 3 companies who spoke to my partner one lady told her she had to take free moments and also had to provide her bank details because they did the survey. My partner told the girl she would not be giving her bank details the girl then started to argue with my partner the girl then swore at my partner saying Thank you for wasting my fucking time. The other two companies the people who spoke to my partner seemed very friendly until my partner said she would not joining anything or giving out bank details a young man from motor pal said fuck you while hanging up and the young girl from me time leisure said just say yes and I will leave you alone . I think all this has come about because we signed up to shappire which was a nightmare looks like the these companies are being run by the same person. Because when my partner asked where they were calling from they all said cardiff. The calls that we have recored we have taken them to trading standards also along with the phone numbers. If any of these companies call you do not speak to them just put the phone down its all a scam

    ME-TIME LEISURE LTD replied 2015-06-30 12:28:16
    Please pass on any info to the police. Someone is using my company name without my knowledge. No-one from ME-TIME LEISURE will call regarding payments or a survey. I am a 1 person company. I do not make cold calls, take card payments or direct debit payments. If you have had money taken from your account contact your bank immediately
  4. Jackyboy reported unknown with the number 08435070707 as Survey

    I've just fallen for Sapphires dirty tricks, but then decided I'd been stupid giving my details over phone so phoned bank explained what had happened and they are issuing me with new card with different number, so hopefully they won't get any money out of me apart for the initial £1 donation

  5. Moaty55 reported Sapphire with the number +448435070707 as Cost trap

    Calling Sapphire on this number is a cost trap. You hold on for several minutes whilst an automated message chips on and on @ 15p a minute and then when it is answered and you state that you are chasing payment their standard response is that the cheque to settle the Voucher claim will be posted next Monday. This has happened to me on a total of 7 times now. I've received 2 payments of £20 and £50 but I've still not got back my £79.99 fee plus being charged around £15 in phones calls. Now I've been chasing payment of £110 from them since last August and the number rings for around 10 minutes unanswered and then you are cut off. But I have located a Freephone number that was answered after a few minutes when I first used it 8006696480 but and it does only connect to the Automated Voice Service and this also cuts off unanswered after 10 minutes frustrating but at least it's only costing you time as opposed to money for the call as well.

  6. Kaur reported unknown with the number +448435070707 as trustworthy number

    Signed up £1.00 and later 79.99 was taken out which I was surprise. Rang the company to refund were I did not sign up for anything but was told u have 14 days to cancel and could not refune. They also had not posted no vouchers worth 79.99, twice and third time but still anything. Now have taken legal advice and working towards getting money back or my vouchers.
    This company is a fraud and have leaned next the to be more carefully.

  7. gord reported unknown with the number +448435070707 as Harassment calls

    I too have received exactly the same pressurised unsolicited call. The lady was insistent even thought I repeatedly told her I wasn't,t interested. She kept insisting I gave her the long number on my debit card. When I refused she becamecquite rude, thanked me for wasting her time and hung up. I have reported this call to Action Fraud, and suggest every one else does.

    sapphirejoe replied 2015-01-24 01:11:15
    Tell evryone you know
    I am an ex employee of the company promotional media services ltd
    I left because i did not agree with what they were doing.
    Sapphire mag offers a money saving opportunity however, if you do not cancle within 14 days you are automaticly charged.
    The company sells around 500 A DAY and has only 3 staff members handling cancelations.
    The details for cancelation are only given in the welcome pack but a high percentage of these do not reach the customer.
    There are also other products.
    'My medicine cabinet' offers savings on medical bills even though we have an NHS system and so you are paying for nothing.
    'Motorpal', with this you are paying a monthly cost basicly so that pmedias can ring a mechanic for you if you break down, tou still have to call pmedias to tell them and so this makes it yet again, a scam and pointless service.
    This company targets the elderly and desperate.
    Spread the word.
  8. anjiw reported sapphire with the number +448435070707 as Cost trap

    I'm so glad i Googled the number while talking to this lovely lady, yes all fair and well it might a great deal and for a worthy cause but I'm already giving to my own choice of charity so was not prepared to risk 79.99 being taken from my account should i miss the cut off point or they take it earlier than stated. I thanked her for her time but explained I was not giving any card details over the phone and that was that.

    Thank you all for taking the time to write these comments life's enough of a struggle with a disabled child as it is.

    Best regards

  9. Parkinson1 reported Sapphire with the number 08435070707 as Cost trap

    I HAVE NEVER FALLEN FOR ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE – HERE’S HOW THEY GET YOU. I had a concern about this before I signed up, but believed (correctly) that if you are a victim of fraud or theft from your account, a bank will return your money to you and chase the culprit. This is true within reason; the issue here is that this is not technically fraud. I believed the story that if you cancel before your billing date/trial period ends, you will not be charged, and if they charged you anyway, that would be a type of theft – my bank would reimburse me as above. How else would you ever be able to take a trial of a good/subscription with confidence?
    There is however a loophole that I didn’t foresee, that goes against common sense: it’s perfectly legal for a company to take money from your account at ANY point before your billing date.
    I cancelled within a few days of my billing date/end of trial period – as I have done before with legitimate companies with no issue whatsoever. I then found they had taken the money from my account several days prior. I asked for a refund immediately to which I was told I would have to wait 14 days due to their systems – a lie. Research followed where I found post like these.
    I contacted my bank to be told it was neither fraud nor theft due to this loophole. It would only become illegal if the money wasn’t returned by the 14 days, at which point I could take the company to the small claims court. These companies survive on the fact that most people will not bother for the sake of £80 and admitting falling for this would be embarrassing.
    Following much bombarding, they said they would refund me the next day – this repeated three times with no refund with various excuses – all lies.
    What the bank then told me was that if I received a written document/email from Sapphire with the amount of money and the date the company says it will refund me, if they then do not then give the refund (as my above experience and hundreds of posts like these suggest happens) the bank WILL refund you as ‘a refund not received’ and chase the company to recover what is now the banks money.
    After spending several days bombarding the company with calls on a free phone number I found online and have seen in other posts (only getting the same three people, and no manager – who apparently spends her whole life in meetings), keeping them on the phone till way past their finish time, and calling first thing in the morning – two of us at the same time – and repeating all day, every day - just redialing on speakerphone at my desk, I finally got an email saying they would refund the money to me on a set date.
    The day after I finally received my refund, proving what they said about a system delay is a lie.
    So in summary, bombard with calls as much as you practically can and GET AN EMAIL STATING THEY WILL REFUND YOU £80 WITH A SET DATE, ideally the next day. They CAN do this, so don’t take no for an answer.
    Any further Q’s, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer. I intend to take this company down bit by bit to stop them causing the stress and pain they cause to so many people.

    Salakhin Wolfe replied 2015-01-20 16:42:10
    i have just received phone calls from Sapphire explaining about the fuel vouchers then after their long diatribe were insistent in trying to obtain money via my debit/credit card. immediately alarm bells rang and declined the opportunity after speaking with my partner, however the bloke would not take no for an answer so i hung up. within a nanosecond the same guy called back this time my partner who is a retired officer gave him short shrift. after reading this post i feel this company is a worthy contender for Rogue Traders in the next series of Watchdog, or at least the company name should be nationally disseminated through this medium so as to warn people not to accept their offer.
    Laiya replied 2015-07-06 18:06:17
    Hi, I have also been scammed :(. What is the e-mail address to cancel the 'subscription'? I have still not received any vouchers so no details. I feel so stupid.
    Mary replied 2015-07-20 17:03:32
    Hi, I am looking into this as a possible programme idea for our next series and I am keen to try and speak to as many people who have had experience of this to see whether this is something we can look into. The company says its based in Wales. Would be looking to speak to any people living in Wales who have experience of this scam? Would you be happy to have a chat and maybe we can arrange to speak over the phone? Thanks
    Parkinson1 replied 2015-07-21 14:21:58
    Hi Mary. I'm not from Wales but am happy to have a chat about this. What series are you talking about?
    Hrh77 replied 2015-09-21 11:27:40
    Mary I too seem to have been duped by this & although not in Wales I would be interested in speaking to someone about this. it was lifestyle choices. Parkinson thanks for the links. My bank have advised me to get an email...they stop trading standards!!
    Parkinson replied 2015-09-21 12:23:24
    hrh77 - They at first refused to give me an email saying i would get a refund - but after clogging their phone lines for a few hours over a coupel of days i finally got one. dont give up.
  10. Parkinson reported Sapphire Mag with the number +448435070707 as Cost trap

    Oh and to all who think that this company may be legitimate or just have a few dissatisfied customers who have misunderstood small print - please see below links







  11. Michael reported Sapphire with the number +448435070707 as Survey

    I dont see the problem you lot are going through as i'm an employee for the company we state very clearly over the phone "as for taking part in the survey sapphire are offering you £20's worth of fuel CASHBACK! Vouchers, we also clearly state you have a 14 day no obligation trial... If its not for tou give us a quick call on 08435070707 (customer services) we also say if you dont receive your pavk between 3-5 working days hive us a call we'll send a new pack out with a latertrial period. Plus we state 3 different ways to opt out. U can call send the return slip in your pack back to us in the post.. Adress... Unit g4 capital buisness park Cardiff post code CF3 2PY also email @ [email protected] you lot clearly took no information told to you over the phone as we state you have a claim against us for charging you while the trial period is still valid. Look just listen you ill minded people and maybe you wont get charged ..... Simple as thanks :)

    wodo replied 2015-01-19 18:52:13
    Maybe you could get a proper job instead of scamming people hard earned people are 50 fathoms lower than shark shit.
    Parkinson replied 2015-01-20 08:51:48
    I agree with Wodo - if u do work for this company you'll be one of 3 people, as that's only people who answer the phone.
    in 'customer service' you tell people they wont get their money back for over 14 days - even though takes you 3 days to take it. You take it before the trial period is even up - now even if someone wanted to take the subscription, you shouldn't do that as no one will have budgeted for it and you will be leaving people short - sometimes vulnerable people. you're all rude to people, wont send out refund confirmations, respond to complaints or even have a manager to report to. no truly what you're doing is exploiting a loophole in the law that allows you to take money during a trial period legitimately. But to take £80 without warning from someone's account and then to say well you cant have it back for over 2 weeks or never return it and continue to take money - Pretty scummy to me. I imagine none of you went to school had any upbringing or morals as if you did you would know that is wrong.
  12. Bob reported unknown with the number +448435070707 as trustworthy number

    This is the website for Sapphire Magazine, it is not a scam they state in their pitch that if you do not cancel within 14 days you will be charged the full amount of the magazine which is 79.99. You pay £1 over the phone and receive £20 worth of fuel and get more if you take out the rest of the magazine subscription. They also donate money to cancer charities. To me all of the comments on here just show how little people listen when speaking on the phone.

    Wodo replied 2015-01-19 18:53:40
    or maybe it shows that people aren't as stupid as you think they are.
    Jane replied 2015-02-02 23:51:08
    Wodo it actually shows that people are more stupid, if u don't want to be charged £80 then maybe listening to the person your handing your card details over to would be a good start, it's not exactly rocket science, there are loads of products out there that have no obligation trials, if u don't want to be charged then make sure u cancel it, sounds pretty simple yeah? That's cus it is but people are stupid and don't listen
    PARKINSON replied 2015-02-09 09:29:27
    Jane - did you even read the rest of this forum of other links or comment, they are taking the money before the trial period ends - in some cases not even telling people a charge will be issued and selling it as a £1 donation to charity. I agree people can be stupid but this is not one of these times.
    Laiya replied 2015-07-06 18:12:43
    I did listen to what they said, however, 2 weeks later I have no vouchers and no contact details to cancel and they have already taken £80 off my account!!!!!!!
  13. parkinson reported sapphire mag with the number +448435070707 as Cost trap

    please don't give up on getting your money back. we bombarded this company for days. At one point me and my husband had two people on phone on separate lines and refused to hang up. we got our refund in the end took about 5 days of calls. ASK FOR GARETH OR CHLOE AND DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER

    Oak replied 2014-12-05 16:00:01
    Hello parkinson,

    I've also falled victim to this scam as well. Money taken out on 28th November. Saying because I never called up for not receiving, they were in their rights to take the £79.99. What a load of BS! They say that Gareth works in another department and Morgan (an English chap with an English accent) keeps answering.
    Perhaps, we can swap email addresses? [email protected]
    June replied 2015-02-07 17:19:39
    How do I go about getting this money back , I didn't pay no £1 or nothing but this number has taken £79.99 out my account iam fuming. Please can someone help me ?
    Parkinson1 replied 2015-02-08 18:31:04
    Hi Oak and June,

    I have posted above exactly what happened to me and how I got my money back. Quite simply me and my wife were lucky enough to have the time to block their phone lines all day every day till they backed down. we think they only have three people answering calls, so if you can keep two of those on the line at the same time, they cant do 'business' - it becomes more costly to them NOT to pay you back if they don't have the time to go con other people.

    Apologies oak, I'd rather not post contact details on here due to the nature of the company, but I'm happy to openly answer any q's on here.

    June, if you have not paid the pound to take the trial, you have never started a contract. Get in touch with your bank who should be able to refund you and chase the company to then get their money back.
    Laiya replied 2015-07-06 18:13:57
    What e-mail address and telephone number did you use?
  14. scambuster reported unknown with the number +448435070707 as Telemarketer

    These scamsters are heartless vile and descipable scum taking money from unsuspecting innocent people they have tele -conned . Report them to the police immediately and don't give up .

  15. Alicia reported unknown with the number +448435070707 as Cost trap

    These have got hold of my dad's card details but he's not sure how (probably over the phone) he has now had £79 taken from his account which he's had to cancel. Don't trust them!!!

    Rich replied 2014-11-11 20:19:09
    Have had same probs as you all.had phone call about nothing for months,then took 1 payment of 79.99 in oct,and 1 of 79.99 in Nov.called bank and got their details and blocked account.Called,will only refund 1 79.99 not both.I never saw any mag let alone have a chance to cancel.I am not going to let this drop so I will bombard them with e-mails and phone calls until I get other 79.99 refunded.DO NOT LET YOUR FRINDS ETC GET CAUGHT BY THIS.TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SAY NO!!!!!
    scammersfearme replied 2014-11-25 12:16:08
    sapphire has a Freephone number

    0800 669 6480

    I only lost a pound,but still feel irritated at almost being conned,still chase them for the petrol voucher every week or should bombard them on their Freephone number
    barry replied 2014-12-29 17:24:58
    have you got an email adress for them please?
  16. Dave reported number +448435070707 as Sapphire

    as above same name Dona phoned same spiel wanted credit card to take £1 for £20 of vouchers. Sid I was on buke no card to hand and she will ring back tomorrow at 12:30. Tried to text both number she rang on 08445670460 and the one she gave me 0843 5070707 both were blocked by my phone provider

    Rich replied 2014-11-11 20:23:02
    I had no problems with phone number yesterday,twice,so suggest you try again.
  17. suew reported saphireu5u2b with the number 08435070707 as Cost trap

    Phoned 1 day after taking part in a survey. Very friendly female. She gave full details of address etc and explained the deal. While she was reading the security spiel I felt something was wrong and said I was no longer interested. She accepted my refusal with good grace. Now reading all these comments I feel like I made a/lucky escape.

  18. Private reported number 08435070707 as unknown

    What the hell, know nothing about this, yet money has gone missing from my account, now account blocked.

  19. Donna reported Man/lady with the number 08435070707 as Telemarketer

    A man told me pay a £1 and have £20 vouchers for petrol! I never ever done anything like this, wish I stuck to never! I never received £20 voucher it was £10 that u still pay and send a reciept off so not worth it really. Then I unsubscribed straight away, received an email saying I am unsubscribed only to come home to a bank statement with a charge as they took not only 1 but 2 payments! They won't pay for the charges they have occurred for me and is taking its time to pay it back as I e had to ring up twice! What a sham!

  20. Worker reported unknown with the number 08435070707 as trustworthy number

    I work for this company and can say it's not a scam if u cancel within the 14 days U won't get charged more than the one pound postage and get to keep the petrol vouchers simple really ain't it

    VERY UNSATISFIED replied 2014-10-13 16:13:04
    I cancelled within the 14 days and you have still charged me. I am not happy! This is a scam! If it is as simple as just cancelling it then why have you not cancelled it when I called to request it be cancelled ages ago and charged me for something I don't want?!! Also the petrol vouchers are rubbish too! They aren't a voucher if you have to pay your self and send it off, it is totally misleading and I urge anyone reading this to take warning, if it seems to good to be true IT IS!!
    pseudonym: replied 2014-11-11 19:34:06
    If you buy diesel at tesco can you send the till receipt is it clased as a itemised vat receipt
    parkinson replied 2014-11-17 12:59:26
    you took our money 7 days before the billing date - and when we rang told us it was a mistake.
    But Gareth, the only person we can speak to has not given us our money back.
    we cancelled 2 days before we needed to but you had already took our money. you completely screwed us over. you've stolen from us direct out of our bank and now just lie to us saying you will refund us but don't. now you don't answer the phone or email. my husband is going to drive to the office (if it exists at all) at this rate
    wodo replied 2015-01-19 19:02:18
    You're just spouting the crap your company tells you too, probably been saying it for so long you believe the posts, people are getting scammed and if you condone it you are as bad as the filth running this theft.
  21. Mia reported unknown with the number 08435070707 as Telemarketer

    I have received a call from an older gentleman promising me petrol vouchers and subscription to a magazine for £1 charged off my bank card. He proceeded to try and convince me about how safe this was, blurring out the company details and address, stating the call is recorded and saying he only need the card number so I should be really safe.When I hesitated he became more and more persistent regarding the safety and this being one time only offer with only this caller being able to offer me this deal. I hung up and I encourage you do too.

  22. margaret reported number 08435070707 as unknown

    well i had a phone call off a young lady called gemma, she sounded very promising, explained the product inside out told me how to obtain my cashback on my vouchers and told me to cancel if i didnt want to go ahead with a subscription within the 14 days. i followed instructions and no futher monies have been taken from my account other than the one pound/ so if your all having issues make sure yyou cance within the 14 day trial.
    and the customer service telephone number i contacted was 08435070707 and got through within 30 second

    tag replied 2014-10-13 17:44:19
    watch these as they also call under your medicine cupboard. i guess scamming more money if you let them
  23. Rosie_the_ruddy_idiot reported sapphire magazine with the number +448435070707 as Survey

    Like so many others. I feel so stupid. Struggling to manage financially, I've been trying to find ways to manage, told the chap that I thought it was likely a scam but he reassured me that it was legit. Gave me his number and he even agreed to call me back to allow me time to wheel myself into another room, to get my bank card. I thought I was being smart. I did 1471 and wrote down the number, thinking that I would have two numbers to call back if there was any problems. No fool like an old fool. DON'T GET TAKEN IN

  24. Betti reported Sapphire Magazine with the number 08435070707 as Cost trap

    I was contacted regarding a Sapphire Magazine subscription following completion of a survey. This number, based in Cardiff. Very plausible female. I foolishly gave them my debit card number. I realised later thus could be a scam and surfed the Internet and confirmed my suspicions! See Money Supermarket threads. I cancelled the bank card immediately. Please don't give these comedians any access to bank cards or account numbers, doubt I will receive anything resembling a magazine this side of Christmas! Feel a bit of a fool now but let's say on my guard in future!

  25. macolm reported sapphire magazine with the number 08435070707 as Cost trap

    I foolishly gave my details to these scammers,then realized what i had done and contacted my bank to explain.they were very helpfull and put a stop on any money requests from these cheatsters.DONT GET CAUGHT OUT>>>.

  26. charlotte hogg reported number +448435070707 as unknown

    Dont do it fake as fake could be

  27. teddy bear reported Sapphire Mag/ Stuart with the number +448435070707 as Telemarketer

    A man calling himself Stuart called me and gave this telephone number as a contact for customer services of Sapphire Magazine. He said he was calling in response to a survey I had recently completed which is possible as I did one only yesterday. He had all my name and address, asked me for £1 on credit or debit card and said I would receive 2 x £10 petrol vouchers and a trial of the magazine. I was at work, trying to get him off the phone - I should have put the phone down - I wish I had as I'm now wondering what I have let myself in for as it seems this may be a scam. I always thought, I'd never get caught out - but how stupid do I feel? Not sure what to do to protect my bank account. Don't be a fool like me - please put the phone down!

  28. caz reported Sapphire Magazine with the number 08435070707 as Telemarketer

    I had a call from a well spoken older man who claimed to be from Sapphire Magazine. He was offering free goodies including magazine subscription and petrol vouchers in return for £1 postage and packing. He wanted my card details which I declined to give him - as "this is a scam" was going through my mind as he was speaking - also I don't give out my card details over the phone to people or companies I don't know.

    Please do not give out your card details - this is a money scam - money will disappear from your bank account. There are other scam phone numbers being used for this particular scam.

    You will receive nothing but lose money from your bank account.

  29. Dan reported unknown with the number 08435070707 as Cost trap

    It has conducted a survey whose questions were funny, but I thought nothing of it. Afterwards it turned out that they had turned on me a subscription.

  30. Loopyloo reported Lololo with the number +448435070707 as trustworthy number

    This company is very ligit I CAN TELL YOU ALL NOW that it's NO SCAM!!! I had a lovely call off a young lady called Becky I gave my card details and received my 2x £10 vouchers I also cancelled and no more money has been taken now most of u are moaning about the £79.99 well cancel then in time there Won't be no problem then most of u are moaning about paying to send back the vouchers and receipt for crying out loud what's a couple of pence for a friggin Stan your still getting free petrol really lovely people and good company A*

    megylou replied 2014-12-19 01:02:39
    I cancelled in time, the money was still taken from my account, before the payment due date, and 2 months of weekly calls and I am still waiting for my refund . You must have been lucky. Thieves are what they are!
    parkinson replied 2014-12-19 09:20:18
    it is most definitely a scam - journalists have even reported on it its that well known. the director of the 'company' is a know fraudster. just Google it and you will see this.
    They take the money immediately - soon as they have your details. You have to get very direct with them to get it back.
  31. Kirsty reported Sapphire with the number +448435070707 as Survey

    Received a call off a man claiming to be from a Sapphire in Cardiff, he told me I filled out a survey (which I have been doing recently) n because of this I'm now lucky enough to win a free £20 voucher for fuel, he then went on to say that I only need to pay £1 for postage, he already had my name n address. Stupidly I gave over my bank details (long card number n expiry date) I did actually question him on the phone about why he needs my card details but he ensured me that it's all real n gave me his personal email address n phone number, [email protected] I later decided to read up on Sapphire n now I'm just another silly person to fall for the scam! I have now had to close my bank account. Do not fall for this

    jeanJack replied 2014-07-07 17:01:48
    Where is the scam? What bad thing gap actually happened to you?
    joe idiot replied 2014-07-11 18:03:35
    I never fall for any of these things but i did, as soon as i put the phone down i thought, idiot.i have had to cancel my card and the hassle but no money was taken out
    alan replied 2014-12-01 11:55:25
    me too, what a con,there was poor advertising to say there will be 79.99 taken from your account if you don't buy their magazine within 14 days,i did not see or know this.and as for the voucher, I suppose that was lost in the post. 100% SCAM.

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Further numbers that were allocated to the caller "Sapphire"

The caller unknown with the number 01213012103 and a score of 9 was rated on Dec 11, 2018 11:58:10 AM
Hangs up instantly. Most likely expects you to call it back ... 2 more comments!
The caller unknown with the number 01610186333 and a score of 9 was rated on Sep 14, 2018 4:34:08 PM
Immediately hangs up.... 1 more comments!
The caller unknown with the number 02355844435 and a score of 5 was rated on Feb 5, 2019 11:33:23 AM
Dialled my number just long enough for the screen to turn on... 1 more comments!
The caller Unknown with the number 02476982086 and a score of 9 was rated on Oct 27, 2020 11:49:35 AM
Robot. Immediate hang up hoping you'll call them back.... 1 more comments!
The caller unknown with the number 07404624565 and a score of 9 was rated on Apr 29, 2021 11:31:04 AM
... 1 more comments!

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