Unveiling the Web of NHS Phone Scams: A tellows Insight

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In the intricate landscape of phone scams, NHS-related fraud has emerged as a concerning threat, exploiting trust and capitalizing on medical sensitivities. tellows, dedicated to consumer empowerment, unravels the nuances of NHS phone scams, shedding light on statistics, tactics, and protective measures. tellows NHS Infografik
tellows Insights: Distribution of phone numbers assigned to the NHS*

NHS Trustworthiness: A Dual Perspective

While the NHS holds a commendable 50% trustworthiness score, an alarming 36% of calls pose as potential threats. This dichotomy reflects the challenge consumers face in distinguishing genuine NHS communications from deceptive ones.

The tellows Insights Approach

Our commitment to consumer safety drives the tellows Insights team to delve into the specifics of NHS phone scams. By employing the tellows score, we categorize phone numbers, offering users a risk assessment tool to navigate the complex web of incoming calls.

Official NHS numbers with positive ranking

The positively rated NHS numbers are usually assigned to NHS customer service or appointment verification.
tellows users submitted to 26 different phone numbers a total of 514 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
01639507250 7 NHS Service NPT Hospital 3
01214243333 22 Heat of England NHS This is a telephone call from hospital to arrange appointment 3
01896825980 4 NHS Borders It’s supposed NHS Borders phone number for there occupational health department. But no way to conf 4
01315614532 197 Ipsos Mori this is the NHS, i work there and we call from this number 6
08000304466 2 unknown NHS Direct. This is a phone number used by the NHS to arrange delivery of continence products. 1
01772368038 3 NHS automated call Automated message regarding a hospital referral. I chose the option to speak to someone who explaine 1
01892634005 4 Maidstone NHS Trust Tunbridge Wells hospital at Pembury calling sbout an appointment. 1
01183374100 3 NHS Merseyside Trust Hospital telephone appointment 1
01424839202 12 NHS Hastings 3
01752875436 29 Plymouth NHS 2

Tactics Employed by NHS Scammers

1. Impersonation
Scammers often impersonate NHS representatives, exploiting the credibility associated with healthcare institutions. This tactic instills a false sense of urgency or importance.
2. Medical Sensitivities
Exploiting medical sensitivities, fraudsters create scenarios that demand immediate attention, preying on individuals' concerns about their health or the health of their loved ones.
3. Fake Partnerships
Some scams involve fraudulent partnerships claiming to be affiliated with the NHS. These deceptive collaborations aim to extract sensitive information or financial details.

NHS Partnerships: A Closer Look

tellows data reveals that scammers frequently claim to be associated with reputable NHS partners. This strategic move adds a layer of authenticity to their deceit, making it imperative for consumers to exercise caution.
1. Frequency of Calls
An alarming surge in the frequency of NHS-related scam calls has been reported. Consumers across the UK are increasingly targeted, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness.
2. Medical Sensitivities Exploited
Scammers strategically exploit medical sensitivities, creating scenarios that prompt victims to divulge personal information or make financial transactions under the guise of urgent medical needs.
3. NHS Trustworthiness Score
The tellows score provides a valuable metric to assess the trustworthiness of incoming NHS-related calls. This score empowers consumers to make informed decisions about whether to answer, ignore, or report a call.

Scam or fraud calls with NHS background

tellows users submitted to 11 different phone numbers a total of 65 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
01204367688 4 Heather Caller rang asking to speak to the companies Managing Director or Sales Director, didn't know the na 7
07519328995 3 NHS scam I got this text message, and it seemed like it could be legit, given all that has been going on with 9
00441312141083 4 Medical rep (spam) Trying to sell NHS blood testing kits for a fee. Kept calling twice. 7
01204367685 1 unknown Purporting to be associated with the NHS and 'my details were passed on by Plymouth Hospitals NHS'. 8
07480726506 2 NHS Medical spoofed The caller claimed to be from the NHS, asking about COVID jabs. They became annoyed when I expressed 8
07362055124 1 BMA spoofed British Medical Association, was a male caller, difficult to understand, referenced the NHS. He inqu 8
02081336331 2 O2 Unwanted Marketing Call 7
01782679498 1 NHS (spoofed) They claim to be calling on behalf of NHS about medical bills, but I could not confirm if this is tr 8
03316301513 1 NHS scam The caller, a man who had my name, stated he was investigating my complaint regarding the NHS's lack 8
01503390019 1 Healthcare pendant scam I got a call saying we were eligible for a free pendant since we had certain medical issues. The cal 8

It's noteworthy that the NHS Counter Fraud Authority estimates the NHS to be vulnerable to £1.264 billion worth of fraud annually. Learn more about NHS fraud prevention

Empowering Consumers with tellows

tellows stands as a stalwart guardian against NHS phone scams, offering consumers the tools they need to navigate the treacherous waters of fraudulent calls.
Caller Verification
Leverage the tellows app to verify incoming NHS-related calls. The app cross-references numbers with an extensive user-generated database, providing real-time insights into the legitimacy of the caller.
User Feedback
Harness the collective wisdom of the tellows community. User reviews offer invaluable insights into others' experiences, enabling users to identify potential scam patterns associated with specific numbers.
Caution and Authentication
Exercise prudence when faced with unsolicited calls or messages claiming NHS affiliations. Verify the authenticity of the communication through official channels before sharing any personal or medical information.
Community Vigilance
Become an integral part of the tellows community by reporting and rating suspicious NHS-related numbers. Together, we build a collective defense against scams, fostering a safer telecommunications environment. In the evolving landscape of phone scams, tellows remains at the forefront, arming consumers with the insights they need to outsmart scammers and protect their well-being. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and together, let's combat NHS phone scams.

All data was last updated on Jan 27, 2024. The phone numbers examined were categorized using the tellows score (1 - serious to 9 - dubious). This indicates the risk assessment of a telephone number. The higher the score, the more dubious the caller is. Calls with the NHS categorization and the number of reported phone numbers were examined. The analysis only takes into account numbers for which tellows users have assigned the UK NHS.

*User interest for phone numbers assigned to NHS

tellows Insights Report