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Every day, numerous individuals search phone numbers linked to Amazon. With the assistance of the tellows community, we can classify these phone numbers and recognize the call the moment your phone starts ringing. (more on tellows solutions). Amazon calls can be divided into 3 categories: tellows Amazon Chart
tellows Insights: Distribution of phone numbers assigned to Amazon*

Official Amazon Numbers with Positive Rating

tellows users submitted to 6 different phone numbers a total of 806 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
02033222305 45 Amazon delivery Amazon delivery driver that cannot find your address. Yes this is legitimate and they are ringing b 2
02070237937 51 Amazon Customer Service Called after live chat on Amazon app - the app chat agent confirmed my phone number and told me to e 2
+442078559822 10 Amazon assistenza Amazon assistance trying to help with order. 2
+441895519249 17 Amazon askeda bout a return item i had send 2
+442070237935 680 Amazon Kundenservice Amazon Sevice 2
08002797234 3 Amazon Service This is the general Amazon toll free number for the UK. 3
Official Amazon Phone Numbers
If you're an Amazon customer dealing with account or order issues, you may receive calls from official Amazon phone numbers. These genuine Amazon numbers usually receive positive ratings on tellows. However, they can occasionally be mistakenly labeled as spam. It's important to note that Amazon phone numbers are frequent targets for spoofing and scams, so not all displayed numbers claiming to be Amazon are genuinely Amazon service representatives. An Amazon employee may call you with one of those numbers if you requested help on the website: 02078557371 or 02070237935. Such a callback can be requested via the contact form. Amazon's introduction of its delivery service, Amazon Logistics, has led to a surge in outbound calls from the company. Amazon's delivery drivers use these calls to manage deliveries and address customer queries. If you've opted for a non-Amazon carrier, you should reach out directly to the carrier for delivery specifics.
To enhance Amazon account security, the company recommends activating two-step authentication for added protection. This involves receiving verification codes through SMS or Amazon's authenticator app. Amazon may also contact sellers who've sought support through the platform and individuals who've applied for jobs through Amazon's hiring department. Amazon's Alexa Find My Phone service simplifies device location by requesting your phone number and sending a verification code. Amazon uses four unique outbound phone numbers for this purpose. It's essential to note that some official Amazon numbers are for outbound communication only and cannot receive incoming calls. Amazon's toll-free customer service number, 08002797234, is not intended for callbacks and should be approached with caution, as it may be a potential scam source.
Amazon Partners
Amazon's vast operations encompass over 40 subsidiaries. Clients who engage with Amazon-affiliated services like Audible, Zappos, the online pharmacy PillPack, or the Amazon Credit Card may encounter calls from Amazon's partner entities or their dedicated call centers. Typically, numbers linked to these services boast favorable ratings on tellows. If you're a holder of an Amazon credit card, such as the Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card, it's important to note that these cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. In the course of your financial dealings, Synchrony Bank may reach out to you regarding account-related matters or to introduce service offerings pertaining to your credit obligations.

Amazon Scams

The last category of phone number ratings assigned to Amazon are scam or fraud calls. These calls are rated very negatively. We recommend blocking these calls with our tellows solutions.
Scam or Fraud Calls Claiming to be from Amazon
tellows users submitted to 10 different phone numbers a total of 28 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
01730892856 3 Amazon payment scam Silent call. Clicked off after a few seconds 9
07745026014 2 unknown Pretended to be Amazon customer service and get credentials. 9
01174416241 2 fake Amazon fake Amazon, recorded msg stating my Visa card had been charged, blocked 9
07974686798 3 amazon AMAZON PRIME renewal scam 9
07931 8 Amazon An automated bot claiming to be amazon trying to get me to block a payment of £799 by pressing a num 9
07974910532 2 unknown "Your Amazon subscription has expired, press 1" to talk to a scammer. 9
07974875226 2 unknown Robo-voice, "press 1 to talk to " scammer. Scammer claimed to be from Amazon about my account and ho 9
07974813999 2 unknown Scam. Recorded voice fraudulently claiming to be from Amazon. Press 1 to speak to a fraudster. 9
01708867831 2 Bank payment activity scam Comes up as a Romford number but when you answer it it is an automated message saying it’s from your 9
+393479294893 2 Amazon Trading voce registrata investimenti online 9
There are a variety of different scams that abuse the Amazon brand. The FTC reported that 1 in 3 impersonator scam reports have claimed to be an Amazon employee. The reports of Amazon scams multiplied 5 times by last year. The loss due to scams by Amazon imposters was $27 million in 2021. Especially older people are targets and reported having larger losses. Phone numbers used for fraudulent intent are often active for a short period. Scammers generally change phone numbers more often because more people may fall for the scam when calling from new numbers that do not yet have a history or ratings. For many of these numbers, we record a particularly high volume of searches over several days. Scammers are often using phone numbers that are similar to the official Amazon service numbers. With the help of spoofing they can also manipulate the caller ID in the phone and make it look like the call comes from a legitimate Amazon phone number. This results in official phone numbers being mistakenly reported as fraud.   The Amazon brand is frequently exploited by scammers attempting to gather personal data. tellows users often report phone numbers where callers impersonate Amazon employees, asking questions about accounts and orders. Common scams involve false Amazon Prime renewals and unauthorized bank account charges. Scammers claim a deduction fee or purchases were made with your account. They ask for account information or a call back to verify the transaction, aiming to obtain personal details. Automated voices may warn of unauthorized purchases, prompting victims to press buttons out of fear. Lotteries and sweepstakes are also used to rush victims into hasty decisions. FTC reported this year on Text messages resembling automated fraud alerts. These deceptive messages claim you need to verify a large purchase you didn't make. If you call the provided number, a fake Amazon agent offers to "fix" your account. People have fallen victim to this scam, giving the fraudsters remote phone access. The scammers then claim they mistakenly over-refunded you and request you return the excess in gift cards. Similarly, be cautious of text messages promising prizes like iPhones or Amazon Prime subscriptions; they're often phishing attempts ("smishing"). Always scrutinize unexpected texts supposedly from Amazon. Another scam approach is used by callers pretending to be an Amazon technician. You receive a call that there was fraudulent activity in your account and asked to call back. Once you call back they try to access your computer with remote control to "verify" your account. Once they have access to your computer, they can install all kinds of software and retrieve your private information or lock you out.    

Help with unwanted calls from Amazon scammers

To protect yourself against scam calls, you just need to follow a few simple tips:
  • Amazon never calls you without a prior request from you, and never asks for sensitive information on the phone.
  • Amazon also does not ask you to update or submit your information via email or text message.
  • Do not press any button on your phone if you are told to do it by a robo voice.
  • Do not provide your personal account information to other websites.
  • Do not call back a number from a missed call. Rather reach out to the official Amazon contact if you are not sure whether something is wrong with your account.
  • If you receive a call from a dubious number, hang up immediately and block the caller.
  • Amazon also lists tips for recognizing and dealing with scam calls on its site and suggests reporting to the FTC.
How can tellows help you with unknown calls?
  • You can look for an unknown number on to evaluate the caller and the reason for the call.
  • tellows offers apps for iOS and Android to identify unknown calls as soon as the phone rings. This way you can accept a call with no doubts. Phone numbers with fraudulent intentions change very quickly. Phone numbers classified as Amazon scams or fake Amazon employees can only be detected and blocked in real time via the app.

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This detailed research was created by tellows Insights. In doing so, the experts combine unique tellows data with expert knowledge and extensive research. tellows evaluates thousands of ratings every day and creates statistics and data clusters on relevant numbers and new scam schemes. This allows the focus to be placed on actually active callers and new dubious phone numbers to be quickly identified. The tellows Insights team uses the unique tellows database. This allows detailed studies to be created. The team is happy to answer your inquiries. All graphics and data can be used for editorial purposes when credited with the source. All data was last updated on Jan 10, 2024. The investigated phone numbers were categorized with the tellows score (1 - trustworthy to 9 - dubious). This indicates the risk assessment of a phone number. The higher the score, the more dubious the caller. Calls with the categorization Amazon as well as the number of reported phone numbers were examined. The report only takes into account numbers where tellows users have assigned the company name Amazon.  

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