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Investigator Moh2208 has written 8 ratings that have been rated helpful 0 times. Karma points: 18
As a community member, you are the heart of tellows: without the tellows community, we cannot classify phone calls. Your ratings, comments and answers contribute significantly to the clarification of phone calls. The large number of active users and their valuable educational work results in reliable protection against scam calls. The more detailed the ratings in the community are, the more effective the classification of the phone numbers and the protection on all your devices.

To honour your commitment and outstanding educational work, we have introduced the tellows karma points.

You collect karma when you rate a phone number, write a reply comment to a rating or rate other users' ratings. Is your comment particularly helpful or does it collect a lot of responses from other community members? Great, then you collect more Karma points. All you have to do is log in and start collecting.

The tellows point system

Action Karma points
Write a rating + 1 Point
Enter caller name (bonus point) + 1 Point
Comment on rating (bonus point) + 1 Point
Positive ranking of your own rating + 1 Point
Negative ranking of your own rating - 1 Point
Your own rating was marked as spam -1; -2; -3 Points
Write reply comment to rating + 1 Point
Rate other users rating + 1 Point
A detailed comment with the caller's name is the best way to classify unknown phone numbers. That's why you get a bonus point if you add the caller's name to your rating and a second bonus point if you write a comment with more information about the call. You can find out what an ideal evaluation might look like in this example.

There are 4 levels you can achieve

Investigator Defender Guardian Legend

As an investigator you have collected your first karma points and help the tellows community with important educational work.

When your score reaches 50, you reach the defender level. Your input has helped many people to classify unknown calls - you can be relied on. From this level on, all your ratings receive a positive rating from us. We would like to emphasise your commitment to the community.

You will be elevated to Guardian when you reach the point total of 100. As an old hand in the tellows community, your ratings are highly valued. Your word enjoys enormous prestige.

Anyone who becomes a legend with a score of over 500 is an indispensable part of the community. Your commitment to tellows is incomparable. You have classified and rated countless numbers.


User Points member since
Legend NeilH 834 9/6/16
Guardian gazchampion 330 6/12/15
Guardian xubbi 273 2/17/20
Guardian Mike 172 8/22/22
Guardian genie 151 10/26/16
Guardian willthegas 150 10/2/20
Guardian xyzabc 147 6/28/23
Guardian Felix 142 12/9/21
Guardian ajtucker 136 3/25/21
Guardian JRC 133 7/24/18
Guardian DBurdock 132 12/29/17
Guardian Ethel Rover 124 8/13/14
Guardian Ryo 112 5/11/19
Guardian NeroProfondo 111 10/30/23
Guardian Richard Hill 108 12/13/17
Defender Shippo 93 6/4/21
Defender Gazman 92 9/9/23
Defender Mark 85 8/2/14
Defender Jenny 76 4/10/15
Defender [email protected] 73 8/21/20
Defender PaulMac 70 6/27/16
Defender hidden 67 6/16/22
Defender farmersboy 67 10/27/17
Defender BAN THE BOTS 66 1/27/23
Defender Kelloggsmum 61 2/13/18
Defender Davidog 59 1/27/18
Defender +448456197330 59 11/21/15
Defender gazchampion 59 2/15/16
Defender RonGould 58 12/18/17
Defender JD AUCKLAND 57 6/8/23

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As you collect points and move through the different levels, interesting benefits and rewards will be unlocked for you. We want to honour you as an important component of the community.

To reward your knowledge and patience in the fight against phone scams, comments from "Legend" and "Guardian" are automatically rated positive.

When you reach the higher levels, coupon codes for family and friends as well as many other attractive goodies will be unlocked for you. Join now and be surprised by our exciting rewards.