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Types of call: Unknown(36) Survey(31) Harassment calls(11) trustworthy number(2) Aggressive advertising(1) Telemarketer(1)
Name/Company: unknown(45) Facts International(4) Tesco(2) 01233648537(2) Natwest(2) Unknown(2) ban this number(2) FACTs(1) facts international(1) ??(1) on behalf of Natwest(1) N/K(1) South west water(1) "Tesco"(1) FACTs International(1) Teresa(1) don\'t know(1) ComRes(1) Claiming to be Natwest(1) Facts International/NatWest(1) ?(1) not given(1) scam, apparently Natwest(1) Elizabeth(1) 01233 648537(1) Aviva(1) fax something(1) Nunwood(1) Home(1) unknown(1) more...
Number of comments: 93
Search requests: 90636
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

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Telephone number: 01233-648537
Owner and address: Details
City : Ashford - United Kingdom

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  1. Kev reported Facts International with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Ok then, you receive a phone call, they know your name and they want you to engage in a survey. This is nothing more than profile building and the likelihood is that this information will be sold on. Let’s turn the tables and even out the playing field a bit. Here’s a profile on the company associated with the nuisance phone number.

    Facts International Ltd is an independent market research agency based in Ashford, Kent. Facts International is part of the Insight and Engagement Division of Chime Communications plc. (Chime is a backing company to entrepreneurs wishing to start their own pioneering business in marketing communications.) History: Facts International sold by Barbara Lee to Chime Communications and private investor Nick Lamb in Feb 2007. Nick Lamb sold his stake in the business to the firm’s parent company Chime Communications for £1.7m in 2011; he currently holds the position of Chairman. The next time you’re pulling your hair out when you receive yet another unsolicited phone call, just remember good old Nick still has a good mop of hair.

    Company Name: Facts International
    Ashford Office
    Facts Centre
    3 Henwood
    Ashford TN24 8FL
    Tele : +44 (0) 1233 648 530 IP Address

    Technical Info: 88% probability running Microsoft Windows Vista|2008|7. Service Info: Host: DEDICAT-PH6PR1D.home; OS: Windows. Several Ports Open. OS: Windows Web Server 2008 R2 7601 Service Pack 1 (Windows Web Server 2008 R2 6.1)

    They host their web site through, Derby Uk ISP Webfusion Internet Solutions.

    Chief Executive: Crispin Beale
    Information obtained via Company Check.
    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Crispin Beale holds a current appointment equals £1,811,294, with a combined assets value of £8,622,567 and liabilities of £9,105,508. Roles associated with Crispin Beale within the recorded businesses include: Director



    Project Director: Adam Wyles, Associate Director: Anna Mackenny, Senior Associate Director: Cara Rodwell, Human Resources Manager: Charlotte Homewood, Research Executive: Chris Sausman, Group Finance Director: Claire Spencer, Managing Director: Emily Kettle,
    Research Manager: Gemma Stephenson, Senior Insight Manager: Heather Norrington, Research Executive: Kerry Barringer, Telephone Operations Director: Kerry Ovenden, Research Executive: Lucy Foylan, Research Executive: Lynsey Thompson, Head of Scripting: Mark Clifton, Associate Director Client Services: Melanie Eberlein-Scott, Chairman: Nick Lamb, Associate Director: Rebecca Judges, Senior Insight Manager: Rowena Hallett,
    Research Director: Sarah Carter, Senior Associate Director: Sarah Champion, Project Director: Sharon Greenslade, Research Director: Sian Kerr, IT & Creative Director: Spencer Wood, Research Manager: Toby Cotton

    They have a 200 seat, in-house telephone research centre based in Kent, they adopt a 24/7 capability policy, often targeting hard to reach audiences.

    With regard to TPS, this is what Facts International reports on their web site: Legally, we are allowed to do this. There is no legal requirement to screen research samples against the preferences services (such as the Telephone Preference Service) when conducting market research. In simple terms the law allows them to contact you, so put up with it!

    They report that approximately 180,000 people are telephoned monthly to conduct telephone interviews.

    And there’s so much more if you dig around!

    Grumpy replied 2014-07-15 16:21:20
    Very useful Kev, Thanks for your research!
    Truth_Seeker replied 2014-08-11 19:20:56
    (Lord) Seb Coe is a director of the parent company of Facts - Chime Communications plc, which bought out his own company after the London Olympics. According to Private Eye, he will make around £10m before 2017 as a result of selling up to Chime
  2. Siwal reported scam, apparently Natwest with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    The guy introduced himself with Alex and asked for me by name. He said he was calling on behalf of my bank and he was doing a costumer survey. When I asked him what bank it was, he wouldn`t answer and tried to avoid the answer over and over again by switching to the next question. I said I was not telling anything to cold callers on the phone, he hung up.

    derp replied 2014-10-21 10:56:49
    He didn't answer because of data protection. Workers can't say the name of the bank unless you confirm who you are, you could be anybody.
  3. Red reported not given with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Received a call at 13:20 said asked for wife by her name to do with a survey on behalf of her bank ours is a joint account so said they could ask me they replied ok we will call back another time bloody t*****s wasting our time

  4. yorkshire78 reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    This guy called at 20.50pm tonight and said he was from Tesco mobile and asked me by name, and asked if I had contacted Tesco mobile to change my number or did I contact Tesco within the last week, very suspicious!

  5. Gem reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    This guy rang me at 11:49am today, claiming he was doing a survey. He asked to speak the youngest male in my household! How creepy...

  6. zero reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Called me 14th oct at 19.40 then 16th oct at 16.32 then 17th oct at 09.58 then 18 oct at 09.42 then 22nd oct at 18.38 and today at 18.40. I just answer it then leave the phone on the side. They soon get fed up and hang up. Will they ever get the message.

  7. Hairy Bear reported ? with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    This number has rung my mother three times this week and just hangs up when she answers the phone which is very disturbing for her. These people need stopping, we have caller preference but it doesn't seem to make any difference. :(

  8. daniel reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    They make calls on the behalf of companies to carry out customer satisfaction surveys, that is it. Nothing fishy involved.

  9. Jewels reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Rang me on Sunday at 12.02 on my mobile whilst I was engaged in conversation on my landline so I just declined the call.
    Thank you for the info. I hope they they don't keep ringing but I guess they will.....

  10. sim reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    called twice in the last few days - wanting to speak to a male in the house by name - asked who it was they said they were calling from his bank - asked which bank - they replied - data protection they could not tell me! so i told them if they can't tell me which bank i can't put you through - very dodgy and suspect -
    went straight on this site and saw other adverse comments from this same phone number

  11. On my lunch break reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Just got back from lunch and noticed a missed call on my desk phone. Checked the number on google and this is what it is. Now I want them to call me back. Why? Because I work for Ofcom

  12. Geoff reported Facts International with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Started off by asking my mother about her RBS accounts and various other questions. I have since told her not to be gullible and not to give any information where fraud could be committed!

  13. booshkie reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Keeps ringing all day eveyday

  14. Simon reported Claiming to be Natwest with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    I get numerous calls from this number to my home and mobile at all times of day & evenings. They claimed to be Natwest, but could provide no details when I asked and then claimed instead to be operating on their behalf. Asked them not to call again but continue get 5 or 6 calls a month anyway.

  15. Paul Armitage reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Everybody - just put 01233 648537 in your blocked numbers list. They asked for me by name and purported to be asking for 10-15 minutes to talk about my business relationship with NatWest. I spoke to NatWest on their genuine business banking number (I do have accounts there) and was advised that any call about a NatWest customer satisfaction survey / business relationship would come from the known NatWest number and not a third party. So this smacks of an attempt at profile building by deceipt. We live in times of decaying ethics, so guard yourselves by simple means.

    I block any unknown numbers that call 3 times without leaving a message.

  16. dave reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    I have spoken with this company several times regarding the service of my bank Natwest. They do not ask for any personal or sensitive information, they are only interested in your most recent interaction. Natwest would not use an untrustworthy company. Unfortunately, as with any company, you occassionally have muppetts working within the system giving everyone else a bad name. People have to work, you're better off directing abuse at the job shy.

  17. Hengeman reported Facts International/NatWest with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Polite, reasonable questions from a young lady who s working from 0600- and no personal info either known or supplied. All questions related to NatWest and it's products. On checking with NatWest they do use this Company to collect customer satisfaction surveys. Appears to be all above board on this occasion BUT REMEMBER TO STAY SAFE AND NOT TO GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION such as ACCOUNT NUMBERs, etc

  18. iPhone reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    Calls loads and hangs up!

  19. Jake reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as trustworthy number

    I used to be scared of calls from unknown numbers, people asking questions etc and I still am sometimes. But I don't understand the panic some people get. It's a phone. Answer it, don't answer it, speak, put it down, ask them to stop calling, what more can happen? It's not face to face. You're nothing special. After you they'll dial yet another number, just looking to reach that completed surveys target. I have read a lot of these comments and there seems to be a few points that keep being raised.

    1) "Asked for my wife, said it was for her bank, I said we had a joint account and that they could ask me, they refused.." - Do you not think that it would be a breach of your private information to tell an (as far as the caller is concerned) anonymous/random person who you bank with? Surely you should be PLEASED that they won't give away information such as this to any one person?! I understand from the point of view of 'the husband' that he thinks ' I know who my wife banks with/we have a joint account, but does it not cross your mind that maybe some people don't like to tell their partners all of the companies that they bank with, or about all of their accounts? You could have a secret account opened for savings, to run away with her sister, to buy an engagement ring, to treat her to a holiday.... It is not their right to give away this information to another person, that is your right. So don't complain when they won't tell you who ANOTHER person banks with.

    2) if you don't want to be contacted by market research companies, make sure the companies that you have accounts with or who you are a customer of are informed that you do not wish to be contacted. If you don't opt out, they'll like to receive feedback about their performance so will be keen to find this out from you and other customers and are likely to pass on your details to a specialised company. This probably saved you money anyway. Rather than starting up and funding a brand new in house market research centre and you as a customer footing the bill when the interest rates increase or prices go up!!

    3) Market research companies/humans in general have not yet invented a way to teleport down a phone line, jump out at your end, and mug you. Even *if* someone asks for your bank details, or something that you're uncomfortable with giving out, just say you'd prefer not to answer that. If they're genuine they'll accept and move on. Honestly, how do you expect someone's voice coming out of a phone speaker to pull these details out of your head? It's down to you what you tell them!

    4) How many people work 9-5, yet expect a phone call between the hours of 9-5 as they are "normal" working hours, yet moan when they get contacted at work, and moan when they get contacted at half 8 at night, when there are people working a late shift just for the purpose of phoning you whilst you're free to talk and not at work!!

    5) If it wasn't for market research, how do you expect companies would introduce new products into the market that us as a society want/need? Or how will they know how well their stores are operating?!

    6) Don't be scared. Market research is just that. Researching the wants/needs of a customer base or wider society. Not sales. That's the sales department. Thought that would be obvious.

    7) you're free to do what you want, if you don't want to talk then don't. No one will care. You're one person out if 170,000 or whatever someone said it was per month.

    8) don't complain when things don't get changed, if you can't be bothered to tell them what it is you're not happy with.

  20. Force9 reported Elizabeth with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Pretended to be from my bank. I said banks don't call at 7pm and they hung up!

    facts employee replied 2014-06-03 11:48:20
    We call until 21:00. People do work at night you know.
  21. Eric reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    Facts International say they never make sales calls, which may be correct, but if they pass details on to sales organisations, those organisations are able to circumvent the law on TPS by saying 'you responded to a survey and expressed an interest in..'. Following such a survey by Facts International, I receive numerous sales calls on my home number despite TPS. I am now receiving calls from this number on my mobile and will not be responding...

  22. Android reported ban this number with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    call and hang up

  23. Android reported ban this number with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    call and hang up

  24. APT reported 01233 648537 with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    When I told them it was illegal to call he said that they would keep trying again and again and again whatever the regulations!
    Little B*****d

  25. childofthestones reported Tesco with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Received a call from a male saying that he was calling from Tesco and was undertaking a survey about gin. I said I very rarely drink gin and he said that he could tell from my Tesco club card that I buy gin. A bit peculiar, as I have not shopped in Tesco for over a year as I have moved to an area where Tesco does not have a store.

  26. jjjj reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    Report to ICO

  27. abc reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    got a call at 8pm and was immediately alerted .As no one calls me at this hour i decided not to pick up and then later on checked the number from 1471.
    Then a google search got me to this very helpful site.So I just want to add that this def is a pest caller.

  28. NortonMan reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    They called my Work phone number after hours. Cannot imagine why. Just saw it in my 'missed call' log.
    They must have flawed data.
    If they know its work related - why call so late?
    Anything private would not carry the work number.
    Please somebody stop them!

    Company Name: Facts International
    Ashford Office
    Facts Centre
    3 Henwood
    Ashford TN24 8FL
    Tele : +44 (0) 1233 648 530 IP Address

    Chief Executive: Crispin Beale
    Please, Crispin - get a proper job & stop annoying people!

    Bengy replied 2014-10-14 18:33:48
    Simple solution to these idiots. Get a football whistle, the one with the little hard ball in it, and the next time they call take a deep breath and use it. If they call again, well you know what to do. It's good for your cardiovascular fitness too.
  29. Barbara reported Home with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Kept repeating questions and felt they were intrusive and phishing.

  30. Mrs J reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    The caller asked for my son by name and said he was doing a survey on behalf of the bank. Alarm bells starting ringing because we normally get questionnaires through the post.

  31. Spencer Wood reported Facts International with the number 01233648537 as trustworthy number

    Facts International would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused by our call.

    All calls made by Facts International are to undertake market research services on behalf of our clients. Accredited by the industry association, the MRS (Market Research Society), all of Facts International’s processes and interviewer techniques are compliant with the MRS code of Conduct and Data Protection Act.

    Facts International never make sales calls.

    If you've received a call from us it is probably because you're a customer of one of our clients and are listed in the customer database sample they provided to us. Market research services are used by our clients to improve either their products or the quality of their services and by working with companies such as Facts international, they can obtain independent and impartial customer/consumer opinions from which to help them.

    If you would like to check our background or speak to someone more about market research, please call the MRS on Freephone 0500 396 999.

    If you do not wish to be called by Facts International please tell our interviewer, who will immediately remove your details from our call lists so that you will not be contacted again.

    Facts International has been in business for almost 30 years, and is a respected and professional Market Research Agency which operates from its headquarters in Ashford Kent.

    Should you wish to speak directly with Facts International please call – 01233 648523 or email

    When our clients provide us a sample of their customer base, sometimes customers registered with TPS or those listed as ex-directory are contacted. Under market research regulations, we are allowed to do this as there is no legal requirement to screen market research samples against the TPS. TPS exists to prevent unsolicited sales calls. A market research survey is not a sales call and as we are contacting existing client customers, our call is not considered unsolicited as it is reasonable for most companies to call their customers. It is also important, especially for political polls, to gain a representative view of public opinion by speaking to a broad selection of the population.

    Ex-directory status means that a named customer cannot be traced though telephone directories. This does not preclude us from calling an ex directory customer for research purposes. If research companies did not call ex-directory clients then feedback collected would not be truly representative and it is for this reason that ex-directory customers are included in samples provided.

    With most calls, Facts International’s interviewers are able to provide details of the organisation on behalf of which they are calling. However, in some instances the client organisation may request that they remain anonymous, which is acceptable under MRS guidelines. An example of this might be when an interviewer introduces themselves as ‘calling on behalf of your bank’ – often an event triggered by a recent branch interaction. It is sometimes important that an interviewer makes sure they are talking to the actual customer of the organisation (e.g. a particular financial services provider) before continuing with the survey as the very fact that a customer has a relationship with a specific organisation may be something they do not wish to reveal to another person answering the phone.

    Please note Facts International interviewers will NEVER ask you to handover personal account details and neither the interviewer nor company has access to such details at any time.

    Spencer Wood
    Information Services & Security Director
    Facts International LTD

    Ian replied 2014-06-26 17:06:50
    Then the MRS guidleines are weasely and shouldbe changed. This is cold calling however you dress it up and should be covered by the TPS.
  32. katie s reported Natwest with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Not sure on this one. Called at 20:50. Asked for me by name, said calling from Natwest to conduct a survey on a mortgage appointment which we had recently had and quoted the guys name who we had actually met with. Said i couldnt talk as i was about to go to sleep due to working 12 hour days. Lady was very polite and said sorry. Agreed for her to call me back at an earlier time in the next few days, however i have now missed it as they have called whilst i was at work and not the time i asked for. After seeing the previous comments, i will probably not answer now.

  33. DSJ reported Nunwood with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Company identified as Nunwood asked for person at household by name, calling on behalf of their bank to conduct a satisfaction survey.

    Told them bank should not have provided details to them and to delete our details and not call back.

    Tim Knight - Senior Partner
    Telephone : +44 (0) 845 372 0103
    Email :

  34. Johnny Boy reported ComRes with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Introduced himself from ComRes, market research. My number is ex directory and on the TPS he said it didn't apply and they got my number from random digit dialing.

    Totally untrustworthy, no worthwhile company will be random dialing with unsolicited phone calls. See you next Tuesdays

  35. fatlad reported fax something with the number 01233648537 as Harassment calls

    guy called my number for my wife, he said he was ringing from my wifes bank doing a survey. I said it wasa joint account so he could ask me the questions. I asked what back it was and he wouldnt reply

  36. one-shot reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Have had several calls to my mobile ....most of which I do not answer. The caller is very bad at speaking English and is not clear where they are calling from... other than to say they are calling on behalf of my bank.. when i say which one they cannot say... We checked out the number and it appears to belong to a market research company. FACTS International in Ashford, Kent.
    Still... their calls are very rude and unprofessional. If they continue to call in this way.. it is without a doubt telephone harassment.

  37. Jay reported Aviva with the number 01233648537 as Survey

    Asked to speak to my ex husband who has never lived here or had access to my number. Said he was doing a survey for Aviva. I told him to get my number off his database!

  38. Jaype reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Missed call from this unrecognised number. Checked it on Google for area code and found other comments regarding the same number on your website!

  39. brighton reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Multiple calls from this number every day for the last week of so. Glad I checked this site. I have blocked them. Surely with all the complaints something should have been done by now?

  40. sherob reported unknown with the number 01233648537 as Unknown

    Received a call - which I missed - this morning 23/01/14. Not known to me but I accidentally started to ring it back - stopped as soon as I saw it had dialled the number. Thanks to everyone else on this web site for the comments, definitely looks like a scam to me.

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