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Types of call: Telemarketer(33) Cost trap(13) Unknown(9) Harassment calls(3) Aggressive advertising(2)
Name / Company: Do Not Call Register (3) unknown(26) Call Prevention Service(2) do not call register(2) National Do Not Call Register(2) Unknown(2) Stopthatcall(1) Nuisance Call Blocker Ltd(1) CPS(1) TPS Service(1) Anti Telemarketing Department(1) Not declared(1) The Do not call register(1) Caller Protection Service (CPS)(1) Jason Morris(1) NA(1) 08451297936(1) Indian Charles(1) DoNotCallRegister(1) painting(1) 'The call barring service'(1) ?(1) weypine(1) unknown(1) NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY(1) None Given(1) Do Not Call(1) Guy called Charles(1) THE DO NOT CALL REGISTER(1) more...
Number of comments: 68
Search requests: 10138
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 08451297936

Telephone number: 0845-1297936
Owner and address: Details
AreaCode: premium rate service - United Kingdom

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Comments for 08451297936 (60 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Jimbo reported Call Prevention Service with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Just received a call from an Indian sounding chap called 'Charles'. Asked me to confirm if I was receiving a high volume of telemarketing calls, and that he could help. Gave me the 0845 number, and told me to call for a box to plug in to the phone for £1 something per month. I asked him to hold on for a moment, muted the call, put it on speaker and just left the phone on the desk while I carried on with my work. It keeps me amused to hear the caller say "hello?" every so often. At this point I take the phone off mute, I reply "sorry - won't be long", mute the call again and see how long before they give up...

    Speedymii replied 2015-04-21 13:18:02
    Received identical call today, he hung up when I said I wouldn't sign up to anything
    Grahame replied 2015-04-28 13:13:08
    Received a call just from and Indian sounding lady. Told them not interested in paying £90 for a free service and hung up.
    Andy smith replied 2015-06-01 21:30:51
    Yes i had the same call today from an indian called justin.i was aware quickly that it was a scam but maybe some elder person might easily have fallen prey
    Steve replied 2015-06-25 16:46:41
    I received the same call yesterday. He said the company name was the "National Do Not Call register", and gave me the 0845 number to call in case I still receive any calls after I have installed the box that they would send out to me for free. He said the box will cost me £3 per month by direct debit for the service.
    He hung up when I said I wasn't interested.
    Hamish replied 2015-06-26 13:42:48
    Googled the number while talking to 'Jennifer' on the phone. she hung up as soon as I told her I had googled the number and had seen these comments.
  2. Thunderbirds reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Harassment calls

    I do wish this could be stopped.
    People do not care about what they are doing to other people's lives it causes a lot of grief and un pleasantness to them.
    If you ask them not to keep calling you then they should respect there request to do so.
    Please please please show some human respect.

    Jim replied 2015-04-01 20:13:52
    Hi Thunderbirds. As we have a General Farce - sorry, Election - coming up, I suggest that if you're doorstepped by candidates, ask them what they personally intend to do about nuisance callers, whether their party gets into power or not. I'm looking forward to doing this if we get any canvassers, because it's a question I think they won't expect, so we won't get prepared waffle.
    Robert Morrell replied 2015-04-01 21:08:25
    Hear! Hear! Concur with this, there are too many annoying phone calls from India and the Philippines and they ring at supper time when we are having a meal. This has to be stopped, now. If I want to order double-glazing, etc I will call the company or order online. Companies need to use their bloody brains. If you don't want their "services", they have to f*** off! As for the Government, they are all mealy-mouthed liars, won't vote for the Tories as they kiss the arses of the snobby rich so will probably go for Labour.
  3. chris reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Pretended to be working with the government to stop unwanted calls,wanted to send a device to plug into the phone to stop the calls,at that point I said no way would I do that,she then hung up.

  4. Alison reported do not call register with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Just received a call from an indian sounding guy...he calls himself arron...he informed me that he would send a box to plug into my telephone to stop nuisance calls...he then went on to ask for £2.50 a month..I said I would have to think about it....he said he wanted a payment over the phone...I then told hom to get lost...who in there right mind would give bank details over the phone

  5. BB West Midlands reported Guy called Charles with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    0845 number answered Indian sounding guy called Charles not the first time he has called. He mentioned I was getting nuisance calls I asked him where he had the information from he would not answer we are on TPS after receiving aggressive and rude calls of the same nature, thinking I may go ex-directory.

  6. revengeissweet reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Caller asked me also to confirm if I was receiving a high volume of telemarketing calls, and that he could help. Fealing un easy I said call me back in 5 mins after I could check him out. Found this thread immediately blocked the number on my Pro Call Blocker box i found on ebay for £25.

  7. BillwithCallerDisplay reported Do Not Call with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Subcontinental-sounding told me I needed a box to stop nuisance calls - two pounds fifty a month for three years!
    Caller Display does it much cheaper and I don't usually answer calls from 0845- numbers. Curious this time.

  8. Lynxcat reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Seeing the number on my phone list I look it up on the PC and see all the complaints so I immediately bar the call using the BT Call Guardian (on their latest phones). This means a lot of the scammers will leave their number and you can bar them and also let TPS know of annoying callers.

  9. The Flying Jelly Bean reported None Given with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    Answered the phone to this number at 17:43pm 08/05/2015.

    The caller was a woman with an Indian accent, who upon me answering the phone, asked for my partner by name without identifying herself or saying who she was calling on behalf.

    When I told the caller that my partner was not at home, they hung up straight away without saying another word.

    Very Untrustworthy in my opinion.

  10. MSANON reported NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Indian sounding bloke calling about a high volumn amount of sells calls and unwanted telephone calls. when he took a breath after saying is this true, I said why of course it is including this call now get stuffed and I hung up!

  11. fed up reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    This no. has called a few times but always hangs up and no-one speaks. Really fed up with these calls and all other nuisance calls. Not working at the moment and some days get up to a dozen calls from this type of number and International and withheld ones.

  12. mac reported weypine with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Nuisance call to sell me call barring techniques when this is exactly what they are.
    Please stop them - how can anyone fall for this.
    How do they stay in business, if you can call it that - I think it borders on crime.

  13. Mandy reported National Do Not Call Register with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    "Rita" told me she was based in Bournemouth and calling everyone in my area to help stop nuisance calls. I asked her if she understood the word "irony". She went very quiet but then carried on trying to sell me her silly fake service

  14. ButtonMoon reported Do Not Call Register with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Couldn't make it up female UK sounding operator said they were the do not call register, when prompted where they got my information she said they buy data from companies, i mean really couldn't make it up.

  15. Dave reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Harassment calls

    Just had a call from Kathleen offering to stop unwanted calls, including those from the Indian subcontinent - which was a bit rich since her accent sounded somewhat Indian subcontinent to me! I said I didn't mind unwanted calls since a simple 'F--- Off' was usually enough to terminate them.

  16. Steve reported ? with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Thanks for the comments everybody; this number is now blocked (although - ironically - I bet they'll still keep trying).

  17. Archer reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Harassment calls

    Constant calling to sell telephone preference type service

  18. Briony reported National Do Not Call Register with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Received a call from an Indian sounding man called 'Daniel' claiming to be from the National Do Not Call Register, who are apparently providing a government backed scheme to everyone in our postcode, to stop "nuisance calls for example from India". Offered me a device to block all nuisance calls for a one-off payment of £89. How ironic that this was clearly a nuisance call/scam from India of they type they are claiming to stop.
    *NB - this scam is mentioned by the genuine 'do not call registry' here:

  19. stoptelepests reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    called by this number and he told me that I had been receiving a lot of nuisance calls. he wanted to sell me a product to stop this. he gave me the number 08451297936,which is the same number on my caller ID, numbers can be spoofed. rang the number, delayed in case they were still on line, and it did not ring but played music straight away. he gave his name which by a huge coincidence is the same as mine(Irish name) and I asked if he was in India, he confirmed he was born in India. said he was in Bournemouth, after he told me my postcode and I asked for his, he hung up.

    went on utube for a speaker test above 2Khz, anything higher is a really nasty high pitch (it WILL hurt your ears!) didn't have enough time to use it though, next time I have it bookmarked

  20. big jim reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    big big scam, been reported many times being investigated in overseas country, u k police cooperating to target premises, employees' to be followed and investigated

  21. tra reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    Indian guy asking for my sister in law. I politely told him she's not in. Called from a number in the states. 2085973982. I hung up, seconds later he rung again asking for her- this time from the 08451297936 number!!! Wtf! I didn't like it second time and wouldn't play nice. He was very rude.

  22. Anonymous reported 'The call barring service' with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Indian caller pretending that his name was 'Nigel' and that he was from 'The call barring service'. Knew surname of account holder and a partially correct address for the property (i.e. they'd got the address from an address database, and not from us). Started a spiel about nuisance calls and how they want to get everyone onto the 'new' government service - at which point I hung up on the shyster.

  23. dazzler reported painting with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    why can't someone stop these nuisance calls - of an evening too - it's too much, rude and intrusive.
    be warned anyone who can read this!

  24. June reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    asked if I was being pestered by unwanted calls and said they could send me a plug in to stop unwanted calls. Told them I was not the landline owner so they hung up!

  25. dencat reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    this number called father 83yrs sold him call blocker £89 never received it can not now get in touch with them these are con merchants who pry on the elderly.IF CALLED TELL THEM TO F*** O** robbing Bs

  26. Robert Morrell reported Do Not Call Register with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    I got this call from a Wilson who said that they could prevent nuisance calls coming through to my number using a special box you plug into the back of the phone and they said it would cost £1.99 a month for 3 years! I told the Indian advisor that I'm registered with the TPS already when I signed up for BT. This chap put me through to his supervisor who wanted card details so that he could charge me a one-off fee for £89! I then hung up saying that I don't want to go ahead with it. FOLKS, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS, THIS IS A RUDDY SCAM! I was sensible in not carrying on with this call and they said that they are based in Bournemouth - what a load of crap! I will be letting folk I know on Facebook about this, suggest anyone who has social media report this too.

  27. Brian reported Do Not Call Register with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Indian gentleman called saying his name was 'James' (course it is) asking me if I was getting a lot of tele-marketing calls (he missed my reply of 'like this one'). Wanted to sell me a call blocker for £1.99 per month for 3 years and would transfer me to his supervisor. Asked him where he was based and he said "Born the mouth in England" (of course you are). I pointed out that:-
    1 - this was a sales call
    2 - we were already registered with the TPS
    3 - we already have a call blocker.
    4 - their sales technique stank.
    There was a stunned silence followed by some spluttering. The number is now blocked.

  28. BELLA reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap


  29. Mike reported 08451297936 with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    Asked me If I was householder said no don't phone again indian accent person called me F---ing A---hole

  30. Jos reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    Its an over seas call, I called it and the ring tone was aboard. UK do use over seas numbers so they don't get traced.

  31. Cynic reported Unknown with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    This company seems to be selling a call blocker device for £85 which is available on Amazon and ebay for around £25.

  32. Neil reported Unknown with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    Received a call today from 001002981 offering a scam call blocking service. I was told that I should ring 08451297936 etc etc.

  33. DJS reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Had a call from "a call-barring TPS" service supported by the government. I'd recently registered with TPS & I was taken in. I'm usually very suspicious over phone yet was drawn into registering...and then came the giveaway! Give details of my card to secure payment of £1.90 a month for 3 years & they would send me a device to block all nuisance calls within 3 days by registered post. "Michelle" gave valid info including their registered address in Bournemouth & the company registration number. I refused to give any card details & was asked to call customer services to verify the call - 0845 1297936 - & she would phone me back in 15 minutes. The number rang a bell (!) so I googled it & found out it was part of a scam. Ive been reporting lots of nuisance calls with Telephone Preference Service recently so unfortunately I was taken in initially. Please be careful people!!!

  34. Andy reported DoNotCallRegister with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    "We will stop unwanted calls to this number for free .... No we're not selling anything. .... and for 1.90 per month we'll send a box to screen all calls. .... and we're backed by the government to stop unwanted calls ... Which government dept? The government dept to stop unwanted calls ......" Sam eventually hung up on me when I kept pushing for which department. Sam quoted this number but 1471 said he was calling from 0017166899717

  35. Nummerdetailseite_Leaderboard_Kommentarliste_3: 0 complain
  36. IndianCallCentreDetester reported Indian Charles with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    A very Indian sounding Charles, allegedly from Wales, called saying he was from a government agency and he will send me a call blocker for nuisance calls. Wanted £1 something a month. Beware they are a fraud. Provided 0845 129 7936 number to call. I think NOT!!!

  37. Skel reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Called my wife today. Indian gentleman called Rick. Same spiel as previously reported. Why doesn't BT put these people off-line. BT must be aware of this scam but choose to ignore it as they make money out of the scammers calls. Get your finger out BT!!

  38. Judy44 reported Stopthatcall with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    Called today, very shortly after I had complained to TPS about unwanted calls. Tried to sell me device to block calls including those from overseas.

  39. Tony DAVID reported NA with the number 08451297936 as Telemarketer

    I was called by this number today 21st January 2015 at 12.50 hrs GMT.The caller said he is calling me with a view to stop unwanted calls to my number.
    I replied that 'you are one of them,goodbye'.

  40. Paul the woodturner reported unknown with the number 08451297936 as Cost trap

    Yes, they are still operating and looks like they are having a New Year hunt for more people to con, as several friends have had calls from them over the past few days. I take great delight in stringing them along for as long as possible, listening to them get more and more frustrated as I keep asking questions about 'their blocking box'. I know only too well that this is a scam so have no intention of accepting anything from them. To date the longest I have managed to keep one of these scum on the phone is 37mins, during which I managed to cook my evening meal. You can imagine the comments he made when I eventually told him what I had done to him. So, if you can afford the time, string them along - while they are talking to you, they aren't phoning someone else!

  41. Leither8 reported Jason Morris with the number 08451297936 as Unknown

    Do Not Call Register, only after card details

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