New Insights into Gas Company Phone Scams: Analyzing their Deceptive Tactics

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In the ever-evolving landscape of phone scams, gas company fraud has emerged as a significant threat, preying on unsuspecting consumers with increasingly sophisticated tactics. As we delve into this growing concern, tellows Insights, a beacon of caller information, unveils the signs, statistics, and protective measures against these scams.

As can be seen, the UK's energy mix comprises Gas (38.5%), Wind (26.8%), and Nuclear (15.5%), as per the analysis by the Electricity System Operator (ESO). Which brings light to this study on how the Gas companies are the most affected by opportunistic scammers. Recent tellows data paints a concerning picture—out of all calls related to gas companies, only 17% were deemed positive, while a staggering 83% were flagged as negative. This surge in scam attempts calls for heightened awareness and protective measures.

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tellows Insights: Distribution of phone numbers assigned to Gas companies*

Official Gas Company numbers with positive ranking

The positively rated Gas Company numbers are usually assigned to Gas customer service or Gas emergencies.
tellows users submitted to 11 different phone numbers a total of 165 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
03332029514 12 British Gas 2
07378905633 8 British Gas text 6
03332008899 3 British Gas Support Line This is British Gas Boiler Breakdown department for problems like Cancel Service. They called me bac 1
+393486843381 1 Eni gas e luce 6
03332029500 18 British Gas Customer Service I had a call from this number yesterday, the caller said he was from British Gas to arrange a servic 6
01482293962 2 british gas 5
01183150367 15 British Gas Phoned twice now, not answered call but looking on here people sayings it’s British Gas but further 6
08456021111 103 British Telecommunication (BT) Just had another audio text to my landline via this number. Someone I know clicked on my landline n 5
07933127194 1 Boylen Gas Services Local central heating company based in Lanarkshire. 2
02038301215 1 British Gas Automated survey following call to British Gas Customer Services. 2

Key Signs of Energy Scams:

Understanding the hallmarks of energy scams is crucial. Be vigilant and watch out for:
  • Deals that seem too good to be true.
  • Undue pressure to transfer money hastily.
  • Unconventional payment requests.
  • Suspicions of dealing with a fake company.
  • Requests for sensitive information like passwords or PINs.

Scam or Fraud Calls Claiming to be from Gas companies:

tellows users submitted to 23 different phone numbers a total of 206 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
02080400499 22 Gas and Energy (spoofing) The caller claimed to represent British Gas, alleging a mix-up with our meter reading and pressing f 8
01905570960 26 British Gas (spoofed) as above pretending to be from energy company saying our metre as been over charged and its connecte 8
03332029470 72 British Gas cold call Call to my landline @ 09:14 on Tuesday 16 May 23. Caller asked for me by name and started a long s 7
01413679790 15 Gas and Electricity scam Claimed to be associated with the gas and electric services at my property, although I've been worki 8
03334432975 6 British Gas (spoofed) Charlie from British Gas contacted me, presenting a new prepaid deal. When I inquired about the sour 8

Spotting the Scam:

Vigilance is your best ally against energy scams. If a deal appears overly lucrative or you feel pressured to transfer money urgently, tread carefully. Be cautious with unusual payment requests, and never share personal information like passwords or PINs. If something feels off, it probably is.

Empowering Consumers with tellows:

In the battle against unknown calls, emerges as a robust ally. It provides a platform to evaluate unknown numbers, helping users decipher the nature of incoming calls. Furthermore, the tellows iOS and Android apps offer real-time identification of unknown calls—a crucial resource for swiftly blocking fraudulent numbers in the dynamic landscape of gas company scams.

tellows Insights for Journalists

The tellows Insights team has curated this extensive research by combining exclusive tellows data with the knowledge of our researchers. Each day, tellows evaluates a multitude of user ratings, allowing us to generate valuable statistics and discern emerging scam patterns associated with significant phone numbers. This approach empowers us to focus on active fraudsters and swiftly identify new suspicious phone numbers, enhancing our ability to detect scams and protect users effectively.

Drawing from the extensive tellows database, our team is well-equipped to develop in-depth studies. Should you have any inquiries, please reach out to our team. You are welcome to utilize all the graphics and data in your editorial work, with proper source acknowledgment.

As of the latest update on Jan 11, 2024, we have assessed these phone numbers, assigning them tellows scores ranging from 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (dubious). This scoring system gauges the level of risk associated with each phone number, with higher scores indicating more dubious callers. In this report, we focus on numbers categorized under Gas, considering the count of reported phone numbers associated with this label by tellows users.

*User interest for phone numbers assigned to Gas companies

tellows Insights Report