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Types of call: Unknown(113) Harassment calls(65) Survey(17) Cost trap(15) Telemarketer(8) Aggressive advertising(4) trustworthy number(2)
Name / Company: Microsoft (6) unknown(140) 02031291891(9) Unknown(7) unknown(4) Choice UK(3) Windows(2) choice uk(2) ???(2) Media tactics(1) Claimed to be Microsoft(1) unclear(1) Windows Security(1) microsoft?(1) world wide web server(1) "Microsoft Security"(1) About Computer - no name(1) 0203(1) BT(1) Microsoft Windos Dept 02031291891(1) Pretending to be Microsoft(1) BT internet(1) Peter Parker from Windows (ha!)(1) Mark. International routing department(1) Choice uk(1) pseudo BT(1) silent call(1) People Rese(1) 00442031291891(1) Money made simple(1) Some Asian lot.(1) Microsoft Windows Support Desk(1) Didnt identify(1) insurance pay back(1) Microsoft - not.(1) Alan uk accident(1) 08302637(1) Google Maps(1) "British Consumer"(1) Your Lifestyle(1) "Microsoft"(1) "Windows" (yeah, right)(1) David(1) Household Insurance(1) Allegedly the National Accident Helpline(1) Windows Technical Support(1) Unkowon(1) Microsoft department lol worst fake name ever(1) Computer Maintenance Department(1) silent(1) ?(1) NO IDEA - THEY PUT THE PHONE DOWN(1) Lorien(1) Ppi scam(1) DC6(1) microsoft windows!(1) Unknow(1) Surus Records(1) more...
Number of ratings: 248 (deleted: 6)
Search requests: 106028
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 02031291891

Telephone number: 020-31291891
Owner and address: Details
City : London - United Kingdom

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Ratings for 02031291891 (224 total, ordered by date)

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  1. OXYD reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    These people try to access your computer and STEAL your data


    HANG UP1111

    Jerry replied 2014-04-02 19:13:29
    They now call people and pretend they are from BT Tech Support. They ask you if your computer is turned on and tell you that you downloaded a virus. Then they ask you to visit a website and ask you to allow them access to your computer. Do just hang up and make sure you note down the telephone number shown on the caller id. Do make sure you do not click on the button shown on that website as you will give them access directly to your computer or laptop. That gives them the possibility to access all your personal info, like bank details, passwords etc.

    They are gangsters. Keep them away from you. Before it was BT Technical Support, it was Microsoft Support. They are scammers based somewhere in Asia. Do not waste your time but just hang up on them.
    MARTA replied 2014-05-06 14:52:33
  2. Andycarer reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    I keep receiving calls from these scammers, but don't answer them as I have entered the number in Caller Display, which now shows the calls as 'Junk'. What I can't understand, though, is why the authorities concerned have still not withdrawn this number, when it is a UK one? Presumably these heartless scammers, together with other cold callers and the like, have not cared for Alzheimer's sufferers and others who live alone. Otherwise, they might have an understanding of the enormous upset and distress such calls cause. Perhaps in a future life, they will be on the receiving end.

  3. Libby reported microsoft windows! with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    They keep ringing to say my computer is sending error messages. They says they are microsoft but i know this is not true. They give me instructions and then pass me on to someone in their tech dept. Then i get more instructions. What i do is act thick and waste their time. The last one i kept on the phone till he required my IP address and that is when i broke it to him that i was just stringing him a long and then i picked up my faithfull whistle and blasted it down the phone till he hung up. In the past i have found them to be aggressive, rude, and threatening, this i dont take to heart and will give as good as i get! If I havent got the time to mess them about i either blow my whistle straight away

  4. MARCOS reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls


    CameronI replied 2014-04-22 10:24:33
    Just received a call from (supposedly) New Zealand 'Technical Services'.Love to string them along, don't give them any information, just string them along and then just tell them, laughing at the same time of course, that you haven't got a computer!
  5. Stomp-a-scammer reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    I've been getting calls from these scammers for close on 6 months now, quite often twice a day. I tried reporting them to BT's nuisance call bureau and they tried to sell me a phone that block international calls!!! It's strange how BT outsources a lot of it's services to India , (BT customer services, etc) and the scamming calls are also coming from India? I've even had one of these scammers say he was with BT Internet, instead of the usual "I'm from Windows services" or "I'm from Microsoft Windows services". If I don't get a caller i.d. on my phone, I just pick up the receiver and hang up straight away now :(

    childofthestones replied 2014-04-02 14:12:47
    I agree - I only started to get these calls when I changed my service provider to BT; now I get 3-4 calls per day from a variety of numbers, but all of whom (when they are not silent) are from people with heavy Indian accents. When I have managed to speak to any of them they say they are checking my broadband service or whether my PC is working correctly. When further questioned, they become rude and hang up. Obviously a scam.
    Slim Shandy replied 2014-04-04 07:56:44
    Im a recent new BT customer and as soon as I got my new number connected, which was ex-directory, I strated receiveing numerous calls from sales persons and people hanging up or asking for a person by name that I'd never heard off then they tried to speak to me instead. I had noticed these nuisance call blocker phones from BT and it made me think that perhaps I was receiving these calls on purpose so I would buy one of BT nuisance call blocker phones. I did actually buy one and they work really well.
  6. Beaty reported number 02031291891 with score 9

    Yet another silent call from this number, almost daily now.

    This has also been reported to the ICO: and I feel that if they are also bombarded with complaints, they may start taking some action.

  7. Jenny s reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    When I stated I do not do surveys or want to change my power supply He calmly told me To 'Fuck off' and then repeated it 3 times

    jenny s replied 2014-04-25 18:05:38
    have reorted this number to action Fraud
  8. Cadbury reported number 02031291891 as Alan uk accident

    I've been receiving missed calls from this number but decided to answer this evening as its a little late for companies to normally call I was intrigued.
    The man with an Indian accent said his name was Alan and he was from UK accident and he said that he knew someone from this number had had an accident in the last three years and was this correct.
    I said it might be and asked why, he repeated himself and I did as well, then he said thank you and hung up.
    Its obviously not genuine as he would have questioned me further.

  9. tinbhllue reported 08302637 with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Said he was Eric - asking him if he thought I was stupid. He then proceeded to call me a motherf*cker and hang up - nice!

    Why has this number not been shut down??

    colin replied 2014-04-18 21:02:06
    we have just had the same thing - his language was the same and kept repeating it and other choice words - disgusting!g
  10. Adam12345 reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    Caller pretended he was from BT but after 20 minutes I realised it was fake. He wanted access to the computer and I didn't give it to him

  11. George reported Google Maps with the number 02031291891 as Telemarketer

    The caller gave this number saying they were from Google about my entry on google maps and that they were going to help me 'fix' the problem I had to get customers to find me. There's nothing wrong with my entry. So I played along and when asked for my name said it was George Bush. Apparently I should get a call back later today as I said I was too busy. Beware, this is just usual scam.

  12. Daniel reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Do not answer block there calls. Was called "there are errors with you website" Someone needs to shut these people down.

  13. Ali reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Now They have been calling me about my website. The Indian guy said that they were a Internet Company and his manager made him to call me because my website has been marked as dangerous. He also said I have to make a decision quickly because my website will be taken out from Goggle search. Seems they have a new scam. First they call me from 02031291891. Then they tried a few times. After that the same guy called me from +61871001312.

  14. anijen reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    Phone rings at least once a day usually more when I answer it is connected but no one speaks you can hear noise in the background as if they've dialled and left their phone off the hook. Getting really hacked off with it now as they always manage to ring whilst my baby is taking a nap!!!

  15. dave reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    hahaha, was asing about the company and hopw they got my data, guy was getting annoyed at me asking questions, then he says in a real temper THE PHONE NUMBER IS ON YOUR DISPLAY, i say yeah but its fake though isnt it ! he says more angry DO YOU REALLY THINK WE WOULD GIVE YOU OUR ADDRESS, SHALL I GET THE MANAGER ? i say yes but youl hang up when the manager says hang up he is onto us ! he hung up

    ukstar1 replied 2017-06-21 11:24:44
    I guess from your comment you regard this caller as untrustworthy yet you give them a 1 (trustworthy) rating. Mistake?
  16. WaterTiger reported "British Consumer" with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    I'm called from this number frequently. Nowadays I usually let the answerphone take the call, and then check 1471.

    Today's caller said he was from 'British Consumer'. As TPS has confirmed, there's no such company.

    Someone who posted a comment here was asking why BT etc don't block these calls since the number is known. It's because BT and the other telephone providers make money offering a service that subscribers can sign up to specifically to block such calls – they ride on the back of these people, making them even more scummy than the callers.

  17. John from Epsom reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    I answered the phone in French (only what I remember from school). He started talking in English about some survey, and I just said "Bonjour, Parlez vous Anglais". That seem to stump him and he just hung up.

  18. Lee reported Your Lifestyle with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    I also have been getting these calls daily . A recurring theme of heavy Asian/Indian accents. THey have been asking me to complete a survey . My husband is ill and currently in hospital so the last thing I need to is to have both silent and abusive calls from these people. I onder why they keep ringing the same numbers expecting to get a different result .!!

  19. John Andrews reported Choice UK with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    Also use the numbers 00 and also come up as Out of Area

  20. janet reported choice uk with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    called from this number and 017324521088 today 12 times - Indian sounding doing survey - very rude, and agressive - when I said I was working a too busy was very insulting

  21. Derek reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    Asian sounding voice , said his name was Mike , he was calling from Microsoft , and knew I had a Windows operating system , and my computer was infected and he would clean it up , My response was ; do you think I am stupid ?? and told him I didn't believe him , .....HE told me to go to hell you mother F!£$%& and hung up . So I guess he wasn't from Microsoft !!

  22. John reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    I have had several instances of an Indian woman who knows my name (and obviously phone No.) asking me to access my computer as there were security flaws. I told them that I knew it was a scam and that I would call the police. I have also received silent calls.

  23. IanE reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    I just had an Indian sounding chap call me from, 'Windows Support Centre'. I immediately smelled a rat. He asked me to simultaneously press the windows key and 'R', so I did. Then he wanted me to type, 'inf'' then hit OK.
    I asked him what this was supposed to do - he said it would display all the infected files on my computer. I told him to hold on while I did a Google search to find out what this actually did. It took me a few seconds to find an informative site and I started reading some of the comments out to him. Amazingly, he stayed on the line and listened to it. Eventually, I told him that I knew it was a scam, not to call me back and hung up. Losers!

    ukstar1 replied 2017-06-21 11:27:19
    I guess from your comment you regard this caller as untrustworthy yet you give them a 1 (trustworthy) rating. Mistake?
  24. Billyboy reported "Microsoft" with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Asian sounding lady with an English name claiming that my computer had been compromised by a virus and was sending error messages to Microsoft. She wanted me to give her access to my computer so that the matter could be resolved. I asked how I could trust she was who she said she was and she got very shirty saying she had told me! When I wouldn't play ball she hung up.

  25. Southwinds reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    Asian man rang wanting to know who I bank with way. I hung up and blocked the number.

  26. NANCY reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    nuisance calls continually cheeky callers ignoring my request to remove my number from the data base every day 3/4 times a bunch of idiots call my home number when I ask for their number to return call they reply they don't know the number.

  27. Mike reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    This number rings at least daily claiming to be a survey company; BT or Microsoft. Total scam mefchants who will get you to download their program allolwing access to your details. This program will also muck up your machine. They will then charge you GBP300 to remove the program ... if they do infact remove it at all. Just answer to wind them up and waste their time or let your phone go to ansafone so that they get charghed for the call. Cannot understand why BT or police cannot do something. Certainly Sussex Police aren't interested

  28. Lancsbreaker reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Telemarketer

    Like Cadbury who posted a few weeks ago, just had a call (on an ex-directory Virgin landline, not BT) from someone cllaiming to be from accident and investigation and that I must co-operate.....After i gave him the hard word and advised that we were registered with TPS and if further harassed I would prosecute, he hung up.....

  29. Jalizy reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Keep received calls saying my computer is sending out messages even through I disconnected it 3 weeks ago - they even know my name! they say they have some connection with Microsoft and want you to make a payment by card on your computer. I was stupid the first time they called as my computer had be playing up I believed them and let them onto it - it now has to go away to be checked out completely

  30. Anita reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    I said hello, they said am I speaking to lovely?
    I replied who is calling & they hung up

  31. They're a pain in the arse reported Microsoft with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    What is wrong with these people keep phoning me telling me there's a problem with my computer, I'm sitting Infront of my computer and I know there's no problem with it !!
    They're trying hard to get details to hack computers..... Idiots !!

  32. Alex reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    This number called my landline and I picked up but it was just silent at the other end. Then about 40mins later I was on my PC and an error message came up saying another computer was using my IP address. I don't know if these two things are connected. Anyone have any ideas?

  33. HPP reported "Windows" (yeah, right) with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Told me they were from Windows to alert me to a virus. I wouldn't use Windows if you paid me. I hung up.

  34. djben reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Harassment calls

    Had a few calls regarding a problem with my windows computer last few weeks, wife usually takes call as its weekdays and I'm at work, she hangs up, this time I answered, lady with indian accent, said I had a problem with my windows computer, asked her which one, she hung up!
    Can we block these numbers?, my BT phone on virgin doesn't allow it

  35. Colin Boarer reported number 02031291891 as 02031291891

    Calls received from this number almost every day around lunchtime. When answered, line goes dead

  36. Akhter reported David with the number 02031291891 as Aggressive advertising

    They calling me every day 4 to 8 time a day Each time they calling me with deferent name They are peace of sh....

  37. Nancy reported unknown with the number 02031291891 as Survey

    Keep calling, several timesa day. Always Indian accent, asking to do a government survey, when questioned they hang up.

  38. beckers reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    Received numerous calls over the last few weeks from this number, each time I answer nobody speaks - not sure if it is something to do with the fact they are ringing a business and not a residential property?

  39. Shelagh reported number 02031291891 as unknown

    Third time he called he called me b***h and hung up. Calls came 3 in a row in quick succession. I'd made it very clear, very politely, the first time that I wasn't interested in what he was selling.


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